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MLK Week chapel speeches,MLK Day Activities

Youth Helping Others from MLK Day on Vimeo.
Chapel Speakers: January 10-14 YAC Students must have bios by Wednesday

Monday: Dr. Gloria Pollard, Respect Diversity Foundation Speaker, all chapels, 771-3316, Cell: 210-4152. Introduction by D.J. Wood.
Tuesday: NO CHAPEL ( Rain check until National Volunteer Week-Class Meeting DayElizabeth Muller 630-0895.,UD and MD chapel. Dance and service. )
Wednesday: UD: Dr. Cheryl Steele’s contact information is, 286-0981.Author of What if books. Introduction by Zainab.  (Rain Check until National Volunteer Week or Multicultural Week: Cultural Collision Class and MD Chapel: Waha Thuweekah, William Voelker, Comanche Nation Ethno-Ornithological Society, 580-464-2750,
Thursday: Amy Petty, Bombig Survivor for UD and MD Chapel Contact Lynn Roller: 235-3313 at the Oklahoma National Memorial Museum. Introduction by Caitlin A. and Rebecca R.
Friday: OCU President Robert Henry, Contact: Michelle Hale: 208-5000. UD confirmed, MD pending confirmation, introduction by Caitlin A. and Aamina

Service Day Saturday: @Habitat for Humanity, 595-2800, Volunteer Coordinators: Rick 520-3257, Chris Hearn Cell: 409-5557
Service Day Sunday: MLK Day Community Activities provided by RDF. Contact: Mrs. Joan Korenblit:, 359-0369

6:30 a.m.-8:00 a.m.: Prayer Breakfast @ Reed Center. Contact Mrs. Joan Korenblit:, 359-0369
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. MLK Day Parade @ OKC Downtown. Contact Casady CDC and YWCA, parade participants.

Set-Up: 7:30: YAC Facilitator: Cecil R.50 volunteers needed. 16 years olds with release of liability,
8:00-8:15: Group gathering at Bennett. Transportation to: 8517 Hurst Court at Hope Crossing Addition. South of Britton and Kelly
8:30-9:00: Training at site. Photo opportunity (before).
9:00-12:00: FRAMING
12:00-1:00 Pizza lunch provided by Upper Division and Athletic Program, Pizza for Habitat staff about 12 provided. About 4 pieces of pizza per person. Drinks: Water in coolers. Bring refillable water bottle. Cups available if needed, no snacks please.
1:00-3:00 Habitat House Framing ends. Finishing early is a happy occasion!!! Group must stay for group photo. (AFTER)
Casady Site Supervisors: Coaches, Mr. Pena, and Mr. Huestis, Habitat Contact Person: Chris Hearn; Cell: 409-5557. YAC Reminder: YAC still needs to talk to Chesapeake's volunteer and outreach coordinators for help with volunteers and matching funding for other construction dates, not for the framing date.

9:00a.m.-3:00 p.m.: Challenge 20/20 Green Team YES @ Woods Community Center
8:30: Set-up. YAC Facilitator: Salman H. Limited to 15 participants
9:00-12:00 Carbon Footprint Calculator:Which one should be used by the Green Schools of Oklahoma?
12:00-1:00 Lunch provided by Mike's Rich Bean.
1:00 – 3:00 Energy Audits: Learn how to use the tool kit by doing an audit of the community center and the service-learning office.
Trainers: Carbon Footprint Calculator, Christina Stallings, Project Learning Tree Coordinator, 405-522-6158, work cell # 405-227-8858, Energy Audits: Mr. Les Peace, CEO of Partnership in Environmental Education Foundation, Casady Site Supervisor : Mr. Mark Delgrosso.

10:00 a.m-12:00 p.m. Snacks for Boys and Girls Clubs @Student Center
9:30: Set-up: YAC Facilitator: Mrs. Clay . Youth YAC facilitator needed
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Come and Make Healthy Trail Mix Bags for Boys and Girls Club
Supplies provided by the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Collaboration with Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Kids Cafe, Family. Facilitator of the opportunity and supplies: Debbie Bell, 972-1111, Ext 102, Kids Cafe, Director.

