Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Home Groups Site Visits

2. Home Groups: We had several reminders via E-Day meeting, chapel announcements for facilitators to contact their groups, and reminder chapel announcements, but participation was poor. We are considering cancelling home groups for the rest of the year as well as the April site visits.

Challenge 20/20: Only Deric was unable to come. No members of the environmental club attended. We toured the facility, learned how architects build with LEED codes now and how they will build in the future. Service-Learning took Mr. Hukill to lunch to thank him for his time and preparation. The group earned 2 hours of service. Sarah and Josh participated. A thank you note should be sent to Mr. Hukill.

Special Care: Justin, Nina, Haley and Molly did not attend. Sasha stated that the visit was successful. We had a tour, which we did not have the first time and the girls took markers and paper to have an art activity. The group they chose was the after school program. Next time, Sasha suggested to make instruments for every one to play together. The group thought that was a great idea. The group earned 2.5 hours of service. Participants were: Sasha, Caitlin Hendee, Sarah, and, Dorothy Christie

Peace Jam: No freshmen attended and only 3 members of the CDC group attended. Johnesha said that the visit was successful because they shared their love for dancing and learned how to be patience, not only with the kids, but they could apply patience to other aspects of their lives. Mrs. Clay shared the Six Billion Paths to Peace with a couple of members of the club and will continue coming once a week to Boys and Girls Club to share and promote the creation to paths to peace at Boys and Girls Club. Next time we come as a group, Mrs. Clay will teach zumba to everybody. Johnesha, D.J. and Briana Barton attended.

Pets to Oklahoma Humane Society: Probably the most dissapointing of the home groups. We had a bus because only 5 people stated to Gabby that they were not attending. Gabby was the only student who went to OHS. The volunteer coordinator had gotten a room to be cleaned by the volunteers and Shelby had an art activity to start a fundraiser which at the brainstorming stage will be called Wrags for Wags. If the fundraiser is approved, Mrs. Clay suggested to bring puppies to school to motivate people to donate. Shelby said the youth board is encouraging other school with a food party of some sort. Mrs. Clay suggested Gabby to contact the Richard to see if his father's company could donate donuts for a winning class. Gabby will also investigate an off campus day to the class who brings the most

No Musicians Inc Home Group Site Visit. I have the group going this coming Wednesday.

Elderly Group: Braeden thought there would be 5 freshmen coming, but none showed up. Deric, Jerry, Vincent were the only ones who came. They taught computers 101 and played instruments during lunch. Braden brought a DVD of Shayna Maidel, but it did not work and he used his voice to promote Curtains during lunch. 5 residents attended the performance.

YAC Breakfast meeting: National Volunteer Week

No members came to the meeting.

Mrs. Clay talked to Sasha, Johnesha, Josh, Vincent, and Christi regarding bringing ideas for National Volunteer week to the March 2 meeting.

Several announcements have been made asking YAC members to sign-up for the March 2 meeting.

1. Mr. Huestis: Guest speaker: Topic: YAC's role next year
2. YAC from now until May: What role do we want to play in the service culture of the school
3. National Volunteer Week: What does YAC want to do? So far all brainstormed plans have conflicts. We are waiting for STUCO's plans to get our week within their week. On Sunday, April 25, Khadija wants a YAC celebration--Maybe B-days and friendship celebration. Pizza and the movie YAC owns: Pay it Forward. She also wants an activity to fundraise for some cause as YAC...HAITI is a possibility, but not within the Casady Community, we will funraise away from the Casady community because administrators are looking for an all school fundraiser that might happen after April or next year. They need will still be there. We are looking for a sustainable efforts sponsored by all divisions.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Thank you very much to Mr. Eric Humphries who provided a few minutes chat with Mrs. Scott and

What and When? Conversation with Eric Hamphries. Friday, February 19,2009 7:20-7:45 a.m.
Why? Art with Social Conscience, The Tulsa Riots Exhibit-Black History Month
Where? Service-Learning Office
RSVP if attending: clayc@casady.org
Mrs. Sue Scott-Art Department Chair
Mrs. Carmen Clay-Service-Learning Director

Mr. Humphries will be a YAC guest speaker to Dr. Hobbell and Mr. Kelly's History classes.

