Saturday, December 31, 2011


Monday, January 16th - National Holiday and Service Day on the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oklahoma City Events:
The Prayer Breakfast: 7 a.m. in the Reed Center, Sheraton Midwest City Hotel, 5800 Will Rogers Road. ($10/person). From I-40, exit Sooner Road, north on Sooner Rd, turn right/east onto Will Rogers Road. Organizers expect 400-500 people for breakfast followed by speeches and music.

The Silent March: 9 a.m. from the Clara Luper NAACP Freedom Center, 2609 N MLK Ave, marching to the Oklahoma History Center, at NE 23rd Street, east of Lincoln Blvd.
The Bell Ringing: 11 a.m. National Bell Ringing at Oklahoma's replica of the Liberty Bell in front of the Oklahoma History Center, north side of NE 23rd St, just east of Lincoln Blvd.

MLK Jr. Holiday Coalition Program: Noon, at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral , 127 NW 7th St (NW 7th & Robinson). The program features a performance of King’s "I Have a Dream" speech and comments by local opinion leaders.

PARADE Line-up: 1 – 2 p.m. on the streets west of NW 7th Street and Robinson Ave..
PARADE STEP-OFF: 2 p.m. from the corner of Broadway and NW 7th, proceeding down Broadway to Sheridan, then east through Bricktown to the Coca Cola Convention Center. There will be grandstands at NW 5th and Broadway. For more information on the parade, or to be involved, call coordinators William Jones at (405) 306-8440 or Garland Pruitt at (405) 473-6152.

Friday, December 30, 2011

What is service-learning anyway?

These university students did a great job

Your "community service can win your prizes"

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, December 12th, YAC meeting, postponed, Advisory meeting


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We will have the first official meeting of 2012 on January 9th.

1. Reflection and Evaluation of 2011
2. MLK Day and other projects for 2012

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday December 5th

YAC meeting postponed to collaborate with Art Club Project, Xmas Stockings for Britton Elementary!

Service-Learning Open House Thursday. Experience the sweet taste of the holidays. Come see the beautiful 80 stockings made by the art club/YAC and have a piece of Russell Stover Candy. Service is "like a box of chocolates" you never know what opportunity will take your breath away.

Holiday children's projects needs your help

Collection of gently worn sports, states, university, volunteer t-shirts for Africa. Jessica G. will deliver them Xmas eve.

Saint Jude's Hospital: Looking for art supplies/gifts in the list provided by St. Jude's Hospital. List available at the Woods Community Room, the Service-Learning Office and bulletin board at Woods. Mrs. Milligan will deliver donations over Xmas Break.

MLK Day is approaching. If anyone is interested in sponsoring projects that day, please see Mr. Huestis or Mrs. Clay ASAP.

Suggestions for Stocking Project:
1. Make arrangements directly with the Principal and the 1st grade teachers, not just the administrative assistant.
2. Consider getting the list of students to personalize their stockings.
3.Give a list to the office and Dean of students of people who would be missing lunch, not just the number of students for lunch attendance and food not to be wasted purposes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

No YAC meetings until ???????

Congratulations to YAC and STUCO for a good Food Drive.  Zainab and Chandler were our leaders.  Chandler was especially entrepreneurial getting food-4-food ruffle donations and volunteers to manpower all divisions.  YAC treated Chandler to an A-Block snack of her choice Monday, November 14. Special thanks to Zainab for her vision to continue this project at Casady and for representing YAC and delivering the funding raised during the drive as well as helping sort Students Against Hunger donations at the Food Bank on November 12,2011.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, here are some quotes from faculty and directors regarding the Casady Cans Do Food Drive.
Our theme in Lower Division is “We Can Make a Difference.” Our students are proud to make a difference in our community and to be able to support our local Food Bank by collecting food during the food drive and volunteering at the Food Bank throughout the year. The UD volunteers have been wonderful. They have been fun and engaging with the students. Today Tripp, Davis and Clark were great. Tripp made a wonderful dancing can in the middle of carpool circle. Thank them for me. Mrs. France, LD

It was heartwarming to see students of all ages working collaboratively to help our Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma fight hunger and feed hope! Thank you YAC and STUCO leaders for making this project a reality in our campus. My favorite moment of the drive was the amazing can dance performed by Tripp to cheer and remind Lower Division students to bring donations! Mrs. Clay, UD

The Middle Division students were excited and proud that they reached their goal of collecting 2,500 cans for the Food Bank and the people of Oklahoma. The participation and help of the upper division students throughout the Food Drive made a big impression on our students. They are great role models. Mrs. May, MD

Propose Agenda for December 5th meeting: Casady Cans Do reflection, assessment and recommendations for next year.  What is next: Relay for Life, STUCO Project: Make a Wish Foundation, SOW LOVE, MLK Day, National Volunteeer Week, Earth Day, Knitting for Soldiers, Walk the World OKC 2012???

