Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HUDDLE TO FIGHT HUNGER- Donation at your finger tips!

Whole School Results
Results of Canned Food Drive, Casady Cans Do, Students Against Hunger

Whole School Resutls: Cans and Money
7459.51 Cans: 6,251 Money: 1,350.51

1,510 cans $1,200.51
THANK YOU CYCLONES! The Food Bank trailer picked-up donations on Friday. The following Saturday, YAC members John and Carmen delivered a check for over $1,300 to the Food Bank when they volunteered at the Food Bank sorting the Students Against Hunger donations. A special moment for John and Carmen was the opportunity to sort the donations provided by Casady School.

Do you want to donate meals to the Food Bank?
Go to huddleagainsthunger.com



Monday, October 25, 2010

YAC MEETING: Advisory/Lace Art introduction

Jan and Judy from the Lace Club of Oklahoma City came to demonstrate lace making to YAC interested students. Arjun became the lace champion. Other students who attended were Tina, D. J., Reshawn, Johnesha, Salman,Alizay,Defne,Aamina. Mrs. Clay invited her advisee, Karalyn and YAC welcome a new member, John. John has been attending Service Saturdays since the beginning of the year.

We had a wonderful time attempting to learn how to make a fish with yarn. Pinctures forthcoming.

Aamina took a few minutes of the meeting to give a report of cans and money collected the first day of the Casady Cans Do Food Drive. $319 and 359 cans. She stated that if we keep this pace, we will not be able to beat the $1,700 and 1,960 cans from last year. Other YAC members were more optimistic and stated that we need to do more advertising, more signs!!! but noone volunteer to make them.

Mrs. Clay suggested to be proactive at motivating friends to bring donations. She also asked if selling Dr. Pepper for a $1.00 a can would be good. Students stated that they did not have time for that and all other activities this week. The motion to sell drinks was killed before it started.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Casady Cans Do - Students Against Hunger Food Drive, October 25-30: WHY? HOW?

Totals from last year's Food Drive. Let's do better this year!
Casady High School – 1,920 LBS and $1,657.15

Casady Middle School - 3,693 LBS

Casady Lower Division and Primary
– 1,000 LBS

WHY? Each week, the Food Bank provides enough food to feed more than 77,000 hungry Oklahomans – nearly half of which are children.







Upper Division PlanMonday: Fruit Day:
Wear any color of the rainbow
YAC sells hot and cold drinks at Woods and wears Six Billion Paths to Peace T-shirts

Tuesday: Meat+Veggies Day:

Wear brown, green, pink, etc.
YAC sells hot and cold drinks at Woods

Wednesday: Soup DayWear red, brown, yellow, etc.
YAC sells hot and cold drinks at Woods

Thursday: Halloween Costume DayWear Halloween Costume
7:00-7:30 a.m. "Cans for Cakes"
Pancakes at Student Center
Pay in cans-5 cans or $5 all you can eat
StuCo will also have a separate Halloween themed Olympic Event this day

Friday: Blue and White Spirit Day ( Homecoming)
Pep Rally
Last Day to bring cans/money

Upper Division STUCO/YAC Collaboration. Thank you Gales for the signs!

UD YAC and STUCO on duty

Sam Monday and Friday)
Davis (Tuesday)
Clark (Tuesday)
Molly (Wednesday)
Jason (Wednesday)

Caitlin (Leaves Thursday)

Asha (Monday and Friday)
Nina (Tuesday)
John (Tuesday)
Ally (Wednesday)
Nicole (Wednesday)


Gracie (Monday and Friday)
Eihab (Tuesday)
Tripp (Tuesday)
Sydney (Wednesday)

Cans for Cakes on Thursday STUCO

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Casady Cans Do Students Against Hunger 2010-STUCO-YAC SCHEDULE

Totals to beat from last year: (Sent by the Food Bank)

Casady HS1,920 cans or pounds and 1,657.15

Casady MS - 3,693 LBS

Casady ES – 1,000 LBS

Mrs. Waters: Could you write a press release for this week or a news item for the website? Thank you.