Oklahoma City based artist Eric Humphries has decided to take his mission of using art to remember the victims of true life historical atrocities to college and high school classrooms throughout Oklahoma. Humphries creates bright, stylized paintings that cast new light on past events with hopes of making these often very old stories relevant to today’s audiences. The hour long slide show presentation is totally free and covers topics ranging from developing a style from a variety of influences, the creative process, how to exhibit and price ones artwork, and the importance of creativity as a voice. To schedule Humphries to speak, you can contact him at paintedatrocities@yahoo.com . Or for more information concerning his artwork, visit his website www.paintedatrocities.com. References are available.

The paintings have been heavily researched and are all based on the real events surrounding the riot. Contact the artist/hiistorian via e-mail paintedatrocities@yahoo.com or call (405)912-0495 Eric’s direct phone number: 794-9300 #115 He works for Skulls Unlimited.

"Is the Whole World On Fire?" An Artistic Interpretation of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot by Eric Humphries Funded by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Puffin Foundation of New Jersey

 1. Preface The Tulsa Race Riot was one of the worst riots in U.S. history. During some sixteen hours of rioting, over 800 people were injured, an estimated 10,000 people were left homeless, 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire, and $1.8 million (over $20 million in 2009 dollars) in property damage occurred. Officially, thirty-nine people were reported killed in the riot, of whom ten were white. The actual number of black citizens killed by white local militiamen and volunteers as a result of the riot is now estimated at around three hundred. In essence, Greenwood, the black side of Tulsa, was destroyed.

  2. Project Description The project is comprised of a series of eight canvases depicting the events occurring May 31 through June 1, 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, commonly known as the Tulsa Race Riot. The paintings all measure 40"x 48" and are arranged in chronological order so that each tells a part of the story leading the viewer through the entire event, one canvas at a time. Each canvas is accompanied by a brief description and a print of the actual photograph that inspired it, creating a stark contrast between the small black and white photos from the era and my large, bright, stylized color rendition of each.

To research the event, I read books from authorities on the subject, utilized documents and photographs held at the Tulsa Historical Society, as well as, received guidance from the Greenwood Cultural Center and the University of Tulsa. Both of which have graciously offered their assistance in the creation of this exhibit. I have also taken two walking tours of the remaining riot activity sites, lead first by Marc Carlson, University of Tulsa, and second by Kaven Ross, former Oklahoma Eagle reporter and son of Don Ross, member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

  3. Project Goals The goal, as with all of my art, is to educate the public about these somewhat poorly known historical events and the real life people affected by them. I imagine that most of those who view this exhibit, especially those outside of Tulsa, will have never heard of Greenwood or the horrific riot that took place there. My hopes are that when each person leaves the exhibit they will have a reasonably good sense of the chronology of the events and the number of people victimized, as well as, a long lasting visual remembrance of both the black and white photographs and the bright stylized canvases inspired by each.

Lastly, I have given thought to producing a children’s book based on the riot using these paintings for illustrations.

4. Biographical Information Eric was raised in rural Norman, Oklahoma. "From an early age I was interested in drawing and painting and spent much of my free time doing so. With few artistic influences to call upon, I practiced copying comic books and cartoons. In later years, I found myself drawn to politically motivated artists such as Diego Rivera and Keith Haring, and inevitably, I decided that I would take my art in a socially conscious direction as well. My works reflect an individuality forged by years of experimentation and an emphasis on simplifying down the key elements. The paintings I make are allegorical, depicting true life historical events as seen through the eyes of an artist.

In the past I have tackled such topics as AIDS awareness, evolution and war. I am currently working on a large ongoing series of paintings centering on true historical events known collectively as “The Atrocities”.

Past projects that pertain to my current proposal are Heaven, Hell and the Earth, a four canvas series about the September eleventh attacks on New York City, completed in 2007 and my most recent project Three Minutes in American History, depicting the events surrounding the Oklahoma City Bombing."