Jessica G. has two project proposals for YAC. (Must be pre-approved by administration and STUCO). SPC Advisories-4-the community, T-shirts-4-Africa


Casady Cans Do 2011: What did we do? How can we improve it next year?

-We had individuals doing different aspects of the drive.  To increase YAC and STUCO ownership of the process and results, we should consider having committees with students heading them next year.  This year we had the following informal committee heads: UD: Zainab, MD: Rebekah, LD: Jessica (only could attend Monday), PD: Molly B.  This was of great help to Mrs. Clay!!! but we need greater YAC and STUCO involvement!

1. Marketing: 
a. Posters and flyers made by YAC members:  We could improve instructions and quality.  Mrs. Clay took care of adds for Saturdays at the Food Bank via flyers.  We need to consider having a YAC member making chapel adds BEFORE the drive to attend Saturdays@ the Food Bank.  STUCO could give results during the drive like Chandler did.  The idea of mentoring younger students at the Food Bank should be revisited.

2. Awareness
a. Chapel speeches: Food Bank rep and Chandler and Zainab: Better coordination and timing for next year.  b. Pushpage to parents:  This year it was written by division directors, Mrs. May  and Mrs. Clay.  Next year, it should be done by YAC/STUCO leaders. 
Letters to YAC and website news: Done by Mrs. Clay.  It should be a collaborative effort between Mrs. Clay and YAC/STUCO Canned Food Drive chairs.
Statistics awareness:  We did not have it this year, with the exception of 1=5 meal and $200 feeds a child for a year with the Food-4-kids program. 
STUCO Tidbits @ chapel to help keep the word out:  We did not have them this year.
Can costume enthusiasm:  We had a sample of how it should be done by Tripp!  We need to repair the costume and make a few more.
Incentives:  Students donate more if there are relevant incentives.  We need to have adminstrative approval of all incentives in September.  Mrs. Warden is opened to a Victory Day for the winning grade; an off campus day, inmediately after the drive.  She also likes the first to salad bar for the daily winning grade, but not a whole week for the overall winner.

3. Process 
Organization: Chairs should meet the first week of October and finalize the process.  The second week of October, we should make the flyers and we might consider Halloween as the week of the drive next year.  The first week of November is the last week of the drive at the Food Bank and the Food Bank had a hard time placing us on their schedule. We need to seek approval for this project now.

Who made the Cans Do Happened in 2011 and How?
a. Chandler: Scheduled STUCO and YAC volunteers, made Chapel announcements, did solicitation of gift certificates, donated a gift certificate with Liz.  Manpowered UD
b. Zainab: Lobbied for canned drive to be a project. Wrote Chapel speech.  Responsible for UD set-up, counting of cans and money. Represented YAC/STUCO at sorting Students Against Hunger Saturday. Zainab delivered the money collected at the UD to an official at the Food Bank Saturday.

Having to be back in class at first hour, left final counting to Mrs. Clay who also created a word document tallying all division results.  This should be done in collaboration with STUCO or YAC members next year.  Mrs. Clay learned a lot about the different divisions.  There should also be a photography or video committee.  The photo opportunities were great, but a student should be doing this, not Mrs. Clay.  It will be great to have a video created by students to present for the following year. 
Nicole-permissions and connection to STUCO, manpower UD collection when able.
Elizabeth-attended YAC meetings, lobbied for food-4-food incentives, manpowered UD collection , donated funding for ruffle from Whole Foods
Molly-Responsible for PD
Rebekah-Responsible for MD. Emerging leader of Casady Cans Do 2012

4. New  Ideas
Christine L.:  Saturday service at the Food Bank during October and November, duration of the Students Against Hunger citywide collection.  PE requirement could be made-up with a visit to the Food Bank on Saturdays.  Great exercise for arms!
Arjun N.: Extra out to lunch for winning grade:  Not approved this year
Mrs. Clay:  Mentor younger students at the Food Bank on Saturdays to increase UD participation since requirement is not motivating more people to serve on Saturdays.  It should be in the afternoon to allow sleeping late on weekends.
Elizabeth: Give food-4-food to incentivate students to donate again next year. We need to start solicitations in August.
Jessica: First to salad bar for winning class on daily tally.  Advisories could elect to volunteer at the Food Bank this week and during SPC days when there are only a few students on campus.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Casady Cans 2011 Do Process and Results

Final Results 5,052 cans +$563.07=5,615.07

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It was heartwarming to see students of all ages working collaboratively to help our Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma fight hunger and feed hope! Thank you YAC and STUCO leaders for making this project a reality on our campus. My favorite moment of the drive was the amazing can dance performed by Tripp to cheer and remind Lower Division students to bring donations!