Gales made signs last week and I think will continue to make signs and perhaps write statistics on side walks with chalk next week, weather provided. YAC members made signs to take to other divisions along with the can costume to motivate donations. YAC students with a couple of STUCO reps will be helping collections at every division next week. Students will be excused from chapel and must arrive to their locations before 7:30. Students should return to UD by 8:15. No one should be late to class.

Liz sent the below STUCO schedule for the week.
UD cans will be picked-up by Mr. Fresonke and his crew on a daily basis at a time convenient for them. Cans and money daily results will be read on a daily basis at lunch time. Money should be turned-in to Mrs. Jenkins on a daily basis. Aamina, Zainab, and D.J need to make containers for money for each grade level. They will be providing stickers, the first day and tattoos the second day, while supplies last.

In addition to this, the Ceramic classes will have a small silent auction on Wednesday with monies collected by Friday. The Kitchen will have a soup kitchen lunch one day this week too. Our chef, Mrs. Thomas will say a few words at lunch time that day about what our kitchen does with the leftovers. From Monday to Wednesday, the S-L office will sell Japanese Drinks for $3:00. which will bring a $1.00 profit for the Food Bank per drink. I need YAC members on duty to sell them. If it is a cold day, we will sell hot chocolate for $2.00.

Monday: Fruit Day: YAC students on duty: Aamina and Zainab Shakir and D.J. Wood Other YAC students on duty at other divisions MD: Adam Hassoun, LD: Caitlin Anderson, Johnesha Hawkins, PD: Arjun Reedy
Wear any color of the rainbow. YAC will sell drinks at S-L office during A and B block, proceeds going to Food Bank

Tuesday: Meat+Veggies Day: : YAC students on duty: Aamina and Zainab Shakir and D.J. Wood Other YAC students on duty at other divisions MD: Adam Hassoun, LD: Caitlin Anderson, Johnesha Hawkins, PD: Arjun Reedy
Wear brown, green, pink, etc. YAC will sell drinks at S-L office during A and B block, proceeds going to Food Bank

Wednesday: Soup Day: YAC students on duty: Aamina and Zainab Shakir and D.J. Wood Other YAC students on duty at other divisions MD: Adam Hassoun, LD: Caitlin Anderson, Johnesha Hawkins, PD: Arjun Reedy
Wear red, brown, yellow, etc.YAC will sell drinks at S-L office during A and B block proceeds going to Food Bank

Thursday: Halloween Costume Day: : YAC students on duty: Aamina and Zainab Shakir and D.J. Wood Other YAC students on duty at other divisions MD: Adam Hassoun, LD: Caitlin Anderson, Johnesha Hawkins, PD: Arjun Reedy
Wear Halloween Costume
Pancake Breakfast in Student Center from 7:00-7:45 am
Pay in cans-5 cans or $5 all you can eat
Call this breakfast: "Cans for Cakes"
StuCo will have a Halloween themed Olympic Event this day

Friday: YAC students on duty: Aamina and Zainab Shakir and D.J. Wood Other YAC students on duty at other divisions MD: Adam Hassoun, LD: Caitlin Anderson, Johnesha Hawkins, PD: Arjun Reedy
Blue and White Spirit Day (for Homecoming), Pep Rally, last day to bring cans/money

For the themed days, people may bring the themed food, or any food. They must bring cans or money to come out of uniform. I believe we decided on at least 5 cans or $5 to come out of uniform.

StuCo needs YAC members to count the cans and money for each grade so that at the end of the week we can know which grade raised the most (total cans and money) to announce who won the week long Olympic Event.

