Friday, September 25, 2009

Third official YAC Meeting- Monday, September 29: Harper: Agenda

Chairs Report:
Attendance: Rose, Braeden, Vincent, Andrew, Gabrielle, Tony,Johnesha, Sasha, Deric, Josh, Calvin, DJ.
1. Rose (Fundraiser, Fall Fest, Asia Connection-Manga and Anime in Tulsa this weekend) Rose asked people to sign-up to sell cokes (B-Block: Calvin Layman) and for Fall Fest (Andrew/Mrs. Clay: Project Ignition-Selling T-shirts, and promoting William's Game. No other concrete commitments) YAC Chapel Presentation - Tentative date: End of October. Presentation: Braeden, Rose, and maybe Sarah. YAC Brochure: Josh and Mrs. Clay.

2. Braeden (Casady Open House): The people who came to the office came to see Mrs. Clay. Thank you Braeden for your time!

3. Josh (Challenge 20/20-Opportunity to help the Oklahoma Green School Pilot Program). No reply from grant applications. Volunteers were needed to help Oklahoma Green School Pilot Program. The first energy measuring tool arrived and was delivered to Mrs. Linn.

Treasurer Report: Sell food during Fall Fest: Oct. 9. Use the grill and cook something easy, not sold at Jimmy's. Nothing concrete regarding what YAC will be doing to fundraise at Fall Fest-maybe pie a YAC member, maybe sell food??? The Pizza fundraiser was not approved!

Home Group facilitators must get Vincent's approval for snacks over $5.00. Must bring receipt to be reimbursed!

Media and Marketing Report: Zainab (Constitution), Aamina (Website)
Zainab and Aamina did not attend the meeting.

Sponsor's report:
Old and new business
1. Home Groups-First Home Groups meet Tuesday, October 6 E-day, A-Block. Mrs. Clay placed a sign letting freshman know the change of date, but some came to Harper. She apologized for the inconvenience and will bring a good snack to Service-learning Fridays.

Home group facilitators received the list of people who have signed-up so far and location of their meeting during A-Block, Tuesday, October 6. Fun, food, and friends with a purpose. Mrs. Clay will try to get all people who have not signed-up to do so this week.

2. YAC Open House - This item tabled for next meeting. We need to create a process for the YAC Open House. Maybe a scavenger hunt with a prize at the end!! YAC members stated last year that just coming to figure out where the office is and eat ice cream was not enough. We have pinwheels and freshman profiles at the library, a service-learning brochure, an office, several bulletin boards... to be featured in the scavenger hunt.

3. Volunteers Needed
a. Green Schools Pilot Program (Challenge 20/20)
b. World Neighbors World Fest (See details in bulletin board)
c. Sarah's Project: (See details in bulletin board)
d. Students Against Hunger: Casady Cans Do (Collection last week of October)
e. Dig Pink: Girls Volleyball Service Project: Fundraiser for breast cancer research is on the 13. Mrs. Clay will be walking/running on the 10th with interested advisees at a Breast Cancer Walk. Maybe YAC members could consider do so too with interested members of their advisories. It will be a good opportunity to get to know each other better and do something for a great cause. Here is the pertinent information to register, sent by Dr. Gerard:

My advisory has formed a team in support of Race for the Cure 2009 and
Marsha Thetford-McCubbin. If you would like for your advisory to join us in this project, please follow the link below or contact me to join our team. Teachers and students can sign up online for the Blue Goes Pink team.

We will also be supporting the girls volleyball's Dig Pink effort by purchasing Dig Pink t-shirts to wear in the race.

Thank you.

For Registration you can visit the web address:
To view the team page for Blue Goes Pink, you can visit the web address:

4th Service-Learning Friday: Reflection and Meditation

Classes slowed the pace a little bit. We reflected on the activities performed in the last 3 Fridays. Mrs. Clay share meditation and breathing techniques to release stress and create a reflective atmosphere.

Students received a request for help with a project from classmate Sarah P. Donations of Xmas bags for Children in Haiti are needed. They also received the Service-Learning brochure with pictures from the Pinwheels for Peace Celebration at Will Rogers Amphitheater.