Special thanks to Chandler Helms and Elizabeth Nordin for the gift certificates from Whole Foods for the Food-4-Food ruffle. We also appreciated Daylight Doughnuts, Milagros Mexican Restaurant, Cherry Berry, and Johnnie’s donations of gift certificates for the ruffle.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Upper Division

Monday: UD-Zainab, Caroline B, Chandler, Kate B collected 16 cans and $82. Chandler ruffled 9 Daylight Dougnut coupons.
Tuesday: UD-Zainab, Elizabeth N, Nicole L, Chandler H collected 32 cans and $.86. Chandler announced the winner of a $35 gift certificate to Milagros Mexican Restaurant at Chapel.

Wednesday:UD- Zainab, Caroline B, Elizabeth N, Nicole L, Chandler, Katie B collected 295 cans and $76. Chandler gave away $40 in $10 gift certificates from Whole Foods.  Thank you Chandler and Liz for their gift certificates donations for this ruffle.  Running Total in cans and money: 587 (343 cans and $244)
Thursday: UD-Zainab, Caroline B, Elizabeth N, Chandler, Adam A. collected cans and money.  Chandler gave 4 Cherry Berry $5 gift certificates away.
Friday: UD-Zainab, Elizabeth N, Nicole L, Chandler, Katie B, Khadija collected cans and money.  Chandler gave away two $10 gift certificates to Johnnies.  The overall winners of the STUCO Olympic points were the Sophomores.  Seniors, Freshmen and Juniors followed.  Some students were late to first hour class!?

------------------------------------------------------------------------MIDDLE DIVISION

Middle Division student helping YAC/STUCO on Monday

Monday MD- Rebekah D, Delaney H, Hanna K collected and counted 172 cans
Tuesday MD- Rebekah D, Hanna K collected additional cans for a total of 198 cans
Wednesday: MD-Rebekah, Hanna K collected 532 cans Running total: 904 cans
Thursday: MD- Rebekah, Kevin R, Dalton P collected cans
Friday: MD- Rebekah and Nina P. collected cans and helped count totals before first hour.  Students were back on time to class all week.
------------------------------------------------------------------------LOWER DIVISION

Monday LD- Jessica G, Taylor, Adam A., Faris, Pat L. collected 250 cans and gave away stickers.
Tuesday LD- Adam A, Pat L collected 133 cans.  Adam was a great motivator.

Wednesday-LD: Tripp, Davis, Clark H collected 161 cans.  UD students were praised for their enthusiasm and collaboration.  Tripp was an amazing dancing can! Students were late to first hour class because they had to count cans.   Running total of 544 cans
Thursday: LD- Trip, Davis, Clark H. Eihab, Nina P. collected cans.
Friday: LD- Grace W, Emory H, Tripp collected cans

---------------------------------------------------------------PRIMARY DIVISION

Monday: PD-  Jennifer C, Nick T, Molly B collected 15 cans and gave away stickers
Tuesday: PD- Molly B, Grace W, Lillian C, Sydney H collected 228 cans.  A Student was VERY late to first hour class. 

Wednesday: PD- Molly B, Katie C, Madison U, Maya S collected 96 cans and gave away stickers
Students were late to first hour class.  Students were late to first hour class.  Next year we need to have permission to have students with first hour off helping count cans for students not to be late to class.  Running Total: 339 cans
Thursday: PD- Jennifer C. Adam A. collected cans.  At 10:00 a.m. Adam, Molly, JC and ? transported cans to the trailer with LD students following.  After the delivery of cans, UD students gave red wagon rides to LD students back to their school.
Friday: PD- There was no can collectection.    The children like the Thursday rides so much that some brought cans even if the canned food drive had finished.  Too many UD students were late to first hour class because of counting cans!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Students Against Hunger-Casady Cans Do Volunteer schedule


UD Canned Food Drive 2010
UD-Zainab, Caroline B, Elizabeth N, Nicole L, Chandler.  Report to Student Center.  Ruffle tickets, envelopes for money, can costume and sign by Mrs. Milligan's office.  We still need to make an attractive sign for daily totals.  Must count money and cans as donations arrive for every grade.  Place donations in Food Bank box.  Money in marked envelopes, and ruffle tickets in boxes provided.  Chandler and or Zainab will announce winners at chapel.  Cans will be collected by Mr. Fresonke and crew after first hour.  Please make sure you count and place totals for cans and money on the envelopes provided for Olympic points and ruffle purposes.  A big sign for totals will be made by YAC students during the YAC meeting today.

MD- Rebekah D, Delaney H, Hannah P, Shiva, Sam W.  Report to Mrs. May.  She has signs and can costume.   This division is having HOUSE COMPETITIONS.  They need daily totals.  Mr. Fresonke and crew will pick-up donated cans during first hour.

