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October 30: Service-Learning Fridays

1. Reflection on Hunger in America/Hunger in Oklahoma/
Casady Cans Do: Food Bank Students Against Hunger Youth Board Project

Number of Hours: 3

Investigation and Planning: Administrative approval: All division directors, Mrs. May, You tube: Hunger in America, Tell Me Why Song, Food Bank and Chicken a la King Video, Inspirational video sent by Kaija. Collaborations between Students Against Hunger of Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Youth Board (Graham Bennett), YAC (Aamina/Graham/Mrs. Clay/Board), STUCO(Mr. Pena-Officers), GALES (Mrs. Linn-Lindsey) YAC-Challenge 20/20 costumes, YAC money collection cans, Food Bank Boxes and tatoos
Action: YAC, STUCO and GALES signs around school. All school donations. Chapel,chapel and daily announcements, STUCO Activities. Personal donations
Reflection: Informal: Ongoing, Formal: Today
Celebration: Nov. 14: BIG SORT: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
---Conflict: Study for exams and Mrs. Clay must attend the Peace Festival in the afternoon

2. Exploring the Roots of Service

a. What is service? A combination of both the external actions we take in the world, and the internal motivations that drive our actions. Service can give us the experience of learning, growing, transforming and living our fullest possible life, but this is an ongoing, daily practice. If we keep our intention focused on serving others, in the end it is likely that life will turn out to give us great meaning and joy. The true reward in this process of serving is helping other people shine, even when it is not immediately visible to us. When this is achieved, we receive the deep gift of joy that can sustain our service for many, many years.

b. Harmony with yourself: Imagine yourself as a tree
The branches, leaves, flowers and fruit: Represent the outcomes of other-centered actions (in other words, service). They represent the specific ways in which you bring greater joy, harmony and energy to the world. Like many types of trees, we as people grow and blossom in different ways. We are different sizes, we bloom at different times of the year, with varying growing periods and many different types of flowers and fruit. Some have no buds and others take several seasons to bloom.
The Roots:(Below the surface)Represent the inner dimensions of service – the attitudes, beliefs and values. These submerged, invisible dimensions of service are usually developed early in life through our experiences in our families, and religious, social, and cultural institutions. Often, they are unconscious until something inspires us to investigate ourselves more deeply.
The Trunk:Represents the way in which the fruit and roots are connected. Inside the trunk, sap flows from the root systems up to the most distant bud to feed its growth. Our consciousness about the connections between our roots and fruit help us to act with purity and energy.

Double: Side Walk Chalk thank you to Casady students from the Food Bank Students Against Hunger with results. Thank you to YAC/STUCO/GALES from Class of 2013

Monday, October 26, 2009

Project Ignition Breakfast Meeting

Minutes will be posted by Andrew.

October 26: YAC meeting

New Business
Casady Cans Do ....
Aamina(Start and set-up) and Graham (Finale)
Aamina requested help with the Upper Division from YAC. STUCO volunteers did not show up on Monday morning. We hope everything will go smoother tomorrow.

GALES Help with signs did not materialized today. Mrs. Linn said that maybe tomorrow, but chalk signs will dissapear with the rain. Maybe next year this collaboration will be stronger
Katy Zesiger Fundraiser for Manila Relief
Volunteers to help her on out of uniform day for donations and sale of doughnuts. Mrs. Clay requested YAC students to come after school today to help Katy brainstormed.

Old Business
1. Report on Fall Fest: Vincent stated that we made close to $200 and that there are items for sale still at the Service-Learning Office.
2. Report on Home Groups Nov. 1 is the next home group meeting. Mrs. Clay needs location and date of site visit from all home group coordinators
Monday, Nov. 9: Special Care, Sasha pending to contact organization.
Tuesday, Nov. 10:
Wednesday, Nov. 11: Elderly: Braeden pending to contact the Vineyard and Canterbury
Thursday, Nov. 12
Friday, Nov. 13:
Saturday, Nov. 14: BIG SORT at the Regional Food Bank...also first day to study for exams. Mrs. Clay will not attend the BIG SORT because she will be volunteering at the Peace Festival
Challenge 20/20 Report: Josh talked about the project. Mrs. Clay said that she had sent invitations the join the Challenge 20/20 NING. Josh will have a presentation to school shortly. Meetings are at 7:25 a.m. third Wednesday of the month.
Tomorrow is the last Tuesday of the month: Project Ignition meets for breakfast at 7:25 at the Service-learning office. William has sent a letter to all administrators about bringing Julia to inspire people to act and drive responsibly

Casady Admissions Open House Volunteers needed to be at the office in case students have questions. They can be doing homework as they wait.