Students were reminded that Home Groups will meet the first E-Day of the month. Mrs. Clay made a mistake and told them Monday, but the first E-day of the month is not until the following Tuesday. This gives an opportunity to students without stydy halls to sign-up for a home group.

During the double, students also had a Peace Walk as part of their reflection. They were to take pictures and mail them to Mrs. Clay to receive their four hours of service credit. Student visited the primary division and went by the LD and the MD. As they walked they took pictures of what brought ideas of Peace, Service and/or spirituality. It was a beautiful day and a great activity to end the day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday meeting with Project Ignition

William and another member of the Charger Project Ignition team came to Jimmy's Egg and made the following decisions. Andrew Y. is the YAC Casady facilitator of this project. Thank you State Farm project Ignition grant funding for breakfast!

1. Volunteers for Project Ignition booth at Fall Fest are needed. The HH kids have to leave after 6:30. Andrew and Mrs. Clay will covered final hours of Fall Fest project ignition booth if needed.

2. Project Ignition will have an activity at Fall Fest. For information contat Andrew Y. Project Ignition will provide "free t-shirts" for volunteers and will sell t-shirts at Fall Fest.

3. Mrs. Clay will contact UD Director at HH to start a collaboration to bring speaker for Project Ignition for both School. William can pay the speakers fee from grant funding, but needs help with transportation and accomodations. Casady can provide accomodations. We are looking for HH to cover or provide the transportation cost.

5. William needs the laptop at Fall Fest for video viewing.

6. William has made preliminary contacts to attend the NYLC Conference in San Jose, California in March. Pre-registration with early bird discount is due in October.

Monday, September 21, 2009

September Reflection through pics

Mid september 2009

pooch parade and pinwheels for peace 2009

International Day of Peace History

Jane Goodall's Peace Vision

Inspirational Songs

Happy United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21, 2009

Happy United Nations International Day of Peace. Thank you to Pinwheels for Peace 2009 volunteers!
During the double, Ms. Rachel Rettinger, Service-Learning Program interm will lead a meditation activity at the Student Center for interested students and faculty. She will also observe a minute of silence to join " A Peace Minute of Silence around the World." See Jane Goodall's Join Us for Peace Today video at

Cyclones at Pooch Parade

Pooch Parade at Grand Blvd Park: Students who signed up to volunteered were: Taylor H, Catherine L. Rosie A., Emily P. Megan D., Katie C.; Chandler H, Elizabeth N., Emily E.. Aubrey W, Gabrielle M., Laura J.,Sydney H., Madison U.,Richard P., Jessica H.,Rosemary J.,Bobbe C. Intergenerational facilitators: Mrs. Liedtke and Louisa.

ARF (Animal Rescue Friends) sent the following e-mail: " Thank you too for all the fabulous volunteers and people who turned out to make this such a fun as well as profitable even for the animals of ARF, ESPECIALLY CO-CHAIRS ADELAIDE LIEDTKE AND VICKI ENGLISH AS WELL AS THEIR WONDERFUL FAMILIES! We will be at Petsmart Sunday, September 27 - from about 12:00 until 3:30 - Please let us know if any of you could assist us then because we will try to take at least 10 of our 13 dogs again.

There are previous Pooch Parade segments on Channel 9: and SOMEWHERE there is a video of the 7:40 a.m. interview of Adelaide Liedtke and Vicki English with their kids Louisa and Davis and ARF dogs Polly & Terry from Sunday 9-13-09 and there will be an interview with Dottie, ARF's wonderful president at 9 p.m. on Fox 25 tonight, September 20, 2009.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pinwheels for Peace 2009-International Day of Peace 2009

WHERE? Will Rogers Park Amphitheater, 3312 North Portland, OKC 73112
WHY? International Day of Peace Celebration: Pinwheels, drumming and performances from diverse OKC cultural groups. Master of Ceremony: Braeden J. TheCasady String Quartet performed.
WHEN? Sunday, September 20, 2-4 p.m.