LD- Jessica G, Taylor, Dana, Faris, Pat L.  Report to Mrs. Maness.  She has signs, can costume and stickers.  Stickers and your inspirational presence are all the motivation for this division.  Cans will be counted daily, but they will not be collected by Mr. Fresonke until Friday. 

PD- Ronda, Jennifer C, Nick T, Molly B, Adam A. Report to main office.  Signs costume and stickers are there.



UD-Zainab, Caroline B, Elizabeth N, Nicole L, Chandler

MD- Rebekah, Emory H, Kevin K, Andrew

LD- Adam A, Faris, Pat L, Jason S, Asha

PD- Molly B, Grace W, Lillian C, Sydney H



UD- Zainab, Caroline B, Elizabeth N, Nicole L, Chandler, Katie B

MD- Rebekah, Andrew, Marshall L, James B

LD- Tripp, Davis, Clark H, Eihab K

PD- Molly B, Katie C, Madison U, Maya S


UD-Zainab, Caroline B, Elizabeth N, Nicole L, Chandler, Katie B

MD- Rebekah, Kevin R, Dalton P, Marshall L, James

LD- Tripp, Davis, Clark H, Eihab K, Nina P

PD- Molly B, Jason, Madison U


UD-Zainab, Caroline B, Elizabeth N, Nicole L, Chandler, Katie B, Khadija

MD- Kevin R, Dalton P, Rebekah, Shiva, Sam

LD- Asha, Grace W, Jennifer C, Emory H, Kevin K

PD- Molly B, Sydney H, Nina P

$1=7 MEALS IN 2010
$1=5 MEALS IN 2011

From GenerationOn:

In the U.S., 49 million people live on the brink of hunger.

They do not know how they will get their next meal.

Today close to a billion people worldwide are hungry and 16,000 children die of hunger each day.

We are now part of Schools Fighting Hunger: /

1 in 4 kids in the U.S. don't know where their next meal is coming from. Child hunger knows no bounds and can be found throughout the country, in any state, in every community and even in our own school. ConAgra Foods® is partnering with Schools Fight Hunger—which brings together America's schools and their families to end hunger - and thousands of schools across the country in a nationwide effort to end child hunger once and for all. Casady can help make a difference.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oklahoma is the 5th hungriest state in the nation – 1 out of 4 Oklahoma children are at risk of hunger every day. Seniors choose between buying medicine or food; families between gas, utilities, rent, or food.

1 can = 1 pound of food
$1= 5 meals/5 pounds of food
97 cents of every dollar feed the hungry

                                  STUDENTS AGAINST HUNGER
                                 CASADY CANS DO FOOD DRIVE

                                                                                           November 7th through November 11th

The Casady YAC (You-unite A Community) and our Student Council (STUCO) are collaborating with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to help the citywide collection goal of 650,000 pounds of food during the Students Against Hunger Food Drive 2011. The school collecting the most food per student receives the Students Against Hunger Traveling Trophy. Last year Casady collected 6,251 cans and $1,350.51. YAC and STUCO hope to beat those numbers this year.

In the Upper Division, STUCO is promoting an Olympics points competition between grades for most cans or money. YAC is promoting Saturday volunteering at the Food Bank

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The cans and monetary donations will be collected and counted daily from Monday, November 7th through 11th. YAC will be ruffling donated gift certificates from local restaurants among Upper Division donors.  YAC has also requested the privilege to go first to the salad bar for the class with highest daily donations.

Our Middle Division is promoting house competitions.  YAC and STUCO students dressed as cans will be reminding the Lower and Primary Division to bring cans.  They will also be providing Students Against Hunger stickers to donors.  On Thursday, November 10th, the Primary will be bringing the food items to where the Food Bank trailer is so that the children can see where the food items are going.  They will be bringing wagons full of their donated food.  Pre-k will come up at 10:10 am and Kindergarten would come up at 1:30pm. If it rains, they would do the same on Friday.

Thank you for your contribution to fighting hunger, feeding hope and making a difference addressing a community need.

Most needed items: canned meat, meat-based soups, canned fruits, vegetables, and beans and monetary donations.  $200 feed a child for a year with a Food-4-Kids Program.  Food Bank's link to awareness videos:

STUDENTS AGAINST HUNGER: YAC Volunteer Day at the Food Bank:  Saturday Nov. 12

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sixth YAC Meeting, November 7: Casady Cans Do Week

1. Finalize process
2. Get more volunteers
3. Place statistics around campus

Expected attendance:  Freshmen: Hunter, Cathy, Sindi, Jessica, Sidney, Taylor.  Sophomores: Salman? (v)  Juniors: Rebekah.  Seniors: Zainab (v), Khadija (v), Emily, Chandler, Caroline, Elizabeth


Casady Cans Do needs YAC volunteers


Chapel UD Announcement:  Bring cans or money.  Zainab announced 5 cans or 5 dollars, but that was not approved.  Zainab said house competitions during chapel.  UD does not have house competitions, we will have STUCO Olympic points.  Zainab set the Casady UD goal at competing with last year's figures of $1,200 and 1510 cans.  Zainab did not mention treats or ruffle winners.  The video did not work well.  Zainab gave a great quote.  Father Blizzard will see if he will be able to provide time for 30 second PSA awareness raising. PSA's at all chapels Nov. 7-11 as chapel adds.