10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Reading for the Visually Impaired @ the Cochran Library
End of day Friday: Set-up. YAC Facilitator: Mrs. Clay. Youth YAC facilitator needed

10:30-12:00: Record your voice reading inspirational books at our library for the hearing impaired.  Tapes will be donated where needed by New View Oklahoma, former League for the blind.

10:00-2:00 Musical Rehearsal with Mrs. Crossno, Fee,

2:30 p.m. -4:30 p.m. Matinee with a purpose @ Fee and Student Center
Set up:2:00, YAC Facilitator: Devin J.? Miss Pargeter?
2:30 p.m. See You tube videos and films on the Power of ONE.  Reflective art activity follows film showing

Thursday, December 30, 2010

YAC meeting agenda 1/3/11

Welcome back! Here's our agenda for monday's meeting.
- Making MLK flyers for individual activities/events
-Talk to Devin about movie
-Introductions for MLK speakers
-Chapel announcements about MLK week (presenter and writer needed)
-Report about FedEx day 12/30/10
-Stuffed animal stories (Remembering Sasha)

A-day freshmen/sophomore YAC class meeting series (6 meetings requested, if more needed, YAC members need to talk to pertinent administrators) start 1/4/11 (ideas)
  1. Sweatmonkey setup
  2. YAC re-introduction
  3. Pat Webb Workshop
  4. Mrs. Joan Korenblit Haiku and Mural Workshop (April 4)
  5. More snacks for Boys and Girls club 
  6. Relay for Life (make Sweatmonkey page)
  7. Walk the World (make Sweatmonkey page)
  8. Fundraising for Habitat for Humanity(make Sweatmonkey page)
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MLK FedEx Day 12/30/10

Attending: Christine, Caitlin
Agenda (added agenda items in bold):
1.Finalize MLK chapel speeches, MLK Day service opportunities, Advertising
2. Create 2011 Calendar-YAC interaction with freshmen and sophomore through 5 Class Meetings...First A Day taken for Webinar with SweatMonkey
3. YAC 2010 Reflection
4. stuffed animal stories

Check entries below for further needs in BOLD
1. MLK Speeches and activities:
Speakers needed/unconfirmed: Wednesday, Friday (MD unconfirmed)
Introduction speakers needed for: Wednesday, Friday
Advertisings, announcements: 
Volunteer opportunities: See schedule, 4 different activities on MLK day
Called Mrs. Steele, Beatrice Johnston (needs to call again)
Popcorn and Movie
2. Freshmen/sophomore sweatmonkey, workshop, and 4 other meetings
Should we try to set up everything so that the freshmen/sophomore just have to input their information?
April 4th Haiku (before ISAS April 7th)
Knitting? Mural?
3. reflection!
4. The Stuffed animal story project
needs to be done!!
5. making posters for advertising MLK day activites

PLANS FOR THE REST OF THIS YEAR (very open, includes large and small plans)
JANUARY: MLK activities, everything listed above
FEBRUARY: Multicultural Week (28-March 4)
MARCH: Relay for Life
APRIL: pre-ISAS haiku workshop A Day (4), National Volunteer week (10-16)
MAY:Walk the World

Write bios/chapel introductions
Contact YWCA
Individual activity fliers
Set up A Day plans with Sweatmonkey
Contact William Voelker about later date

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Happy new years!

YAC Fedex Time thoughts before you start meeting

Happy New Year. Welcome back!

YAC FEDEX TIME, DECEMBER 30, 10:30-3:30 AT THE THE WOODS COMMUNITY CENTER.  Expected attendance: Caitlin A., Christine L, Sody G. Lunch and snacks provided courtesy of Mr. John Kennedy, YAC Invitational Donation and Mrs. Joan Korenblit for supervising the first two hours of this FEDEX Time.  Only Caitlin (10:30-2:00) Chrisitine (10:30-4:00) attended.  Christine will be the Shinnyo-en foundation reporter with a team of freshmen.  She is also investigating permission to represent Casady at the possible trip to Japan with the Foundation.  Mrs. Clay has been invited to present, Actualizing the Six Billion Paths to Peace with the Shinnyo-en Foundation.  Due to ISAS trip, Mrs. Crossno, Christine, and Caitlin are unable to attend.  Mrs. Clay will take written or video clips as part of her presentation in April at NYLC, pending administrator approval.