StuCo has the grades assigned to work with the YAC members in the morning either in the student center stamping hands or dressed as cans outside the divisions. I will send out a reminder this weekend.
Freshmen reps are scheduled to work Monday
Sophomore reps are scheduled to work Tuesday
Junior reps are scheduled to work Wednesday
Senior reps are scheduled to work Thursday
Freshmen reps are scheduled to work Friday
However, on the Thursday, we might need more YAC and Gales members to help out as dressing as cans/stamping hands because StuCo members will be busy with the Pancake Breakfast.

The Canned Foods Week is a Week-Long Olympic Event. The grade with the most cans and money combined at the end of the week wins. StuCo will do its best to announce this in chapel on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Sydney is in charge of making signs and she plans to start putting them up Friday of this week, and then a lot next week, too.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Habitat for Humanity thanks the Casady volunteers who helped paint the exterior of two houses last Saturday. (Aamina, Zainab, John, and Mrs. Clay: 8:30-2:00); clean-up a the Hope Crossings Park (Mrs. Clay, 8:30-12:00), place a lawn in a house and clean-up construction on two houses (Cecil and Mrs. Clay: 8:30-11:00)

Food Bank: Thanks the Casady Volunteers for their help in August (summer volunteers) and September: Food-4-Kids Packing(Christine, Jasmine and Mrs. Clay (8:30-4:30-2 hours at SeptemberFest); Food For Kids and Bread Packing (John and Mrs. Clay and Mrs. Clay Family: Flor, Joe, Sulan)9:00-12:00

HUNGER AWARENESSNext week is the Casady Cans Do Students Against Hunger Food Drive. Learn about the Food Bank "experientally" by volunteering this Saturday from 9:00-4:00. See Mrs. Clay if in need of transportation. Minivan will leave at 8:30 a.m. from the Student Center Parking lot. The age requirement to volunteer at the Food Bank is 8 years old. Sign-up at the Woods Community Center or e-mail Mrs. Clay at clayc@casady.org.

Hunger Awareness

Oklahoma Hunger Facts: Source: Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
a. 500,000 Oklahomans will wonder where their next meal will come from today.
b. Oklahoma is the sixth hungriest state in the nation.

Who is hungry? Are they all homeless? Play the San Francisco Food Bank game "Hunger 101" http://www.sffoodbank.org/about_hunger/h101.html and find answers.

What does the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma do?
In Fiscal Year 2010, the Regional Food Bank distributed 36.5 million pounds of food to more than 700 charitable feeding programs and elementary schools, in 53 central and western Oklahoma counties. Each week, the Food Bank provides enough food to feed more than 77,000 hungry Oklahomans – nearly half of which are children.

Friday, October 15, 2010

YAC meeting- 10/15/10

Attendees: DJ, Defne, Judy, Caitlin, Christine L, Arjun, Salman, Adam, Aamina, Rebecca, Johnesha, chandler, alizay, reshawn, Jasmine

AGENDA: Can Drive led by Aamina
We need sign ups for the can drive in approximately two weeks. Out of uniform
Can or 3 Dollars
Advertising - are we doing it or stuco?
-Chapel announcements
-Making Signs - Gales and YAC
can costume
STUCO help

Collect, give out stickers, and count cans
Have mrs clay's cell phone number
make posters
"casady canned food food drive"
[ oct 25-29]
Bring cans and/or money

Senior chairs need a lunch to write letter to shinyo en.
Bring money.
YAC SENIOR CHAIRS - need meeting

Salman presented his GREEN TEAM and 20/20 presentation
-branch of environmental club- He will have a PP presentation at chapel, October 25

Posted by your friendly neighborhood YAC yaks.