5. Budget This project has been funded in full by Special Projects Grants form the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Puffin Foundation of New Jersey. You can view the exhibit at these venues in 2010/2011.
February 2010 - Norman Public Library, Norman, Ok
March 2010 - North Oklahoma College, Tonkawa, OK
May 2010 - Metropolitan Library, Midwest City, OK
June 2010 - Tulsa Art Coalition Gallery, Tulsa, OK
July 2010 - Scribner's Gallery, Enid, OK
October 2010 - January 2011, The Tulsa Historical Society, Tulsa,OK
February 15 2011 - March 11 2011 - East Central University, Ada,OK.


Project Ignition starts T-shirt sales

Contract for Julia
Awareness campaign starts through t-shirt sales: Responsibilities of youth at Casady

Project Ignition met at the Service-Learning Office. Molly, Garner, and Andrew were present from Casady. Two HH students also attended.

Responsibilities were assigned to start project ignition t-shirt sales. Because of changing regulations regarding off of uniform at Casady, Project Ignition did not get retroactive approval of requested day off to enhanced t-shirt sales.

Mrs. Clay asked the group about the goal of the t-shirt sales and William stated at first to pay back what we have already spent. Due to donations from parents and grant, expenses have been mostly supplies for meetings, ink and paper for flyers and t-shirt order forms.

William said he was going to try to get Johnnies to provide discounts on food for people wearing the t-shirt to inspire people to buy the t-shirt. Mrs. Clay suggested that the speech at Casady should outline the cause of the project which is to prevent teen deaths due to wrong choices in front of the wheel. William then stated that the purpose of the t-shirt sale was to buy a simulator car, cost $12, 000 to start the awareness and prevention campaign. With the car and the goggles, the group should have funraising potential for next year's activities.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Challenge 20/20 and Environmental Club help Spanish Class Project

Challenge 20/20 provided a photographer(Deric) and a tool to weight trash during the collection of trash performed by member of the Spanish IV class. This action is part of service project in the curriculum. In addition to the trash survey, the class designed a carbon footprint survey in Spanish

E-Day, A-Block YAC Meeting-Service-Learning Office

Agenda: YAC will continue to meet on E-Days, A-Block on a weekly basis. We will no longer meet at the Harper Wing. We will meet at the Service-Learning Office. Students in Debate Club or unable to attend meetings due to conflicts, seeking extra help, or making-up work can keep up with YAC meeting information through this blog.

1. New guidelines for YAC and Service-Learning next year
2. Home Groups
3. Casady Book Fair: Volunteers needed to motivate people to donate for Guild
4. National Volunteer Week-Charity Water Week-STUCO Crazy Fun Week-Earth Day (April 19-24)
5. YAC Quilt
6. YAC T-shirt

7. Six Billion Paths to Peace Retreat in San Francisco, August 13-15 ( We must leave a day early and we will consider staying one day after)

Meeting Minutes: Braden, Elizabeth, Nicole, STUCO President, Andrew, Jerry (Consultation)

YAC Consultation: Jerry provided the opportunity for a teachable moment of YAC's new role next year. He was seeking for a service option to complete the requirement. After a Q/A session, Jerry will attend the Saturday site visit to the Vineyard. He was provided instructions on how to get there. He will explore teaching computers to the elderly. His only concern is going alone. Mrs. Clay will try to find a partner. Jerry is also considering Project Ignition.

1. New guidelines for YAC and Service-Learning next year The requirement is still 45 hours, but reflection is not required. YAC members will continue to promote group reflection and will create service opportunities for the entire school next year. They will also be advisors to classroom teachers like Josh and Mrs. Zesiger have been this year to Miss Bornhoft and her carbon footprint project in Spanish IV. Teachers with service in the curriculum will provide hours and reflect their students. Mrs. Clay just will add hours to the transcript. For projects away from the curriculum, students will only need a site supervisor evaluation. Proposals will be recommended, but not required. The 35 hour internship requirement for sophomores is new. It is a career exploration internship with resume building and practices for job interviews. Service-Learning and YAC will help students find internship possibilities to job shadow two to three possibilites first with the intention of staying several days at a preferred one.