1.Finalize MLK chapel speeches, MLK Day service opportunities..Done
2. Create 2011 Calendar-YAC interaction with freshmen through 5 Class Meetings...First A Day taken for Webinar with SweatMonkey.  Plan in place
3. YAC 2010 Reflection  Left for F-day with Sweatmonkey help

I invite you to view my short celebration of what we did together,  Iam not sure if this happened. 

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NOW to business

MLK Day Activity: Casady Green School
Christina Stallings will be the facilitator of the Challenge 20/20 Green Team Yes training on MLK Day. So far we have two students and one teacher expected to attend: Salman H (leader of the project), Cathy Z (doing energy audits for her science project in the MD) and as the Casady supervisor of the training, Mr. Mark Delgrosso. It should be a small manageable group working on carbon footprint with Christina in the morning. The team will work with Les in the afternoon. They will use the energy audit tool kits provided by the Oklahoma Green Schools Committee to audit at least my office and the community center. Decide who will start advertising the MLK Day activities Monday during chapel announcements and how..  Salman needs to finalize this.  We will open it to Green team, YAC interested members Kathie Z. and friends from the middle school as a first priority.  Then is first come, first served.  Must register at Sweatmoney to get credit hours. 

Joan Korenblit, CEO of the Respect Diversity Foundation will be the adult supervisor for the first two hours. I left food, MLK Day Schedule and calendar to be filled by you at the Community Center. At 10:00 a.m. I am going to Sasha Bully’s grandmother’s funeral at John Ireland Funeral Home in Moore, 120 S Broadway St, Moore, OK 73160. I could not re-schedule the FEDEX time because this is a calendar planning meeting for 2011. I expect three students to attend: Caitlin A, Christine L and Sody G. I should to be back with the group at 11:30. Thank you Mrs. Korenblit!  The Class Meetings were brainstormed under her guidance.  Thank you for volunteering to help with one class meeting focusing on Haiku poetry.

NEW!NEW! YAC CLASS MEETING TIME- Your opportunity for Servant leadership!!!!
Please plan your interaction with freshmen and sophomores through Class meetings. The first class meeting on Tuesday, I have a webinar for all classes with Sweatmonkey. I have been working with Mr. Jim Bonfiglio on setting this for the service-learning website. This will empower students to certify hours and keep an ongoing service/giving resume/portfolio of their giving back to the community activities.

I also will need another Class meeting for a very special guest, Pat Web will lead a workshop during a class meeting, Date: TBA at Pat’s convenience on mindfulness.  I have requested a total of 6 class meetings.  If you need more, we need to request them from pertinent administrators.

A-day freshmen/sophomore YAC class meeting series (6 meetings requested, if more needed, YAC members need to talk to pertinent administrators) start 1/4/11 (ideas)

Class Meetings what and why

Sweatmonkey setup: Planning service, reporting hours, certifying hours made easier.  Online 24/7 service record/portfolio/file/resume

YAC re-introduction: YAC has not had a chance to meet the freshmen and explain what they do and want to do for the rest of the year.  After the meeting the idea of providing site visits to Boys and Girls Club, Special Care, Johnson and Britton Elementary was discussed with YAC 2005 chairs.

Pat Webb Workshop: This workshop will help us see the value on slowing down, and listening! Mindfulness and New Diplomacy workshop.  Freshmen had Mrs. Webb as an English teacher and there should be a buy in from the class, at least according to Christine.

Mrs. Joan Korenblit Haiku and Mural Workshop (April 4): Stuco used this poetry at their latest fundraiser.  Classes could make a mural to be entered at the next Respect Diversity Foundation Exhibit advocating respect for diversity, random acts of kindness, peace and love for our environment.

More snacks for Boys and Girls club: Action service opportunity during school day for the whole school.  Mayb in combination with a family service afternoon during National Volunteer Service Week. 

Relay for Life (make Sweatmonkey page);  Emily might need this time to give information and details.  We think she has already done her recuiting.