From the above newsletter to YAC, Mrs. Ashley Gibson, Marketing Department Director, created a push page to parents and placed an article in the Casady website.  Zainab's quote was the inspiration to both articles. 

Thank you to the volunteers who dressed in cans last year and promoted the Canned Food Drive in the Middle Division.  Their picture is leading our food drive this year, Asha N. (STUCO) and Adam H. (YAC).  The Upper Division will be collecting cans and money.  Zainab Shakir is the leader for YAC in the UD.  Chandler coordinated the below schedule of volunteers.  THANK YOU CHANDLER!

Chapel Announcements
LD Casady:  Made with information from the ABOVE letter to YAC and Zainab's speech to UD chapel by Jessica G. and Mrs. Clay.  A 30 second PSA was used. The speech was quick because we responded to a last minute request.  LD will collect cans and money with Students Against Hunger stickers as incentive.  Stickers will also be used in the Primary division.  Mrs. Bruce and Mrs. Clay are requesting YAC's consideration of a YAC mentors group on November 12th.

Primary Division: No Chapel adds programmed.

MD Casady Cans Do Chapel Announcement:  Will be done on Monday by Mrs. Clay's 5th grade student, Lucy G. and Jessica G.  They are preparing and rehearsing their presentation during the weekend.  Father Blizzard will show the same PSA as in the LD.  The MD will have HOUSE COMPETITIONS! They will not be collecting money!

1. Solicitors of ruffle prizes: Nov. 3rd (e-mail, phone, in person): Whole Foods (Chandler), Farmers Market (?), Cherry Berry(Mrs. Clay): $ 5.00 gift certificates needed to be picked-up at store in North Park Mall.  They need a tax except letter. Daylight Doughnuts (Mrs. Clay): 9 gift certificates at Mrs. Clay's office.  Milagros, Mexican Food Restaurant (Mrs. Clay): $30 gift card, Krispy Cream: (? maybe gift certificate on Wednesday....maybe treat for all UD???)

2. Ideas to follow-up in Upper Division:  Extra out to lunch for winning class (Arjun N); privilege to go first to salad bar for class with highest donations daily Nov.7-11; Week of Nov. 13 for overall winner (Christine L.)

3. Early morning (7:15-7:50) Can Food Drive Helpers: Collectors and counters. Announcer of ruffle winners at Chapel: Chandler ????  Thank you Chandler for getting the volunteers

a. Monday-A day: 7:15-7:55 in UD. Other divisions 7:15-7:50 

UD: Zainab, Caroline B., Liz N.  Costume, money envelopes, signs, and ruffle tickets at Woods Community Room.  We need a BIG sign for daily results
MD: Rebekah D., Delaney H., Hannah P.  Costume, signs with Mrs. May
LD: Jessica G., Taylor Costume, signs, and stickers @LD office; Mrs. Maness
PD: Ronda S., Jennifer C. Dana S., Adam A.  Costume, signs, and stickers @ PD office

b. Tuesday-B-day  WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS!!!

UD: Zainab, Nicole L, Liz N. Caroline B.
MD: Rebekah
LD: Adam A

PD: Molly B, Gracie W., Lillian C.

c. Wednesday-C-Day: WE NEED VOLUNTEERS

UD: Zainab, Chandler
MD: Rebekah


UD: Zainab, Chandler
MD: Rebekah


UD: Zainab, Khadija
MD: Rebekah

2. Counters of cans First Hour-Study Hall???  PERMISSION FROM MRS. WARDEN?????

Monday-A day
UD: Mrs. Clay
MD: Mrs. May
LD: Mrs. France
PD: Mrs. Sharp

UD: Mrs. Clay

UD: Mrs. Clay

UD: Mrs. Clay

UD: Mrs. Clay

Saturday Morning at the Food Bank
Mrs. Clay

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Videos about the Food Bank
View more presentations from Carmen Clay

This is a newer one:

Other videos at   

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunger Facts

From GenerationOn:
In the U.S., 49 million people live on the brink of hunger.
They do not know how they will get their next meal.
Today close to a billion people worldwide are hungry and 16,000 children die of hunger each day.

We are now part of Schools Fighting Hunger:  
1 in 4 kids in the U.S. don't know where their next meal is coming from. Child hunger knows no bounds and can be found throughout the country, in any state, in every community and even in our own school. ConAgra Foods® is partnering with Schools Fight Hunger—which brings together America's schools and their families to end hunger - and thousands of schools across the country in a nationwide effort to end child hunger once and for all. Casady can help make a difference.