We do not know if there will be homegroups or not next year. We will have a pizza lunch meeting before the end of February and we will invite Mr. Huestis to share his vision regarding the new YAC role. YAC and Service-Learning will have direct contact with classes on selected times during class meetings. Our question to Mr. Huestis is: Will Home Groups and Service-Learning Fridays how happend during class time? Braeden will set-up a time for the lunch after next week. Service-Learning will pay for the lunch. Braeden will also set-up a time for YAC-B-day celebration in March. YAC will pay for pizza and movie requested by Andrew.

3. Casady Book Fair: Volunteers needed to motivate people to donate for Guild
The collection of toiletry has not been succesful with just announcements. Tomorrow we will have people asking for donations for Friday at the parking lot. Nicole and Elizabeth will be helping the boys who have been trying to give reminders to the student body.

4. National Volunteer Week-Charity Water Week-STUCO Crazy Fun Week-Earth Day (April 19-24) Service-Learning brainstorming with Khadija sent a suggestion for chapel speeches, out of uniform days, collaboration with Environmental Club, and Global Youth Service Day project idea to administrators during the break. There was nothing in the calendar, but then we were told that the week is already taken for other activities. We are on hold until STUCO/Charity Water decides what will be happing that week this coming Monday. Nicole will represent YAC and we will plan accordingly after that meeting. We only want one day for the DVD being created by Sarah and Josh, and a day to distribute Presidential awards. Mrs. Clay sent an e-mail to Caitlin asking her to consider H2OPE as a Global Youth Service Day project for Casady. We might also also consider the clean-up as our Global Youth Service Day project. Mrs. Clay talked to Rita to make sure community connections were made to make the clean-up bigger than it was last year. Challenge 20/20 is going to be planting trees and bringing a coupe of electric cars to the celebrations!

5. YAC Quilt: The first part is ready. We have to have it finished by March 5. We want student and community organizations to make a patch for the next quilt. Cheerleading took a patch. Nicole will take a patch for STUCO and YAC will do theirs during the lunch. We will suggest the environmental club do their during the clean-up as a matter of reflection.

6. YAC T-shirt: We will like to have one by April, but now we are promoting Project Ignition. This item was tabled for next meeting.

7. Shinnyo-En Foundation Retreat in San Francisco, August 13-15: Mrs. Clay is recruting students for this opportunity. The group will leave on the 12th in the afternoon. Then travel from San Francisco to Marshall, where the retreat center is located via car. Friday afternoon to Sunday noon, students will participate in the retreat. If we can get a flight returning on Sunday, we will be back late evening, if not we will flight on Monday. The problem with the date is that sports are in pre-season practices!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Challenge 20/20 Visit to LWPB Architects , Monday, February 15, 10:00-12:00

Josh and Sarah participated. Mr. Hukill took us on a tour of the facility and then showed us how he creates buildings following a LEED rating. He also showed us a DVD of how the LEED ratings will be followed in the future.

Mrs. Clay, on behaf of CHallenge 20/20 and the Casady Service-Learning Progam took Mr. Hukill to lunch to thank him for his time and preparation.
LWPB Architects 5909 NW Expressway, Suite 600 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132, T 405 722 7270 F 405 722 8373 W www.lwpb.com.
Start out going SOUTH on N PENN AVE/N PENNSYLVANIA AVE toward BARCLAY RD. Turn RIGHT onto NW BRITTON RD. Merge onto LAKE HEFNER PKWY/OK-74 S via the ramp on the LEFT. Merge onto OK-3 W. 2.7 mi 5909 NW EXPRESSWAY # 600.

10:00-11:00 Meeting with Mr. Jason Hukill, Director of Sustainability 5909 NW Expressway at Board of Directors Room. Capacity for 15 people. Conversation about LEED! Videos and virtual tour of LEED constructions and buildings
11:10-12:00 Tour of the facility. End of site visit.