Walk the World (make Sweatmonkey page): Christine might need this time to give information and details as well as recruit walkers

Fundraising for Habitat for Humanity(make Sweatmonkey page): STUCO might want a day to talk about their fundraiser efforts and maybe brainstorm with the entire student body regarding fundraising ideas and/or inform their plan of action.

Casady Buildings being used on MLK Day:
We expect the following buildings to be used on January 17th: Woods, Student Center and Library. Woods for Casady Green School, Student Center: 10:00 a.m. –12:00: Food Bank making healthy treats for Boys and Girls Club with me as the supervisor and possible attendance of the Healthy Eating Club. We need a YAC Youth facilitator for this. Mike is considering opening the snack bar depending on sign-up numbers for MLK Day at Casady. Library: Time TBA I have two ladies checking schedules, one of them is the author of the book, If, see attached bio. Another is the CEO of the YWCA. Both are considering offering a workshop on reading and mural making. If they are unable, I will provide a workshop and mural making on Teens for Human Rights. There will a book/films/YOUTUBE and mural making opportunity at the library, regardless. The two teachers who have expressed interest in helping the library activity are Mrs. Johnson and Miss Pargeter. The Student Center and Library activities will be opened to the Casady community on a come and go basis. The kids will advertise it as family volunteering for teens and children younger than 16 years old. We need a YACyouth facilitator for this.  After the FEDEX meeting we decided to explore having a movie or you tube videos at LEE..Must check copyright laws with Mrs. Johnson, facilitator: Devin, and Mrs. Pargeter.  We also need to check with Mike regarding food (lunch and snacks and drinks) availability.

The 16+ year olds have the opportunity to frame the Habitat house that STUCO started to fundraise for before the break. The house is located in the Crossing Addition south of Britton and Kelly. The students will be supervised by coaches and transportation will be provided by coaches too.

Please make flyers and sign-up sheets for each one of the activities and for the chapel speakers.

MLK Chapel speakers Week of 10-14th
Joan Korenblit has provided the contact information for three of our speakers.  Ask Ms. Korenblit to help you create your one minute introduction for each speaker.  You have some bios.  Check the internet for others. A change was made on Wednesday.  I need to contact Mrs. Johnson regarding how interested she is on the guest speaker for her class and what budget she has.  The Native American speaker will be coming for MD chapel if Mrs. Johnson is not interested or not at all for MLK.  We will reserve him for Multicultural Week, should Mr. Miano and the club be interested.
On Monday we have Dr. Gloria Pollard for all chapels D.J. Wood’s choice
On Tuesday, Elizabeth Mueller for UD and MD. Johnesha’s choice.
On Wednesday we have two possible speakers for UD William Voelker who is also coming for the Cultural Collisions class. Since he requires a fee, Joan also provided the contact information of the author of the IF books used by Spanish Classes last year. I am very excited about this speaker. Cheryl is clearing her schedule for all chapels and checking about providing a workshop on MLK Day at the Library.
On Thursday we have Amy Petty, Bombing Survivor for UD and MD chapels. Caitlin Anderson’s Choice.
On Friday we have OCU President Robert Henry for UD and MD? chapels.

If you need to get in touch with me, my cell is 520-1325.

NOW decide what you want to accomplish in the morning and what you want to do in the afternoon.  Also decide where you want to eat lunch.

The reflection of 2010 should be left for the afternoon.  Postponed until Monday or later when YAC meeting schedule permits it.

May 2011 bring us inner peace, harmony and balance as well as closer to a world at peace someday with the POWER OF US WITH YAC.  The slide show below is 15 minutes long.  We will do this in the afternoon or at our next YAC meeting

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

YAC FEDEX Time, December 30, 10:30-3:30 Woods Community Center

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YAC FEDEX TIME, DECEMBER 30, 10:30-3:30 WEATHER PERMITING AT THE THE WOODS COMMUNITY CENTER. RSVP TO MRS. CLAY: Expected attendance: Caitlin A., Christine L, Sody G.  Lunch and snacks provided courtesy of Mr. John Kennedy, YAC Invitational Donation

