Monday, March 28, 2011

YAC meeting, Friday, April 1

Attended: Caitlin A. (Facilitated the Meeting), Arjun, Shiva, Chandler.  Johnesha and Jasmine attended the day before and made the latern

1. Comfort Cards for Japan

2. National Volunteer Week:  Caitlin assigned Chapel introduction responsibilities to members present. Chandler will introduce Tuesday's speaker.  Shiva and Arjun will introduce Thursday speakers, and Caitlin will introduce Friday's speaker.  Presidential Award Candidates will be introduced at Chapel on April 13 by YAC Chairs Johnesha, Reswhan and D.J. (if they are available.  awards will not arrive at that date) 

3. April 12 Class Meeting:  Haiku announcement at Chapel by Caitlin and friends of Haiku.  Required for Freshmen, but open for anyone interested.  The theme is from Rubble to Hope.  The meeting will be @ Calvert facilitated by Respect Diversity Foundation, Joan Korenblit with support from English Teacher, Mrs. Knowles.

Monday, April 3rd. Class Meeting for Freshmen @ Woods Community Room:

1. Youth for Human Rights Video for waiting time
2. What is your path to peace mural
3. Personal Goal-Introduction to Service Awards: Presidential and Congressional
4. Finish Quilt and/or profiles

Thursday, March 24, 2011

YAC Meeting, March 24

Attendance:  Christine L., Salman, Chandler
We begun the meeting with connecting profiles.

1. Class Meeting: Tomorrow-9th grade only:  Quilt, made with Activity Card from Six Billion Paths to Peace Reflection cards.  We will also start making spiritual relief cards for Japan and Paper cranes of hope. Students from Blake School are doing the same thing.

2. Shinnyo-en cards training:  We did one of the cards from the Be the Peace set...8 BREATHS.  TECHNIQUE TO MANAGE STRESS

3. Christine requested consideration of YAC Japan Relief fundraiser.  Mrs. Clay suggested Iron Chef at Calvert after graduation in June.  Mrs. Clay will start talks with Platt College Chef Travis and check with administration.  Mrs. Thomas is on board to help during the summer.  Guests:  Casady Community, Asian Societies.  Judges:  Combination of Youth and Adults

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Before Spring Break March Meeting

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1. RDF Roots and Fruits quilt path for Respect Diversity Foundation

2. Next Class Meeting - Tomorrow at Library or after Spring Break
What do you want to do?

3. April, National Volunteer Week:  Brainstorming
 Grant writers needed for April 16-Global Youth Service Day

4. Walk the World Update:  See Flyer.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011


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