Casady YAC 5th meeting: Monday, October 25, 12:25-Woods Community Room

Agenda: Meeting cancelled due to longer chapel. YAC chairs contacted to send agenda and start working on Casady Cans Do Food Drive.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Casady YAC's 5th Meeting: Monday October 18, B-block

NO meeting, Advisory during B-block

Youth Agenda
1. Senior Chairs agenda
2. Report from Salman: NAIS Green Team YES:  Recycling, Carbon Footprint, Energy Audit and NYLC conference
3. Report from Emily:  Relay for Life
4. Report from Chandler:  Knitting for Soldiers
5. Report from Jessica and Mrs. Clay: Wings

Mrs. Clay Agenda
1.  What is the new meaning of YAC:  YOU-nite a Community, -Intergenerational Service Council-

2. Casady Cans Do: See videos of Food Bank-Place posters around school of Service Saturdays at the Food Bank.  Report on Food Bank Saturdays: 3 students attended.  1 YAC member-Christine L.  Schols and Kids fighting hunger:, Huddle to Fight Hunger: N. suggested an extra priviledge day competition instead of the out of uniform incentive.  Liz N. suggested Food-4-Food incentive.  People who bring cans get a package of fruit snacks. 

Regarding gaining greater understanding of why to give, Mrs. Clay suggested the formation of a new committee, a chalked statistics committee.  This group will be responsible for writing statistics they pick about why to address hunger in our city, especially childhood hunger.  The discussion has been about one or several statistics per day.  From a marketing point of view, one per day is recommended by Mrs. Clay.

Mrs. Clay also suggested a partnership with new stores to see how they can help our efforts to increase donations to the food bank.  Liz will speak to people who have connections to those stores.  Every class could have a partner store, example:
Seniors: Whole Foods
Juniors: Famers Market
Sophomores: Crest
Freshmen: Wall Mart

3. Create Edmodo account.  Then use the code m5s70w to join the YAC group. become a member of this blog

4. YAC Facebook...Who will be responsible for updating it

5. YAC Training Saturdays in October-November-December at a non-profit with combined service projects:  Capacity Building with a service component to keep it relevant.  Who wants to help organize it

Other YAC Members Agenda Items

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

YAC 4th meeting: October 3, lunch Student Center

Next Steps: Decide what to do for Fall Fest by Wednesday.  Create an account at EDMODO using code:    for Mrs. Clay to easily communicate with all YAC members and for YAC members to communicate in a safe, protected, educational social network site for free.

1. Fall Fest: Friday, October 14, 4:00-8:00: What, who, where, when, how, and why
We did not make any decisions in this area.

2. Students Against Hunger: Casady Cans Do: There is a form from the Food Bank that need to be completed. The form was not completed. We made posters, decided to sponsor Food Bank Volunteering in October, before and once after the food drive.

Nov. 7-11: How to motivate to give? Why? who will take care of divisional cans? do we need to make more cans or do you have other ideas?  No more can costumes.  We have volunteers for most days from 7:00-7:50.  We still need volunteers who have an off to count cans during first hour at all divisions.  Mr. Fresonke and crew will pick-up donations on a daily basis after first period.

UD-Mrs. Clays facilitating YAC/STUCO Plans-What do you want to do? Do you need stickers? Do you need bags? What about chapels? Food Bank will provide speaker for all chapels one day? Do you need him/her? Would we collect money and cans? Are we having daily out of uniform or just for the winning class. Points for STUCO class competitions???   Zainab and Chandler will talk to Mr. Huestis and get back to us.

MD-Mrs. May-does not need stickers. They have house competitions. They do not collect money, they only collect cans.  They requested 200 plastic bags and no stickers.

LD-Mrs. France-No competition between grades, no can pyramids, wants stickers. 200 plastic bags and 250 stickers

PD-Mrs. Sharp-No competitions, but wants stickers

Ms. Angie Gaines: Coordinator from the Food Bank will provide boxes (2 LD, 4 for each other division, 2 per grade). She has Food Bank Stickers. She needs to know how many stickers and bags we need. Students responsible for divisions need to get this information ASAP

3. Dig Pink: How can we Salman’s new definition of YAC YOU-unite A Community! It goes great with the mission of YAC “Find your passion to help our community”  YAC students will buy t-shirts, attend game and buy bake sale products.

4. NAIS-Challenge 20/20 Green Team Project: Salman might want time to recruit volunteers. Salman only reported on Recycling, Tuesday, 11: Enhance program with partnership with the City of the Village Recycling Program
5. International Day of Peace: Khadija might want to update her Mural Project which I hope to take to the Respect Diversity foundation exhibit in March, but also to add to the work on May Peace Prevail on Earth Exhibit my 5th graders will do December. Khadija might want to report on her participation with the MD and at the OCU Festival. There is a letter from the Shinnyo-en Foundation Executive Director which she might want to share with you all.  Mrs. Clay spoke on behalf of Khadija as we watched part of the International Day of peace celebrations at Casady and OCU via smilebox.  Khadija's giant pinwheel took first place at OCU festival.