1.Finalize MLK chapel speeches, MLK Day service opportunities
2. Create 2011 Calendar-YAC interaction with freshmen through 5 Class Meetings...First A Day taken for Webinar with SweatMonkey
3. YAC 2010 Reflection
YAC Members and their 2010 record for SweatMonkey credit
Class of 2011-SENIORS
1. Caitlin A: Senior Chair, YAC Invitational: UD Hope Trunk, Habitat Fundraiser; Clubs Fair, Multicultural Club-Native American Connections; Toy Story; Six Billion Paths to Peace: Shinnyo-en Dinner, UD Chapel Introduction; Fall Fest, Casady Cans Do, Lower Division, MLK Day speakers, Relay for Life-YAC 2010 Holiday Lunch, YAC-STUCO Habitat fundraising meetings.  YAC Fedex Time in December (10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.)
2. Devin J: Pinwheels for Peace at UCO: International Day of Peace, Anime Peace Matinee, Respect Diversity Foundation Annual Exhibit, Relay for Life-YAC 2010 Holiday Lunch
3. Reshawn L: YAC Invitational: UD Hope Trunk, Kindness Project
4. Johnesha H: Senior Chair, Peace Jam-CDC Coordinator, Clubs Fair; Toy Story, SweatMonkey Webinar; Pinwheels for Peace, Six Billion Paths to Peace, Fall Fest, Casady Cans Do Lower Division, MLK Day Activities
5. Alizay P: Project Ignition, Kindness Projects, Just for Fun: Lace
6. Cecil R: Clubs Fair, Habitat for Humanity: Saturdays Service, MLK Day Habitat House Framing Facilitator
7. Rebecca R: Senior Chair, YAC Invitational: UD Hope Trunk; Environmental Club Connections:Environmental Club: Recycling; Pinwheels for Peace: Just for Fun: Lace
8. D. J. W: Senior Chair, Clubs Fair, Toy Story, SweatMonkey webinar; Six Billion Paths to Peace: UCO International Day of Peace, Shinnyo-en Dinner, Kindness Projects, Casady Cans Do Upper Division, MLK Day speakers and activities, Just for Fun: Knitting, Lace, Relay for Life-YAC 2010 Holiday Lunch

Class of 2012-JUNIORS
1. John B. Service Saturdays: Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity, Just for Fun: Lace
2. Khadija H: Six Billion Paths to Peace:T-shirt distribution, International Peace Tree, Relay for Life-YAC 2010 Holiday Lunch
3. Chandler H.: Junior Chair, Knitters for Soldiers, Toy Story, Care Packages for Soldiers
4. Leah L: Junior Chair, Asia Connections Projects: Anime Peace Matinee, Toy Story, SweatMonkey Webinar; Pinwheels for Peace, Knitters for Soldiers, Relay for Life-YAC 2010 Holiday Lunch
5. Nicole L: Junior Chair, YAC Invitational: MD Hope Trunk, Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity; September 11th Food Bank; Pinwheels for Peace, Knitters for Soldiers , Casady Cans Do: Primary Division, Relay for Life
6. Elizabeth N.: Junior Chair, Habitat for Humanity, Knitters for Soldiers, Relay for Life
7. Andrew Y: YAC FEDEX TIME: Project Ignition, Clubs Fair, Project Ignition meetings

Class of 2013: SOPHOMORES
1. Tony A: Sophomore Chair, Pinwheels for Peace, Toy Story
2. Ali C: Pinwheels for Peace
3. Sody G: Sophomore Chair, YAC FEDEX TIME: Habitat for Humanity, Walk the World, Clubs Fair, Toy Story, Pinwheels for Peace, Relay for Life-YAC Holiday lunch
4. Rebekah D: SweatMonkey Webinar, Pinwheels for Peace, Zoo Experience, Casady Cans Do: Middle Division
5. Haley D: Pinwheels for Peace, Casady Cans Do: Middle Division
6. Tina R: YAC Invitational: LD Hope Trunk; Toy Story; Pinwheels for Peace, Just for Fun: Kntting and Lace
7. Christine F: Sophomore Chair, YAC FEDEX TIME: Walk the World 2010; Clubs Fair Toy Story, Pinwheels for Peace, Relay for Life-YAC Holiday Lunch
8. Caitlin H: SweatMonkey Webinar; Pinwheels for Peace; Zoo Experience, Casady Cans Do: Middle Division
9. Judy H: SweatMonkey Webinar; Pinwheels for Peace, Zoo Experience, Casady Cans Do: Middle Division
10. Sophia S. Pinwheels for Peace, Johnson Elementary Strings