Items tabled for next meetingReport on Service-Learning Challenge
Report on Service-Learning Fridays: All documented in blog: Service-Learning, What is it at Casady? International Day of Peace: Pinwheels Stress-Meditation: Inner and Outer Peace
Change in reporting hours to parents
Conferences: There seems to be no interest on conferences this year.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hunger...Food for Change!

Waste, Uncovering the Global Food Scandal

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Service-Learning Fridays: Seventh Session-Friday,October 23

1. Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Video; History of the Food Bank and Programs: 7:04 minutes VIDEO Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope


2. What can I do to raise awareness and sensitivity for the hunger challenge in our city
3. How can we help Aamina, Graham, YAC, STUCO and Gales the week of October 26-30: Casady Cans Do Students Against Hunger Food Drive?

4. Hunger= Stress
Focusing on a solution and our contribution=Hope, Being the change we want to see
Meditation and Peace = Tree of Service continues during the double.

: Hunger in Oklahoma

500,000 Oklahomans are at-risk of going hungry every day.

Oklahoma's DHS reports that one in every three children in Oklahoma received food stamps for at least one month in the last year.
One in five Oklahoma children is at risk for hunger on a daily basis.
According to the Oklahoma Task Force on Hunger, the percentage of people classified as food insecure has risen from 13.4 percent to 14.6 percent.
Thanks to partner agencies, donors, volunteers and advocates, there is hope.

For every $1 donated, the Regional Food Bank is able to return over $14 worth of food to the community. That's 7 meals for each dollar!
The Regional Food Bank's administrative and fundraising costs are less than 5 percent.
The Regional Food Bank distributes enough food to feed more than 63,600 hungry Oklahomans each week – yet there are still thousands going without food.
During fiscal year 2009, the Regional Food Bank distributed over 28.5 million pounds of food and products to hungry Oklahomans in 53 central and western counties. Since its inception in 1980, the Regional Food Bank has distributed 321 million pounds of food and product.

The majority of those served by the Regional Food Bank are the working poor, seniors and children. According to the 2006 Hunger Study:

79 percent of all clients are food insecure and 44 percent are experiencing hunger
34 percent of clients at emergency food providers are children under 18 years of age
24 percent of households served by the Food Bank have a member over 65 years of age
35 percent of client households have one or more adults working
$11,440 is the average annual income of all households receiving food
66 percent of clients are female; 34 percent are male
Among client households with children, 32 percent are single-parent households
56 percent of adult clients skip meals because there is not enough money for food
Clients have to choose between buying food and paying for other necessities: 42 percent must choose between utilities or food; 33 percent must choose to pay rent or mortgage or buy food; 33 percent must choose to buy medicine or food; 41 percent of clients report that one or more household members are in poor health; and 55 percent of clients have unpaid medical or hospital bills.
58 percent of pantries, kitchens and shelters reported that there had been an increase since 2001 in the number of clients who come to their emergency food program sites.
88 percent of pantries, kitchens and shelters served by the Food Bank say that losing the food they receive from the Food Bank would have a significant or devastating effect on their programs

1:53 minutes Inspirational video Announcement

53 seconds VIDEO: Please help:

2 minutes VIDEO: Food-4-KIDS Program:

First Week of November: Sign-up for BIG SORT day, Saturday, November 14. We can sort cans with volunteers from community organizations who receive them.
BIG SORT DAY 2008: 1.52 minutes video: Aamina Skakir is in the video. SHE PARTICIPATED IN THE BIG SORT DAY LAST YEAR:

A variety of videos at the Food Bank can be found at

Calling filmmakers ages 25 or under: MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT FACES OF HUNGER IN AMERICA: HELP RAISE AWARENESS AND MAYBE win $10,000 in cash and prizes.
Sample video 1. 02 minutes: Faces of Hunger in America:
ANOTHER SAMPLE VIDEO: Chicken a la Carte:

October YAC Board Breakfast Meeting

Old Business
Officers Reports
Sarah and Braeden did not have anything to report
Rose said that she would not be able to attend the JASO meeting but wanted to know what resources she could count on to enhance Multicultural Week Celebrations.