Monday, September 26, 2011



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On 9/21/2011, United Nations, International Day of Peace's 30th Anniversary, multilingual peace pinwheels spun at the Casady lake aligning our paths to peace with "finding and acting from a state of peace within ourselves to commitment to practical acts of peace for the good of others; and to an ongoing peace building practice."   The Peace One Day, Global Truce 2012 video inspired us to equate the observance of the day to saving lives because the projected cease of fire would allow children to be immunized, and food would reach people in need through the United Nations World Food Programme. We were also inspired by Jeremy Gilley's passion for an intentional avoidance of conflict and violence on International Day of Peace.

       La clase de la Senorita Croce         
The UD peace pinwheels, designed by Spanish teacher, Eric Chaverri, were the first to be planted around the lake. Miss Brittany Croce, UD Spanish teacher stated, "Pinwheels gave a fun break from grammar. Students did a great job decorating them with thoughtful target language words and haiku poetry."

Orchestra @ Chapel

At UD chapel, Mr. Larry Moore stated his path to peace as "peaceful resolution of conflicts" at the end of an inspiring speech and before his orchestra performed Mr. Moore's favorite "piece of peace" led by Teddy Nollert'12.

The Middle, Lower, and Primary Divisions, wearing Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirts donated for the occasion by the Shinnyo-en Foundation,  had special celebration activities through the day.

Mr. Varela, our Assistant Vicar and Miss Lynn Taylor, Foreign Language Department Head, facilitated a reflective and joyful MD planting of peace pinwheels around the lake.  

Mrs. Jeanmarie Nielsen, choir director for Upper and Middle divisions stated, "All MD choirs and the UD Choir learned a setting of the "Pie Jesu," Latin prayer for peace. The composer, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, is an Oklahoma musician who wrote this piece after the OKC bombing.  The MD choirs came together to form a mass choir of 73 singers, and sang "Pie Jesu" in chapel on Wednesday, 9/21/11.  The UD choir sang the piece in their chapel on Tuesday, 9/20/11."

At the end of the day, fifth graders joined the Eno Environment online, PEACE IS GREEN and planted a sapling of the Oklahoma Memorial Survivor Tree brought to our campus by the museum's education coordinator, Mrs. Lynn Porter.  Inspirational tree planting speeches were given by fifth grade students, Dalton Schumaker, Lucy Greene and teacher and  environmentalist,  David Braden. 

The LD planted their laminated piwheels on a drawing of a peace symbol.   At chapel students joined children around the world singing Rock our World, facilitated by Tammy Rice, LD music teacher.   

The Primary Division students were so attached to their pinwheels they could not part from them.  They had a reflective walk and delighted observing the pinwheels created by the other divisions across the lake.  Emma Sharp'12 volunteered at the event.

Susan Bruce, LD Math teacher, as she did in 2006, when she brought the pinwheels for peace project to the Casady community in  support of the then first OKC citywide Pinwheels for Peace festival, took hundreds of LD pinwheels to the OCU International Day of  Peace, Pinwheels for Peace Festival.  Khadija Hamid'12 and Carmen Clay, Service-Learning Director took the UD and MD pinwheels to the festival.   Festival volunteers planted over 800 pinwheels in front of the Great Hall of the OCU McDaniel Student Center.  One of the Casady pinwheels made the morning headline in the Daily Oklahoman on 10/22/2011.

Japan America Society Community Dance
  Inside OCU's Great Hall, intergenerational performers delighted the audience demonstrating the rich multicultural talented tapestry of our city.

Waka Waka, Capitol Hill High School Dance Club

Seaworth Academy Music Class

Giant Pinwheel Workshop at Woods Community Room
The giant pinwheels created by Khadija Hamid'12 at a workshop facilitated by LWPB architectural firm intern Morgan Robberson, received OCU's giant pinwheel contest trophies.

Pinwheels were donated to non-profit organizations through festival organizer, Respect Diversity Foundation CEO, Joan Korenblit.

At the culmination of the OCU festival, Joan Korenbilt stated, “Guests participated in a drumming circle that set the mood for our festival.

Participants were asked to ‘imagine peace.’ They joined in during several dances including a lovely Japanese folk dance. The festival was truly an interactive celebration! People of all cultures were reminded that the diversity within our world enhances the Earth.”

Peace Flash Mob choreographed by Elizabeth Mueller
 Khadija Hamid'12 from Casady School stated, "It was awesome to make the pinwheels, dance the flash peace mob, and see the talented youth who celebrated the International Day of Peace at OCU. I wish more people would have been able to participate because it was amazing. I loved Capitol Hill's High School's Waka, Waka and the Dragon Dancers ."