Thanks you Casady primary: Mrs. Czerwinski, LD: first grade: Mrs. Morgan, all 4th grade classes, especially Mrs. Bruce source of the pinwheel project three years ago, the Class of 2013: Service-learning Fridays class, UD art club, and Ms. Rachel Rettinger, Service-Learning Intern. Special thanks to the Casady " Musicians Ink" Sring Quartet. Their performance was incredible. Some people asked for admission information because they wanted their children to attend the school that had such wonderful and talented teens!!!! Great job, Casady YAC!!!

HISTORY OF THE CASADY PINWHEEL PROJECT Peace advocacy to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21:

2005: Created by art teachers, Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan from Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Florida. GOAL: A way for students to express their feelings about what’s going on in the world and in their lives. 

2007: First Youth-Led OKC International Day of Peace
Putnam City North High School C.A.S.T. (Cultural Awareness for Students & Teachers) in collaboration with the Friends of the United Nations Oklahoma and the Respect Diversity Foundation; Casady 4th graders brought this advocacy project to the attention of the Class of 2011 and the service-learning program.

2008 and 2009 Casady YAC joined C.A.S.T. as one of the host organizations of the OKC intergenerational, youth-led International Day of Peace Pinweels for Peace Multicultural Celebration

pooch parade and pinwheels for peace 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Second September E-day: SECOND OFFICIAL YAC MEETING: FOURTH Day/Friday with Service-Learning

Thank you to YAC members who were able to help celebrate our Cyclone new American citizen!!!

FOURTH FRIDAY WITH SERVICE-LEARNING Learning: Students finished pinwheels. Students watched videos on Paths to Peace and International Day of Peace (September 21). International day of Peace video:, Pathway to Peace video: They also heard inspirational music. Pinwheels were placed in front of the library as they were finished. During first hour, we collected pinwheels from Spanish and Chinese classes. During the double, pinwheels from Primary and Lower Division were collected. Mrs. Clay car was overflowing with pinwheels, drums, table and supply to make pinwheels. Expected volunteers are: Braeden to MC, Christina B, Lexi H. Sasha B. and Johnesha H. Mrs. Clay and Mrs. Rettinger will be on site

Next week we will have a reflective day. We will start the Be the Peace Cards and end our day with an introduction to Students Against Hunger in Oklahoma, Casady Cans Do.

World Neighbors came on campus and talked to us about helping their mission. A few sophomores approched Mrs. Clay. They will write a project proposal soon. HH leadership classes undertook this project. Robert Clements contacted YAC to motivate interest.

YAC SECOND OFFICIAL MEETING-Still at brainstorming stage. FACILITATORS: Sarah, Rose, and Mrs. Clay

Roberts Rules of Order
a. Chairs Report:
Rose started the meeting with a report of fundraising. Cokes and Japanese drinks are officially for sale now. At the end of the day, Vincent made signs and re-stocked the refrigerator. Rose also stated that her Asia Connection Club will have another meeting because she had poor attendance to her first one. She will work with Leah, our new student from Korea. Rose also explained Fall Fest to new members.
Sarah delivered Mrs. Clay's updated handout: What is YAC?, YAC rubric, Tuesday meetings

had to leave. He will MC the Pinwheels for Peace 2009.

b. Treasurer Report: Fundraisers and grants available.

c. Media and Public Relations Report: Zainab was not able to attend the meeting but sent message with Mrs. Clay that the Field Guide is on hold until next year. She will work on a field guide for all teachers.

d. Website: Aamina will work when she has time with Josh to change her PP into a website. She has tried to get in touch with Mrs. Waters, but schedules have not worked out.

e. Sponsor's Report:
Mrs. Clay requested volunteers for the UD Open House and organizers for the YAC Open House and chapel presentations. She needs someone to stay at the office and direct them to the Library Audio Visual room during the UD Ipen House, Thursday, September 24. YAC members present volunteered the YAC chairs to organize the YAC Open Houses and chapel presentation. Mrs. Clay will check YAC chairs schedules.
Home Groups: are ready from Service-Learning Fridays. New students and freshmen without study halls are yet to choose prefered home group.
S-L Fridays is going well. Finishing first advocacy project: Pinwheels for Peace.
New projects: Project Ignition needs volunteers: New projects facilitated by students away from Casady will meet for breakfast the last Tuesday of the month from 7:25-7:45 a.m. William and Andrew are facilitating this project for Casady.