Fall Fest Report
Vincent requested for the YAC booth to have only one table to focus on fundraising for YAC next year. Other projects could have their own tables. Josh said that a tent was perhaps not needed. The location of the tent was terrible. Next year, YAC needs to consider being next to Multicultural Club because they sell the food and we sell the international drinks.

New Business
1. Home Groups:
Goal: Relevant and engaged freshman participation in service-learning. Relationship Building time with focus on freshman needs
November site visits: Who is going where, tentative reservation of suburban and bus
Braeden will have date and location next week. He will call a meeting with his group after chapel. He requested $45 per meeting for snacks for his group. Vincent and Braeden will talk about it. Mrs. Clay suggests a feed provided by the team for snacks.
Caitlin reported that Chandler is not going to need a site visit. She will join the elderly group.
Vincent stated that he will also join the elderly group. Mrs. Clay reported that 3 freshmen went to Johnson elementary to explore being music teachers on Fridays from 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. The next site visit will be the Friday after Mid-Winter Break.
Other home group facilitators were not present.
Sophomore chairs did not attend the meeting, nor did Aamina or Rebecca. We have not heard from Rebecca and we need to ask her if she wishes to keep her name as part of the board.
Josh will change the date of breakfast meetings for Challenge 20/20. We started communication with the school in New York and the project needs to start functioning next week. He is checking for a breakfast meeting at Jimmy's Egg with Mr. Huestis, Mr. Bright, Mrs. Zesiger, Mrs. Clay and Khadija. Goal: Report on current status of Challenge 20/20 Global Warming, recruitment of volunteers and date and time for meetings. NAIS has requested Mrs. Clay to attend a possible panel in Malta and present the Casady Challenge 20/20 participation. Mrs. Clay wrote an article for NAIS regarding Casady's participation as part of her proposal.

Casady Cans Do - Indirect Service-Mr. Pena stated that STUCO will take care of all divisions and will have a dramatization of the Can Do Thanksgiving for the LD. Aamina is leading this project. She will make the flyers and work in conjunction with STUCO. We are not sure what role Graham wants to play in this project yet.

National Service-Learning Challenge: Josh and Mrs. Clay will start the brainstorming of this project. YAC chairs will present it at chapel.
Goal: Promote service-learning and YAC in our community
Possible tools: Must be functional by spring
a. Presentation at Chapel
PowerPoint: Vision, Mission, Purpose, Projects
Slide Show
YAC Brochure
YAC Signs
YAC Blog
YAC Website
YAC Facebook
YAC Google Group
b. YAC Open House
Make Overs: Bulletin Board, Office

4. Open topics of Board interest Items not discussed

Next YAC E-day meeting:
1. Report on Fall Fest
2. Report on Home Groups
3. Report on Casady Cans Do
4. Report on Service-Learning Challenge
5. Report on Service-Learning Fridays: All documented in blog
1-5: Service-Learning, What is it at Casady? International Day of Peace: Pinwheels
Stress-Meditation: Inner and Outer Peace
6-7: Hunger, Casady Cans Do
8-10: Be the Peace: Roots of Service, Tree of Service
5. Casady Admissions Open House
6. Change in reporting hours to parents
7. Conferences
NYLC Conference in San Jose: March
NAIS Conferences: People of Color: February and National Conference: November
ISAS Conference in Dallas: ?
NAIS Challenge 20/20 leaders conference and request to possible panel presentation in Malta

Fall Fest-Homecoming

YAC students and Mrs. Jenkins collaborated setting up, manpowering and cleaning -up the YAC booth. Project Ignition, Challenge 20/20:Global Warming, and YAC board fundraised for closed to $300.

Project Ignition: Wanted to sell T-shirt, but did not accomplish its goal. The volunteers made $50 with the Big Bag toss and prizes provided by State Farm. Money's were deposited by William in the Project Ignition account. Villiam provided $150 of free t-shirts to all Casady volunteers.

Global Warming: Josh decided to make and sell egg rolls. He sold all his egg rolls, but he also had cookies and soy milk. We do not know what his cost was, but he made $80. He is managing his funds without a Casady account.