Give Peace a Chance by Steve McLinn  

Carmen Clay'74 stated, "Our only regret was not to have been able to share the festival with our Shinnyo-en friends-kind providers of the Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirts for Festival participants-, Foundation Vice-President, Ben Takagi and Program Director, Ineko itsuchida, who spent the day resolving peacefully conflicts with flight cancellations and  missed connections."

Japan in a Suitcase Peace Film Series: On a Paper Crane,
Tomoko's Adventure OCU workshop on 9/21/2011
Let's keep on working at making Sadako's Origami "esperanza de" paix a reality. 



PEACE in many languages

Peace, English

Paz, Spanish, Portuguese

Paix, French

Pace, Italian, Romanian

Frede, German

Mír, Russian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Slovene, Ukrainian

Shalom, Hebrew

Salam, Arabic

Heiwa, Japanese

Pingan, Chinese

Shanti, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu

Amaní, Swahili

Alaáfía, Yoruba

Achukma, Choctaw

Amaithi, Tamil

Aman Malay, Urdu

Amniat, Pashto

Anachemowegan, Mohecan

Ashtee, Farsi

Asomdwee, Twi-Akan

Bake, Basque

Barish, Turkish

Béke, Hungarian

Boóto, Mongo-Nkundu

Búdech, Palauan

Chibanda, Ila

Däilama, Sa'a

Damai, Indonesian

Diakatra, Maranao

Dodolimdag, Papago/Pima

Echnahcaton, Munsterian

Emirembe, Ugandan

Ets'a'an Olal, Maya

'Éyewi, Nez Perce

Fandriampahalemana, Malgache

Filemu, Samoan

Fois, Scots, Gaelic

Fred, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Friður, Icelandic

Goom-jigi, Buli

Gúnnammwey, Carolinian

Hasîtî, Kurdish

Hau, Tahitian

Hedd, Welsh

Hmethó, Otomi

Hoa Bình, Vietnamese

Ilifayka, Koasati

Innaihtsi'iyi, Blackfoot

Iri'ni, Greek

Írq, Amharic

Kagiso, Setswana

Kalilíntad, Magindanaon

Kapayapaan, Tagalog, Filipino

K'é, Navajo

Kev, Thajyeeb Nyab Xeeb, Hmong Daw

Khanhaghutyun, Armenian

Khotso, Sesotho

Kiñuiñak, Northwest Alaska Inupiat Inuktitut

Kiba-kiba, Rapanui

Kunammwey, Chuuk

Kupia Kumi, Laka Miskito

Kutula, Fanagolo

'Kwam, Sa Lao

La Paqe, Albanian

La Patz, Aranés

La Pau, Catalán

Lapé Haitian, Creole

Layéni, Zapoteco

Li-k'ei, Tlingit

Linew, Manobo

Lùmana, Hausa

Kapayapaan, Tagalog

Maluhia, Hawaiian

Meleilei, Ponapean

Melino, Tongan

Miers, Latvian

Mina, Wintu

Mtendere, Chewa, Nyanja

Muka-muka, Ekari

Musango, Duala

Mutenden, Bemba

Nabad -Da, Somali

Nagaya, Ethiopian

Nanna Ayya, Chickasaw

Ñerane'i, Guaraní

Nimuhóre, Ruanda

Nirudho, Pali

Nye, Ntomba

Olakamigenoka, Abenaqui

Paçi, Maltese

Pardamean, Indonesia

Paco, Esperanto

Pax, Latin

Pokój, Polish, Slovak

Pyong'hwa, Korean

Rahu, Estonian

Rangima'arie, Maori

Rauha, Finnish

Rerdamaian, Indonesian

Rukun, Javanese

Saanti, Nepali

Sai Gaai Òh, Pìhng Yue

Salama, Swahili

Santipap, Thai

Saq, Uighur

Shîte, Tibetan

Sholim, Yiddish

Síocháin, Irish

Sìth, Gaelic

Soksang, Khmer

Solh Dari, Persian

Sonqo, Tiaykuy, Quechua

Sulh, Turkish, Afghan

Taika, Lithuanian

Tecócatú, Nhengatu

Thayu, Gikuyu, Kenyan

Tsumukikatu, Comanche

Tuktuquil, Usilal Kékchí

Tutkiun, North Alaska Inuktitut

Udo, Igbo

Ukuthula, Zulu

Uvchin, Mapudungun

Uxolo, Xhosa

Vrede, Afrikaans, Dutch

Wâki Ijiwebis-I, Algonquin

Wetaskiwin, Cree

Wolakota, Lakhota

Wôntôkóde, Micmac

Wo'okeyeh, Sioux

Zhi-bde, Tibetan


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