Mrs. Clay will meet with Challenge 20/20 Monday, September 21,from 7:00-7:30 at Jimmy's Egg: Josh, Sarah, Mrs. Zesiger and a member of the Environmental Club will be attending. Josh will facilitate the meeting. Our NAIS partner schools are from New York and China this year. Special Care will meet during the Pinwheels for Peace Celebration, and Native American Story teller will meet next week.

YAC members were asked if they had special agenda items. Freshmen asked to consider selling pizza. They will check with Mr. Pena and Mr. Huestis and handle the ordering and delivery of the pizza if approved.


1. Conferences: Peace Jam, NYLC, NAIS People of Color, NAIS, ISAS

2. YAC Constitution



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Third breakfast meeting: Service-Learning YAC projects

Students had labs to attend or had been absent with illness and had to make-up work. We could not meet before school. We will attempt to meet when time becomes available this or nect week.

Challenge 20/20 was postponed until Monday: Expected attendance: Mrs. Zesiger, Mrs. Clay, Josh. 7:00 a.m. Jimmy's Egg. Menu: Scambled Eggs, toast, potatoes, coffee, orange juice.

Special Care: Sasha will be attending the Pinwheels for Peace 2009We will have a meeting then.

Native American Stories: Caitlin will come to the office when she has time.

Project Ignition: William is to provide a time and date for a meeting at HH. We have the last Tuesday of the Month as an assigned date.

Agenda:Challenge 20/20, Native American Stories, Special Care, Project Ignition
Goal for projects
Process to obtain goals

YAC and Service-Learnig bulletin boards are up. Computers are in working order and the Pinwheels for Peace project is underway. Thank you to the Art Club, Mr. Riley, Mrs. Seitter, YAC and random students who stopped by the office to make pinwheels. Primary, first and fourth grades will have pinwheels by Friday. Some Spanish classes and all Chinese classes are making pinwheels.

First official YAC meeting: E-Days/Harper Wing

Attendance: See pictures. Facilitator: Sarah

Sarah called to order
First Agenda Item: Mrs. Johnson invited YAC to celebrate the naturalization-becoming US citizen of one of our staff members. Wednesday, September 19, 4:00 p.m. at the Library. Students might come late after sports. Mrs. Johnson stated that Mrs. Clay is also a naturalized citizen.

Second Agenda Item: Introductions Name, grade, Home group facilitator or interest.

Third Agenda Item: Updated yearly YAC calendar distributed. Everyone had tests and the meeting was cut short.

There were sideline discussions of the Field Guide, Pinwheels for Peace, Fridays with Service-Learning and YAC and Casady Open Houses. We will follow-up next E-Day


First two hours: Had a presentation from Mrs. Johnson and started pinwheels

Other hours: Met Service-Learning Office Intern, Ms. Rachel Rettinger, looked at the PEACE and Pinwheels PP. Created pinwheels.

Pinwheels will be finished next Friday and will be displayed at Will Rogers Amphitheater on the 9/20, at Casady on the 9/21, at the Library until December and will decorate the YAC December Holiday tree until January. Pinwheels, not claimed by students, will be donated to the Respect Diversity Foundation.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Breakfast Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Next Tuesday Breakfast Meeting: Suggested Agenda Cabinet or Board only
Breakfast meetings are at 7:25 at the s-l office.

Suggested Agenda:
Only Rose cannot attend 2nd Tuesday of the month breakfast. They will obtain their communication via blog minutes. Attendance: Sarah, Josh, Vincent, Nicole, Chandler, Sasha. Elizabeth, Aamina, Zainab, Rose and Braeden did not attend but had an explanation for their absence. YAC did not hear from D.J.