YAC fundraiser: Mrs. Clay went to Super Cao and purchased $140 worth of supplies to sell during Fall Fest and at the office. From sales from the office and Fall Fest, Vincent turned in to Mrs. Jenkins $160. Vincent provided free drinks to all YAC volunteers. We have a big stock of supplies to sell. Vincent also paid Gabi and Sarah for the supplies provided. He is yet to pay himself and Zainab.

Thank you to the Jenkins and Ou family for their donations of time and funding to help YAC fundraise for our yearly projects.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thinking about diversity

Carefully Taught to hate and fear

Carefully Taught to embrace diversity

E Pluribus Unum: out of many, one

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Service-Learning Fridays; 6th session: Fighting Hunger Feeding Hope: Personal Awareness


What does hunger mean to me?
Why should I care?
What change do I want to see?
How can we bring peace to hunger? How can we be the change we want to see?

2. HUNGER IN AMERICA"The fact that more than one in every ten Americans is impacted by food insecurity makes us quite unique among wealthy democracies in the world. The U.S. is not the only nation where people go hungry but it is the only wealthy industrial nation where such a high percentage of its population suffers from nutritional deprivation due to inadequate incomes. Nearly one in five children, in our nation, lives below the poverty level. We have more than enough food to end this problem. The real issue is not whether America can end hunger, the question is whether we have the leadership to do so."

Dr. J. Larry Brown
(Excerpt from Hunger in America: The Growing Epidemic,
Physician Task Force on Hunger in America)

3. Thursday, October 22: Hunger in America video: 13 minutes

4. Dramatization and art work

Friday, October 23: Kick off video: Please help: 53 seconds. Empty Bowls, Full Hearts Silent Auction begins. STUCO's activities unveilled

Monday, October 26: Inspirational video 1:53 minutes

Tuesday, October 27: Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope Programs at the Food Bank 7:05 minutes

Wednesday, October 28: Food-4-KIDS Program: (2 minutes)

Thursday, October 29: Maybe: Dramatization by STUCO in LD, 5th grade in LD, and 1st or 2nd grade in UD of the book: The Can Do Thanksgiving or speech by A.J. Johnson Kids Cafes: Boys and Girls Club?

Friday, October 30: Slide show of week's activities and results of the week. Food Bank lunch, Empty Bowls, Full Hearts Silent Auction results

First Week of November: Sign-up for BIG SORT day, Saturday, November 14


A variety of videos at the Food Bank can be found at

MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT FACES OF HUNGER IN AMERICA: Calling filmakers ages 25 or under: HELP RAISE AWARENESS AND MAYBE win $10,000 in cash and prizes
Faces of Hunger in America:

2010 Souper Bowl of Caring
January 17, 2010 - February 7, 2010
Your Simple Service Project Could Change the Game. Join the 2010 Souper Bowl of Caring!
What if every American that watches the Super Bowl gave $1 or one food item to fight hunger and poverty in their own community? Imagine the powerful display of compassion that would be witnessed throughout the country during one or our nation's most indulgent celebrations!

In 1990, one group of students responded to a call to think of others while they celebrated the Super Bowl. They acted on their passion and started a movement that is transforming the time around the Super Bowl into a time of giving and serving. Last year, over 13,500 groups raised and donated more than $10.2 million to charities in their own communities. When everyone does their part, big things can happen. You and your students can join the movement!

REGISTER your school, class or club online at to receive your free Resource Kit in the Fall.
COLLECT canned goods and/or money anytime between MLK Day and Super Bowl Sunday (January 17- February 7, 2010).
REPORT your results to Souper Bowl of Caring and watch the national total grow!
DONATE 100% of your collection to the charity of your choice that provides food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless or help to the hurting. Make a difference in your own community!

Poverty and Hunger Curriculum from the K-12 Service-Learning list serve:
The nonprofit My Class Cares ( has just developed a new (and free) publication for secondary social studies and languages arts teachers. The publication, called Hopeful Voices, features essays from youth around the world whose incredible challenges have given them much to share about life and hope. Each essay concludes with prompts for student writing assignments, making Hopeful Voices a unique curriculum supplement for social studies and language arts classes. The website is:

Groups interested in doing a service activity based on Hopeful Voices are welcome to follow one of the writing-based, fund-raising suggestions inside the publication.

Please feel free to share with your contacts!