Class of 2014: FRESHMEN
1. Shiva B: Freshman Chair, Walk the World 2009, YAC Invitational: PD Hope Trunk, Seed of Peace Project; YAC FEDEX TIME: Clubs Fair; Toy Story; SweatMonkey Webinar
2. Salman H: Challenge 20/20: Green Schools Pilot Program: Energy Audits in collaboration with Environmental Club, YAC 2010 Celebration lunch, Just for Fun: Lace, YAC 2010 , Relay for Life-Holiday Lunch , Green team meetings
3. Adam H: YAC FEDEX TIME: Clubs Fair, Connections to Mercy School; Toy Story, Fall Fest, Casady Cans Do: Middle Division, Just for Fun: Lace, Relay for Life-YAC 2010 Holiday Lunch
4. Christine L: Freshman Chair, YAC FEDEX TIME: Online fundraising, Clubs Fair; Toy Story, SweatMonkey Webinar; Pinwheels for Peace, Six Billion Paths to Peace: T-shirt Distribution, September 11th Food Bank-SeptemberFest, Just for Fun: Knitting, Relay for Life-YAC 2010 Holiday Lunch. YAC December FEDEX time (10:30-4:00)
5. Arjun R: Clubs Fair; Pinwheels for Peace; Six Billion Paths to Peace: T-shirt distribution; Toy Story, Casady Cans Do Primary Division, Huddle to Fight Hunger spokesman, Just for Fun: Lace and Knitting, Relay for Life-YAC Holiday Lunch
6. Jasmine S: Clubs Fair, Pinwheels for Peace, Six Billion Paths to Peace: T-shirt distribution, Toy Story, Service Saturdays at the Food Bank, SeptemberFest, Rose State Global Oklahoma, YAC Holiday lunch

The Power of US-YAC in 2010

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Be the change you want to see the world! Mahatma Gandhi

the power of ONE

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10 YAC meeting - Relay for Life and Christmas Stockings

December 10: YAC meeting (pre-lunch)
-Brief recap of year
-Relay For Life local event  American Cancer Society- Introduction, video, raise money
   Start forming teams (8+) to create a goal to raise AT LEAST $100 by the time of the relay. Overall goal for the relay for life program: over $10,000. We need teams and team leaders! The committies/job groups: Arts and entertainment, advertising, sponsoring, accounting and data, registration, website creation and other weblinks (will be premade)
-Chapel talk and T-shirts for relay for life, fundraising events, purple week, luminaria
INFORMATION LINKS for those who are more curious about: Relay for Life 

Christmas Project
Stockings filled with art supplies/candy/stuff, decoration day with tea,
Location: YAC room, afterwards: Stockings will be delivered to Britton Elementary
Time: ALL next week (Dec 13-17)
Goal: at least 60 stockings

Asian connections
Location: Breakfast at Jimmy's Egg.  YAC will pay
Time: 7:00 December 14

the People Tree
will be a way to thank Shinyo-en

This is our final F-day YAC meeting of 2010. Thank you so much for your participation so far. The next half of the school year is already filled with events and opportunities. Have a safe and warm winter break <3
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 10: Celebration, reflection and evaluation meeting and holiday lunch


The Beginning

Meeting Agenda: Meeting facilitators: YAC Senior Chairs1. Relay for Life Presentation Emily

2. HALO project-possible presentation Katie

3. MLK Service and chapel: D.J, Caitlin,Cecil, Mrs. Clay

4. Asia Connections Project-Breakfast with JOI Coordinator Site Reviewer 7:00 a.m. at Jimmy's Egg on December 14. Leah and Mrs. Clay

5. YAC PEOPLE TREE: ORNAMENTS NEED for each realigious celebration in the month of December. People ornaments: Mrs. Clay

6. Thank you note for Shinnyo-en Foundation..MUST BE SENT NEXT WEEK!
7. STUCO and Gales will be coming for lunch: Habitat for Humanity fundraiser---collaboration, process, dates for building
8. DATE AND PLACE FOR YAC FEDEX meeting Goal: YAC 2011 calendar
What should we do in 2011, why and how?