Can drive is a go, flyers will be posted everywhere. Making excitement for Can Drive. gales is helping. Use giant chalk to chalk statistics

Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 year ISAS Evaluation

After a meeting with the evaluator from ISAS, Mrs. Clay's recommendations for YAC are:
1. Help administration carve time for service days as part of the regular schedule.
2. Continue to promote and facilitate advocacy "all school projects" like pinwheels for peace. Total cost from service-learning budget for Pinwheels for Peace: $1,500 supplies and division gatherings at different divisions. Shinnyo-en provide $4,500 in t-shirts + the cost of transportation, accommodations for staff and speakers. Shinnyo-en also provided a wonderful dinner for the service clubs leaders and their sponsors: YAC, STUCO, Gales,and Art Club who made pinwheels outside of class.
3. Revise meeting agendas to motivate great YAC participation in weekly meetings

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Six YAC Meeting: Casady Cans Do: Students Against Hunger Plans

Agenda for next meeting
1. Finalize plans for Students Against Hunger Week, October 25-29th.
2. Make posters for each division.
3. Green Schools Presentation...Salman Hamid
3. Write thank you note to Shinnyo-en

Planning report for Casady Cans Do: Students Against Hunger Drive
YAC will work in collaboration with STUCO and GALES.

YAC will provide can costumes and YAC students have volunteered to be at divisions before 7:30 a.m. They will wear costumes and/or be resources to do what the division sponsors of the drive need them to do. Mrs. Clay will be at the Student Center sending STUCO volunteers to help at all divisions: Monday: Frehmen, Tuesday: Sophomores, Wednesday: Juniors, Thursday: Seniors, Friday: Freshmen. Gales meet this week but has been asked to consider making sidewalk signs with hunger statistics weather permitting and permission granted by administrators.

YAC Casady Cans Do, Students Against Hunger Drive Helpers Excused from Chapel. Must be at division before 7:30 and must be heading to class by 8:15. Noone should be late to class

UD: Aamina, Zainab, D.J.

MD: Adam

LD: Caitlin

PD: Arjun

STUCO(Sydney) and YAC(Aamina)will make signs to inspire students and faculty to donate. STUCO will promote a class competition through "out of uniform" if bringing cans or money with the following incentive and theme;

Stuco will have a pancake breakfast the last day of the drive to raise money for the Casady Cans Do Food - Students Against Hunger Food Drive. they have decided to assign colors to each out of uniform day

Subject to change still. I have been told is a "fluid idea."

Monday: Red T-shirts: Soup cans collection day.. and any other can too. Minimum $3 donation, if not bringing cans
Tuesday: Multicolor t-shirt: Rainbow day- canned fruit day. Minimum $3 donation for out of uniform
Wednesday: Brown T-shirt: Canned bean day or Minimum $3.00 donationa out of uniform
Thursday: Green t-shirt day: Vegetable canned food day or $3.00
Friday: Blue and White t-shirt day: Spirit Day, any can of food or $3.00

Stuco/YAC will be counting donations every morning at the UD and providing daily results. The prize? I was not told yet.
Every division is following their own process, but all are reporting daily totals as well as send pictures to Mrs. Waters, Marketing Director: waterl@casady.org.

Sunday, October 10, 2010



Fall Fest and Food Bank Volunteering!!

Thank you Sulan for providing us the link to this beautiful song by the Black Eyed Peas

Fall Fest: Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us sell over $260 in decorated cookies, cotton candy, and popcorn. After the $100 cost for cookies and supplies, and $50 in money provided for change by Service-Leanring, YAC has a budget of $110.

Special thanks to Adam for providing the cotton candy and popcorn machines and supplies. Arigato to Adam and Chase for volunteering the whole shift. Special GRACIAS to the CDC Club for helping host the guest dancers who demonstrated dances from India and Japan. Finally, MERCI! to Mr. Pena, Mrs. Clay, Mr. Fresonke and crew for helping set-up the fest and helping YAC coordinate efforts.

Food Bank Saturday Volunteering: Thank you Casady transportation for allowing YAC to use the mini-van. The only student who volunteered was John. Mrs. Clay waited for Briana and Maysia until 8:45, but had to leave to get to the Food Bank by 9:00 a.m. Flor, Sulan, Joe, John and Mrs. Clay were the Casady volunteers who along with 100's of volunteers from all around OKC and Norman packed 15,000 bread meals and 5,600 Food-4-Kids meals.

