Monday, September 27, 2010

YAC agenda meeting 9/27/10

This meeting is used to plan our ideas for the next few weeks.

-Fall Fest - October 8, supposedly. From pre-football game to half time
Games, food? [we have $0 currently.]
Bake sale *
Sell Hot Chocolate
Turntable artwork
Selling a piece of sidewalk to chalk for contest
Silent art auction [photography mostly] *
Target Donations
Dance instructions *
Music at booth *
Dessert sale *

yac in general
walk to the world
habitat for humanity

Stereo system in gym
2 tables
Desserts ($100 worth)
strike a deal with the rich bean
8 chairs
items for silent auction
art and dessert silent auction
instant dessert [budget is $100 > $25 to spend on cookies > ~$20 dollar tree decorations > $55 for other]
two tables, eight chairs, one tent
Sugar cookies and a decorating booth?
Student against hunger - information needed by next week
-connecting to student council
-connecting to different divisions

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

October: Students Against Hunger

Hunger 101 Interactive Awareness Raising online game:

Middle School SEE Period Training
Myths about poverty and hunger in Oklahoma:
Myth #1: Some people assume that others are hungry or impoverished because they are unwilling or too lazy to work. The data available shows that only a very small number of Americans choose not to work. The majority of Americans who use assistance provided by non-profit organizations are either working, going to school, or are actively seeking work, but simply do not make enough money to provide for their basic needs, especially if they have a family to feed. Disability, old age, and short-term financial emergencies such as lost wages due to common illnesses, unexpected but necessary car and home repairs, and general cost of living increases contribute to this need.

Myth #2: Many people believe that many people who receive food assistance are homeless.
While this is partially true, the large majority are low-income families.

Why is the Food Bank and other organizations like it necessary?
31 million people in the United States are hungry or at risk for hunger.
23 million low-income people received emergency food assistance through America’s Second Harvest network of food banks in 2010.
USDA reported 11.2 million Americans live in hungry households that cannot afford enough food for all in the household.
The majority of people using food assistance are employed.
12% of the elderly in this country go hungry.

Typical Expenses in Oklahoma County
The figures below show the estimated expenses that make up a minimum standard of living in Oklahoma City (source: Living Wage Calculator Remind students that these expenses represent a simple lifestyle less than what most of the middle class and the affluent would find satisfactory:
Monthly Expenses One Adult One Adult, One Child Two Adults Two Adults, One Child Two Adults, Two Children

Food $237 $386 $458 $606 $755
Child Care $0 $621 $0 $621 $1,100
Medical $93 $184 $186 $277 $369
Housing $528 $641 $528 $641 $641
Transportation $276 $475 $551 $751 $950
Other $199 $392 $399 $591 $784

Monthly After-Tax Income That's Required $1,333 $2,699 $2,122 $3,488 $4,598
Annual After-Tax Income That's Required $15,995 $32,387 $25,463 $41,855 $55,176
Annual Taxes $1,297 $2,430 $2,085 $3,215 $4,141
Annual Before Tax Income That's Required $17,292 $34,818 $27,548 $45,070 $59,317

Each child (after the first) costs an estimated 14,247.00 per year in food, medical care, childcare, and other costs.

Using these figures, students are asked to find the minimum number of hours a wage earner would have to work at a minimum wage of 7.25 an hour. For example, in a household of two adults and two children, assuming both adults are able to work, it would take 8,182 hours of work per year to maintain a minimum standard of living in Oklahoma County. Each adult would need to work approximately 171 hours per week at minimum wage to maintain this lifestyle. Both adults would need to work over 85 hours a week. This would obviously be difficult or impossible. It is worth noting that, assuming this were even possible, the child care expenses quoted above would need to be increased drastically.
40% of minimum wage earners are the sole wage earners in their household.

Compare the “Living Wage” for each category with the current minimum wage of 7.25 an hour:
Hourly Wages One Adult One Adult, One Child Two Adults Two Adults, One Child Two Adults, Two Children
Living Wage $8.31 $16.74 $13.24 $21.67 $28.52

Peace Corps Advocacy

Thank you Mr. Miano for the video:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reflection on Shinnyo-en visit, Pinwheels for Peace and International Day of Peace

Memories of the International Day of Peace Week
Service Project this week: Food Bank Volunteering: September 25th, 9:00-12:00

A Message from Jane for the 2010 Day of Peace from The Jane Goodall Institute on Vimeo.