12:00-1:00 Service-Learning takes Mr. Hukill to lunch to thank him for his time and preparation. If interested, you are welcome to join. Bring money for lunch

Learning about LEED

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February YAC Home Groups Site Visits

YAC and Home groups did not have meetings November-January to encourage students to join the new Debate Club. We will resume meetings in February. If unable to attend meeting, see minutes at the Casady YAC Block: http://www.casadyyac.blogspot.com/

February 5 YAC Home Group Meeting Agenda: School related open topic discussions

1. Final details for February Action Site Visits.
2. Creation of rubric of interaction and evaluation forms for Group’s Action Site Visits
3. Reflection on MLK Day of Service
4. Home Groups participation on Kindness and Friendship Day (February 14)
5. Home Groups participate in Action Site Visits: February 16-19

Monday, February 15 (Day off from school): 10:00-12:00 Challenge 20/20 Home Group site visit to LEED architectural firm. Contact: Josh Ou

Tuesday, February 16: 3:50-6:30: Special Care Home Group site visit to Special Care. Contact Sasha Bully

Wednesday, February 17: 3:50-6:30: Peace Jam and All in One Home Groups site visit to Boys and Girls Club. Contact Johnesha Hawkins

Thursday, February 18: 3:50-6:30: Pets Home Group site visit to Oklahoma Humane Society. Contact Gaby Marion

Friday, February 19: 7:00 a.m. 7:45 a.m. Guest Artist: Eric Humphries speaks about art with social conscience: The Tulsa Riots at the Service-Learning Office. YAC volunteers at the Casady Book Fair after school ends (1/2 day of school) Contact Mrs. Clay. Time: TBS: Musicians Inc. teaches at Andrew Johnson Elementary. Contact Ronnie Garcia

Saturday, February 20: 9:00-12:00 a.m. Elderly Home Group visits Vineyard and possibly Canterbury. Contact Braeden Jenkins

Home Group members

Challenge 20/20: Meets third Wednesday of the Month s-l office
1. Josh Ou
2. Sarah Cox
3. Deric Corn
4. Mrs. Clay
5. Ritt Costello
6. Katie Costello
7. Mrs. Linn
8. Mr. Reynolds
9. Mrs. Zesiger

Elderly: Braden, Library senior area
1. Bell, Lexi
2. Brawley, Parker
3. Costello, Ritt
4. English, Davis
5. Gentry, Sody
6. Henderson, David
7. Higganbotham, Clark
8. Jhonson, Anna
9. Jhonson, Sarah
10. Kemp, Tricia
11. Kerr, Tripp
12. Khastgir, Survaish
13. Kimpel, Hanna
14. Lopez, Ty
15. Parry, Michael16. Angela Thompson Butler

Pets: Gabbi and Selby, Harper Wing
1. Analla, Tony
2. Baiocchi, Pablo
3. Baldwin, Blake
4. Davis, Rebekah
5. Fleming, Donald
6. Ghani, Asad
7. Harrah, Lauren
8. Hassoun, Judy
9. Jacobs, Haley
10. Jones, Clarissa
11. Kuehnl, Charlie
12. Lorson, Gabi
13. Mills, Maris
14. Mills, Meredith
15. Mullins, Michael
16. Pippin, Richard
17. Psencik, Nick
18. Roach,Tina
19. Sapper Sophia
20. Schick, Madison
21. Schick, Morgan
22. Stevenson, Bryce
23. Vick, Claire
24. Yen, Cameron

Musicians Inc. Vincent Library
1. Khan Eihab
2. Ronnie Garcia
3. Jeb McCalmont
4. Gavin Swanson
5. Corn Deric
6. Ou, Josh
7. Cox, Sarah
8. Young, Andrew
9.Peng, Vincent

Respect Diversity, Zainab Shakir, Library
1 Robertson, Eliza

Special Care: Sasha Bully, Service-Learning Office
1. Duit, Hayley
2. Prabhu, Nina
3. Puls, Sarah
4. Raupe, Justin
5. VanWieren, Molly

Peace Jam: Johnesha and D.J. Library classroom
1. Jeffreyes, Nick
2. O'Connor, Shane
3. Stickler, John
4. Casady Dance Club

Zoo: Rachael Freeman: Library
1. Layman, Calvin
2. Reeves, James

Undecided: Rose Dubiskas, Library
1. White, Alex

Knitting for Soldiers, Chandler Helms, Library1. Fokas, Teddi
2. Miller, Macy


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