Thank you to Ali and Sulan for suggesting the following videos from the Black Eyed Peas for Food for thought for YAC

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meeting 5 10/7/10

Attending Members: Arjun, Zainab, Adam, Christine L, DJ, Salman, Caitlin, Chandler
Agenda: Fall Fest 5:30-7:30. Set up 4-5PM, not including Freshman/Sophomore cancelled class meeting for fall fest setup
Sign up for fall fest times
SET UP: Zainab
Booth volunteers: 4-5: Zainab Mrs.Clay
5:30-6: CAitlin, Dj, Salman(if nobody's they
6:30-7: Adam, Zainab, Dj, Nene
7-7:30: Adam, ARjun(maybe)
Selling cookies [which are currently being made. 200 cookies]
Decoration for cookies [icing, sacks for cookies]
Selling cookies for $1.00 each(if they don't sell, they will be sold for 50 cents)
Cotton candy for $1.25 and popcorn for $1.00
Wear Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirt

Casady Cans October 25-29
Volunteers: UD: Dj and Zainab
MD: Adam(all week)
LD: CAitlin
PD: Arjun
(Dj and CAitlin must talk to StuCO)

This post is made possible by your friendly neighborhood YAC yaks

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pinwheels for Peace

Click here to see the Pinwheels for Peace VideoPinwheels for Peace Thank you Mrs. Walters and all the photographers who made possible this beautiful video.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fifth YAC meeting: Falll Fest-Reflection August-September

Pinwheels for Peace Thanks for the collaboartion: UD, MD, LD, and Primary.

Thank you Shinnyo-en Foundations for sharing our celebration with 1,060 t-shirts http://www.sef.org/2010/09/shinnyo-en-foundation-and-the-casady-school-join-hands-in-celebrating-the-international-day-of-peace-shinnyo-fellows-inspire-hundreds-of-youth/

Fall Fest Details

YAC's Reflection and Thank you to Shinnyo-en

Mid-Winter Break YAC Volunteering: Habitat, Global Oklahoma, Santa Maria Virgen, Respect Diversity Foundation

On Monday, Mrs. Clay and some YAC members were invited to paint the Respect Diversity Foundation Mural at Omniplex with members of Mercy School.Mrs.

On Saturday, Clay volunteered at Habitat for Humanity with 50 students from OCCC and OCU. They cleaned-up the park area at Hope Crossings.

Jasmine, Mrs. Clay and the Japan America Society volunteered at the Rose State Global Oklahoma Festival. Over 500 people attended the event that depicted the Oklahoma multicultural tapestry. There were booths, food, performances, and a celebration of the country of Ireland.

On Friday, Mrs. Clay attended a brainstroming meeting with Santa Maria Virgen to see how YAC and Casady School could help this parish.

Father Blanco heads the Hispanic Episcopal Church of Santa Maria Virgen located at 5500 S. Western, OKC 73109, 631-6747; 601-8209; 412-2249, episcopalsmv1@att.net.

Santa Maria Virgen needs teen volunteers to provide art classes, sports clinics, reading and math mentors, and ESL classes. Volunteers can create their own schedules. Service is needed on Saturdays and Sundays.

From adults, Santa Maria Virgen needs a health clinic and counseling pro-bono services. They currently have GED classes. Father Blanco also need help creating a Mother's Day Out program to empower mothers to attend ESL classes.

Father Blanco is investigating the creation of a Kids Cafe and a Food Pantry at his parish. If you wish to help Father Blanco and Santa Maria Virgen Episcopal Chruch, contact Father Blanco episcopalsmv1@att.net or Mrs. Anna Robledo, robledo_a68@yahoo.com, 487-9126


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