To Mrs. Crossno, MD Six Billion Paths to Peace lead teacher
Thank you for introducing us all to the Shinnyo-en Foundation and for all the hard work you did planning advisory lessons for the students and preparing for the Shinnyo-en visit. I want you to know how much my students and I have enjoyed all the activities and what thoughtful responses and discussions they have had in advisory about the different paths of peace we each can take. It has been a great experience, and I believe it will have a lasting effect on many of the students. Thanks again for all your time and effort. Rocky

From Mariko, Shinnyo-en Foundation's Communication Director to Mrs. Clay:
I had the most wonderful three days in a long time. I feel very lucky to have made this beautiful connection with you. I know that I could never even come close to replacing Lianne but I hope that, in the least, I have been able to further the wonderful relation that she started to build with you.

Words cannot begin to explain the joy I felt spending time with you and your husband, friends, colleagues, students, and the Oklahoma community.

3rd YAC MEETING: Distribution of T-shirts

Participants: Sorters of t-shirts (Sasha, Khadija, Christine L., Arjun,study hall volunteers, Mrs. Clay) Distribution of t-shirts (Kristine L. Jasmine,Khadija) We sorted t-shirts for all divisions.

The purpose of the meeting was to distribute t-shirts for the out of uniform on Tuesday. We did not accomplish our goal of 100% distribution, but we distributed many t-shirts. T-shirts were sorted by chapel rows. Students came to the Community Center and got their t-shirt for their chapel row pile and scratch their name to signify that they had received the t-shirt.

Chapel Announcements
International Day of Peace Activities
Saturday, September 18, 9:00-4:00: Habitat for Humanity work day: Landscaping 2 homes. Volunteers meet at the first work site, 8517 Lindsey Ave at 9:00 a.m. Liability release and map with directions available from Mrs. Clay.

Sunday, September 19: Pinwheels for Peace Festival at UCO's Plunkett Park, 2:00-4:00 featuring Devin Jenkins giant pinwheel and art classes recycled materials pinwheels. Our UD string quartet and Casady Dance Club are part of the entertainment. Bring a blanket and enjoy the program. Volunteers needed to help children make pinwheels, and decorate Gales pinwheels at Plunkett Park. See Mrs. Clay if interested.

Monday September 20: Members of the Shinnyo-en Foundation, Six Billion Paths to Peace, Mariko Terasaki, Communications Director, Sarah Mizner, Intern and former Shinnyo-en fellow, and Gordon Graves, Seattle University, Shinnyo-en former fellow will be on campus. Sarah and Gordon will share their story at chapel services.

Tuesday, September 21. International Day of Peace. Dr. Harumitsu Inouye, Chief Executive Officer of the Shinnyo-en Foundation, Audrey Linn, Berkeley University Shinnyo-en former fellow and Blake School senior, Courtney Alpeter will address chapel services.

On the International Day of Peace, the Shinnyo-en Foundation requests your consideration of video interviews about what makes Casady so special and about your personal paths to peace through kindness and service.

As part of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, the foundation has donated Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirts for everyone. Please come during your study hall to the Community Center in Woods to get your t-shirt. T-shirts have been sorted by chapel row teachers. We will have an out of uniform on Tuesday, September 21. Wear the 6bptp t-shirt or a t-shirt of a place where you volunteered.

PD,LD, MD, and UD pinwheels will be displayed around the lake, weather provided, the morning of the 21st. Thank you to all who made pinwheels this week.

Teachers: You are cordially invited to a Shinnyo-en Foundation reception at the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum, September 21st from 5:00-6:00. Please e-mail Carmen Clay, if attending.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shinnyo-en Foundation, Six Billion Paths to Peace Casady Schedule

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010
Pinwheels for Peace - Six Billion Paths to Peace

For Immediate Press Release
September 14, 2010
Carmen Clay
Service-Learning Director
Casady School
405-520-1325 (Cell)

On September 21, 2010, the International Day of Peace, Casady School students from pre-school to 12th grade will be planting pinwheels around the Casady lake. These pinwheels are made with the intention of goodwill and hope for a world at peace one day. The planting of pinwheels culminates a series of activities started by the arrival and student interaction with the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum Hope Trunk, a program that uses the story of the bombing to educate students about the senselessness of violence and the need to find more peaceful means to solve our differences.

To celebrate the International Day of Peace, the San Francisco based Shinnyo-en foundation donated Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirts for an out of uniform day at Casady School. The Six Billion Paths to Peace initiative believes that "we live in an interconnected world and like a ripple in the water, each tiny act of peace reverberates out into the world expanding the experience of peace for all of us. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed or hopeless by the suffering, violence or war going on in our world. The antidote is to take action and notice that there is much we can do through daily actions." The Shinnyo-en Foundation helps build more caring communities by supporting educational programs that engage and inspire young people to meaningful acts of service. Shinnyo-en believes in teaching children the value of helping others in the spirit of goodwill and without regard to differences of faith and background.