1. YAC first E-Day Block A official meeting: YAC E-day Block A meetings are at the Harper Wing Conference Center. We will try this location for a while if the membership is big
2. YAC table at Clubs Fair: Sasha wil manpower with Sarah. Sasha was sick and the people who manpowered the table were Sarah, Braeden, and Carmen. Rose had two Go members explaining the name of Go. Vincent was also on site overseeing the distribution of $20 worth of doughnut holes.
3. S-L Office Make-OVER: Nicole and Chandler shared their plans. Mrs. Clay stated that Mr. Huestis and Mr. Sheldon need plan, process and budget to approve changes. The deadline for the changes proposal is October.
4. Treasure Report: Vincent told officers that he is managing $200 fundraised last year by YAC and $1000 from Service-Learning via grant proposal. He approved $20 worht of doughnut for Activities Fair and was told by Mrs. Clay that the language classes were making Pinwheels and needed funding for supplies. Vincent requested budget proposal. Supplies were purchased for a cost of $150.00
5. September 11, National Service Day, Day of Remembrance-Do an act of
kindness. Mrs. Clay reported that freshmen were going to focus on this during their Fridays with Service-Learning. She also stated that they would be making pinwheels for two fridays in September. Mrs. Clay also reported that nearly all freshmen in study halls have signed up for home groups. Freshmen without study halls and new students were going to be approach after chapel. UPDATE: They were approached, but only a few turned in completed profile and even fewer signed-up for home groups. The week of September 20, Mrs. Clay will follow-up with these students.
6. NYLC San Jose Conference: Interest is high, but officers need to check schedules. Early bird registration is in October. William Clements from Heritage Hall has requested to be the organizer of this trip. He wants to promote a joined venture between the two schools. Participation at the NYLC conference and Project Ignition. UPDATE: Project Ignition has one YAC member interested: Andrew. Mrs. Clay talk to a freshman student, but he is still hesitant.
7. September 20, PINWHEELS FOR PEACE: International Day of Peace: YAC through the service-learning office is asking UD interested students to make pinwheels. So far we have a commitment of freshmen, Mrs. Bronhoft and Mr. Svoboda classes. Mrs. Czerwinzi class in Primary and Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Bruce in the LD. Mrs. Dubiskas was exploring possibilities. UPDATE: Braeden will attend and represent YAC at Will Rogers Amphitheater. Two students have signed-up to help.

1. YAC Constitution, Field Guide, Facebook, Website, Blog, Google Group
2. YAC Presentation at Chapel
5. YAC Open House,

2nd Service-Learning Friday: I of Investigation

During the second Service-Learning Friday, students finished completing the profile handout and the 8 questions provided by administrators, faculty and upperclassmen. They also signed up for home groups. Only two students were absent.

Students were shown a collection of their description of Peace and Stress. Then the class proceeded to discuss the difference between volunteerism and service-learning. Volunteerism: focuses on service receipient. Service-Learning: focuses of service provider: learning, growing, transforming by focusing on community needs. The discussion also took the class to explore service as a de-stressor. Next week we will continue the I of investigation with our first class project: Pinwheels for Peace. The project will be announced at chapel Thursday. Interested upperclassmen will be able to make Pinwheels, which after being displayed at the International Day of Peace Celebration at Will Rogers Amphitheater, will decorate the library Christmas tree and be taken to hospitals to brighten the rooms of children with long hospital stays.

Students without Study Halls and new students were called to receive the handout and Service-Learning explanation after chapel. A few completed the form, but none have signed up for home groups yet. The week of September 8, Mrs. Clay will follow-up and get these students to sign for home groups. By Friday Sept. 11, all students should have a place where they should go the first E-Day-Block A at the library, a place chosen by the senior YAC chair as the first location for the home group meetings.

First Home Groups: Breakfast and Meeting

Home Group Facilitators Breakfast Meeting: The meeting took place at the Service-Learning Office. We revised the Home Groups Power Point created by Zainab and Carmen Clay. Then, YAC members had a quick rehearsal of the presentation to the Class of 2013 and new students.

First E-Day, Block A Home Group Meeting with Freshmen and New Students It was advertised as mandatory. Most freshmen attended. Only one new student was in the audience. 13 YAC facilitators explained their area of service and invited students to sign-up to explore working with them. The facilitators were organized and delivered the information efficiently. A quick freshman survey after the meeting revealed that the meeting was informative, tasty and somewhat long. POCKY strawberry was the favorite!


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