Thank you,

Ben Schumaker
Executive Director
483 Presidential Lane
Madison, WI 54558
P: 608-467-5706

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Home Groups Yearly Agenda

Home group meet first E-Day of the Month during A-Block at assigned locations S-L office, Harper Wing, Library :
Fun, Food and Friends with a purpose.
Attendance taken to provide hours. Slide shows at

October 6: School related open topic discussions: First marking period, Fall Fest, Homecoming
1. Get to know each other: Ice breakers
2. Facilitators experience with YAC and home group project.
3. What organization does the group want to investigate during the November Investigation site visits?
4. Choose the date of the site visit. November: 9-13. Students leave school at 3:40 from Student Center Parking Lot. They return to Student Center Parking Lot at 6:30. Must wear comfortable clothes, shoes and bring snacks to be shared with the group and at the organization if appropiate!
5. Facilitators will contact organization, arrange transportation, and bring drinks for the group.

Special Care took Nov. 9th, 3:45-6:30. Suburban if only the group goes. Bus if more than 7 students go. Sasha will contact Special Care and made necessary reservations.

Other groups pending decision making. All groups must make decisions by the end of next week.

November 3: School related open topic discussions
1. Expectations of Investigation site visits
2. Who will attend?
3. Group creates rubric (guidelines of interaction) for site visits
4. Group creates reflection/evaluation forms for site visits.
5. Home Group participates in Investigation Site Visits: November: 9-13

December 2: School related open topic discussions
1. Assessment of investigation site visits
2. Planning of February Action Site Visits: February: 16-19. Chose date, create activities, assign responsibilities
3. Discuss: Family/Home Group Volunteering during
a.Holiday Season
b.MLK Day, Monday, January 18, Make a day ON service of a day OFF from school

January 11: School related open topic discussions
1. Revise plans for February Action Site Visits
2. Reflect on holiday season group or family service
3. Revise plans for MLK Day Home Group volunteering
4. Home Group plans for Kindness and Friendship Day (February 14)
5. Home Group participation on MLK Day of Service, January 18

February 5: School related open topic discussions
1. Final details for February Action Site Visits.
2. Creation of rubric of interaction and evaluation forms for Group’s Action Site Visits
3. Reflection on MLK Day of Service
4. Home Groups participation on Kindness and Friendship Day (February 14)
5. Home Groups participates in Action Site Visits:February 16-19

March 5: School related open topic discussions
1. Group reflection of February Action Site Visits
2. Preparation of April Celebration Site Visits, April 4-7. Choose a date, activities, responsibilities, rubic of interaction and reflection and evaluation forms
3. Planning home group end of the year demonstration of learning/ party

April 1: School related open topic discussions
1. Final details for Home Groups participation in Celebration Site Visits
2. Home Groups participate in Celebration Site Visits: April 4-7
3. Home groups plans participation in National Volunteer Week, Earth Day, and Global Youth Service Day

May 7: School related open topic discussions AP exams (History)
1. Home Group reflection on February Action Site Visits
2. Home Groups assessment of National Volunteer Week, Earth Day, and Global Youth Service Day
3. End of the year homegroup demonstration of learning/party

In 2008-2009 Home Groups were called Skills for Action groups.

Home Groups Meet Tuesday, October 6-First Time

Musicians Inc. Facilitator Vincent. Location: Library
This is the first year for the home group. Deric, Vincent and Teddi have worked together before.
Participants: Deric

Students who do not have study hall interested in music
This is the first year this group will meet.

Pets: Facilitators: Gabby and Shelby-Harper Wing

Elderly: Facilitator: Braeden, Library senior area

From end of september 2009

Special Care: Sasha, Service-Learning Office. This is the first year for this group

Zoo: Rachael, Library

Undecided: Rose, Library
Students with no home group still searching for a service project
This is a new group this year

Respect Diversity, Zainab, Library

Knitting for Soldiers, Chandler Helms, Library

Native American Stories, Caitlin, Library

All in One, Aly, Library

Infant Crisis Services
, Aamina, Library

Friday, October 2, 2009

Multiple Intelligences: Teaching through the arts

Collaboration between birds and humans in music composition

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.


fifth service-learning fridays: Service based on values

Reflect on meditation with post-it notes.
Go over connection of stress, bullying

Read Service as a path to peace. View the slide show here.

Do service values tree activity


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