The Shinnyo-en Foundation CEO, Dr. Harumitsu Inouye, Ed.D and a team composed by Ms. Mariko Terazaki, Communication Director, three Shinnyo-en fellows, and a high school student form Blake School accompanied by her mother will be sharing their Six Billion Paths to Peace stories at chapel services and will spend the day with faculty and students. The Shinnyo-en team will end the day visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum where Mrs. Lynn Roller, Museum's Director of Education and Research will conduct a tour and provide an opportunity to come and greet the Shinnyo-en team at a museum's reception from 5:00-6:00 p.m. co-hosted by Dr. Clydia Forehand, Director, Oklahoma Institute for Teaching East Asia (OKITEA), Associate Director, University of Oklahoma Confucius Institute, Casady Service-Learning, and the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum.

Shinnyo-en Foundation Schedule in OKC

SF Team: Dr. Harumitsu Inouye ,CEO; Mariko Terazaki, Communications Director; Sara Mizner , Intern /and Ex Fellow; Ex-Fellows: Gordon Greaves, Seattle University graduate , Audrey Lin UCB graduate; Blake School: Courtney Alpeter, Mrs. Alpeter (mother); Videographer: Jim Penrose

Carmen Clay leaves suburban at hotel with Shinnyo-en driver, Sarah until 9/20 when group gets the minivan.

September 18th: Mariko and Sarah arrive in the evening. Stay at Hilton Garden Inn 2809 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA 73112 , Tel: 1-405-607-4000

7:00:p.m. Carmen leaves suburban at hotel.

8:00 p.m. Carmen meets Mariko and Sarah at airport and transports to Garden Inn Hilton at Meridian. Carmen Contact info: 405-520-1325 (Cell) 405-562-1832 (Home) 405-749-3103 (Office)

September 19th: Pinwheels for Peace Festival at UCO Wear Six Billion Paths to Peace T-shirt. Outdoor Festival, weather provided. University of Central Oklahoma, Plunkett Park, 100 North University Drive, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034. Quail Creek Golf and Country Club: 3501 Quail Creek Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73120-8999, (405) 751-0811.

11:00-1:00 Brunch at Quail Creek Golf and Country Club; Mariko and Sarah with Mark and Carmen Clay. Mariko and Sarah follow Carmen to UCO. Dress code for brunch-Church attire, Pinwheels Festival: T-shirt and jeans.

1:30 - 4:00 Pinwheels for Peace Festival starts with a drum circle. Mariko, Communication Director, speaks about 6bptp for 2 minutes. YAC meets 6bptp at UCO, Plunkett Park. YAC teaches pinwheel making with recycled materials at Plunkett Park. YAC will have table for Shinnyo-en materials. Casady String Quartet and Casady Dance Club perform. Salman and Khadija Hamid, Johnesha, D.J. Devin, and Tiahja scheduled to volunteer.

6:00-8:00 Dinner at restaurant of students' choice with available Casady YAC, STUCO, Gales, and Art Club board members. Gordon arrives at 11:55 p.m. Mr. Matt Pena, Dean of Students, Liz Brindley, Ted Moock (STUCO President and Vice-President); Alley Cottrell, Natasha Sanchez (GALES Co-Chairs), Carmen Clay, Service-Learning Director, Johnesha Hawkins, D.J. Caitlin Anderson (YAC Senior Chairs); Art Club: Teachers: Miss Megan Pargeter, Mr.Phyllis Seitter, Co-Presidents of Club: Taylor McHargue and Wendy Peza. Group meets 6bptp team at Garden Hilton Lobby. Reservation made at Zio's. Need possible shadowing for Courtney. Sasha had to leave town

September 20th: A-Day: Sharing time with faculty and students. Dress Code: Business attire. Haru arrives late evening on the 20th. Sarah and Gordon will speak at all chapels .Casady School: 9500 North Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

Campus Photo Tour:
Campus Map:

7:30 a.m. SF Team arrives at Casady School. Breakfast available at Student Center Coffee Shop. Mariko, Sarah, and Gordon.

8:00 a.m. Upper Division Chapel at Fee Theatre: Team shares stories with Shinnyo-en, 6bptp and t-shirts. Audience 300, adults and 9th-12th grade. Introduction by Sasha Bully, Six Billion Paths to Peace chair at Casady.