Presentations to freshmen. Schedule Class Meetings: MLK Day,Challenge 20/20-Green Team YES, What is yac, who is yac, why yac, who is Mrs. Clay,requirement,internship, project opportunities, SweatMonkey. In collaboration with STUCO: Habitat for Humanity fundraiser and what can students younger than 16 do, Project IgnitionBuild YAC capacity through film series in collaboration with Debate: Documentary on MLK and Pay it Forward/Blind Side/7 Pounds/Youth for Human Rights. Guest speakers: Mr. Wiley, Dr. Gerard, Dr. Ramsey, Mr. and Mrs. Miano, Mrs. Johnson,

NETWORKING, REFLECTION AND CELEBRATION LUNCHSuggested Process. Lunch facilators: YAC senior chairs1. Welcome
2. Thank you for collaborations: GALES, Art Club, and Language Teachers: Pinwheels for Peace; STUCO: Casady Cans Do; Adminstrators: All projects
3. Eat
4. Chalk Collaborative reflection and evaluation of 2010, Dynamic Leadership of 2011: Converge, connect, collaborate and create

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Author of 'Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes,' Dies at 88

Eleanor Coerr, whose Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (Puffin, 1977) introduced children to the true story of a Japanese girl who suffered from the effects of an atomic bomb attack, died November 22. She was 88.

Eleanor Coerr has died at 88.

The inspiring book follows Sadako Sasaki, who was two-years-old when the United States dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima during the final stages of World War II in 1945. It chronicles Sasaki as a healthy schoolgirl winning relay races, through her diagnosis with leukemia, and her long stay in the hospital. She died a decade after the attack at the age of 12.

While in the hospital, Sasaki began making origami cranes to pass the time. Her ultimate goal was to make 1,000, but, according to the book, she died with only 644 completed. Sasaki's classmates finished making the remaining cranes, and all 1,000 were placed at her grave.

Sasaki's classmates started a national campaign to build a peace statue to remember her and the many other children who were victims of the Hiroshima bombing. To help raise money, they sold copies of a photocopied and staple-bound autobiography of Sasaki called Kokeshi. To this day, the statue of Sasaki, erected in 1955, is decorated with thousands of paper cranes given by people from all over the world.

Coerr learned of the story while living in Japan after the war and visiting Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park. A missionary friend who had a copy of Sasaki's autobiography encouraged Coerr to write about the girl, who is sometimes referred to as the Anne Frank of Hiroshima.
American school children learned about Sasaki through the 1977 publication of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, and teachers quickly incorporated the book into lessons about the horrors of war and the art of origami. The book has been translated into many languages and each year on August 6, Peace Day, thousands of paper cranes made by children from numerous countries are placed at Sasaki's statue.

"This slim book of 80 pages, written in very simple language, presents [Sasaki's] heart-wrenching story," said literary critic Anita Silvey on October 25, the 55th anniversary of Sasaki's death. "A three-handkerchief story, it will always work for those readers who request a sad book. It even ends with the line, 'She never woke up.' By showing the effect of a war on the life of a vibrant and attractive child, Eleanor Coerr wrote a powerful book that advocates for peace."

Coerr was born in 1922 in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada, and grew up in Saskatoon. She began her professional life as a newspaper reporter and editor of a column for children. She also wrote The Big Balloon Race (HarperCollins, 1984) and Mieko and the Fifth Treasure (Penguin, 1993).

In May of this year, Coerr attended a ceremony at New York's Tribute World Trade Center Visitor Center, where Sasaki's brother presented one of the original cranes folded by his sister.

This article originally appeared in the newsletter Extra Helping.

Casady Greatest Hits-Pinwheels for Peace!

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