8:30-9:30: Meet and Greet at Gaylord Student Center: Administrators: Mr. Christopher Bright, Headmaster; Mr. David Gorham Assistant Headmaster; Mr. Nathan Sheldon Finance and Operations Director, Chapel: Father Charles Blizzard, Vicar; Mr. Sonny Varela, Assistant Vicar, Upper Division: Mr. Peter Huestis, Upper Division Director; Mr. Matt Pena, Dean of Students, Mrs. Jen Warden, Dean of Student Life, Ms. Joanne Infantino, Academic Dean and available UD faculty

9:45-10:15 Middle Division Chapel at Calvert Hall (Cafeteria): Team shares story with Shinnyo-en, 6bptp, and t-shirts. Audience 280, adults and 5th-8th. Introduction by Sasha Bully.

10:15 – 11:00 Team spends time with Middle Division Director, Miss Elizabeth Larsen and MD teacher Mrs. Stephanie Crossno

11:00-12:00 Pasta Lunch with Primary Division Faculty at PD faculty lounge. Mrs. Jane Sharp, Primary Division Director

1:00-2:30: Open Possible PD tour with Mrs. Jane Sharp for Mariko, Sarah, and Gordon scheduled.

2:45- 3:15 Lower Division Chapel at Calvert Hall: Team shares stories with Shinnyo-en, 6bptp and t-shirts Audience 250, adults, 1st-4th grade. Introduction by Sasha Bully

3:15-4:00 Tea time with Lower Division Faculty at LD Faculty Lounge Mrs. Anne France, Lower Division Director

4:15-5:15 Tour of the school by Carmen Clay and Nathan Sheldon (new construction, chapel and LEED Math Building.)

7:00 Dinner with Casady Six Billion Paths to Peace Retreat Oklahoma participants at Dr. Sumeeta Nanda’s home, 3111 N.W. Grand Blvd. OKC 73116, 405-840-2729. Haru arrives late at night, he will not attend dinner. Videographer: Jim Penrose and other members of the team arrive.

September 21st: B-Day: International Day of Peace at Casady. Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirt day, Reception at OKC Memorial Museum: 620 N Harvey Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405-235-3313 Haru, Audrey, and Courtney speaking at all chapels.
(Out of uniform day- Dress Code: Jeans and t-shirts-video taped, permissions for people interviewed will be collected by Carmen)
Pinwheels will be planted around the lake weather permitting by students when it is the best time for their schedules. YAC will plant Community Center Pinwheels during Activities period, B-Block, weather permitting.

7:30 SF Team arrives at Casady School. Breakfast available at Student Center Coffee Shop. (UD YAC helps planting Community Center and Language classes' pinwheels around the lake, weather permitting)

8:00-8:30 UD Chapel at Fee Theater: Haru and team (Audrey, Courtney) speak about 6bptp and the International Day of Peace. Audience 300: adults, 9th-12th grade. Introduction by Sasha Bully.
PD, LD, and MD planting pinwheels around the lake, weather permitting

8:30-9:00 Come and Greet Gathering with Peter Huestis UD Director, UD Administration, and available UD faculty at College Center

9:00-9:30 Haru visits with Christopher Bright, Casady Headmaster at Blaik Hall. Mariko and Jim interview Mr. Huestis

9:45 Middle Division Chapel at Calvert Hall: Haru and team speak about 6bptp and the International Day of Peace. Audience 280: adults and 5th-8th grade. Introduction by Sasha Bully

10:30-11:55: Open Possibilities: School tour, time for Haru at Primary Division with students and teachers-only area with no chapel service today! Haru's tour of PD by its Director, Mrs. Jane Sharp. Mariko and Jim interview Mr. Bright. Mr. Gorham has also stated that he could be interviewed

12:00 -12:30 Lunch with Middle Division students (5th-8th grade) and faculty at Calvert Hall.

12:30-2:40 Open. Possibilities: Time at the UD Library with head librarian, Mrs. Jeanie Johnson, at Cochran Library or class visits in UD: French., Spanish, and Chinese classes visits: Chinese IV with Mr. Svoboda in Miller 6; French IV with Mr. Ziebell in Miller 1; Spanish IV-AP with Mr. Gill in Miller 7; or French III with Mrs. Gill in Miller 2. Team leaves classes at 2:40 to get to Calvert.

2:45-3:15 Lower Division Chapel at Calvert Hall: Haru and team speak about 6bptp and the International Day of Peace Audience 250: adults and 1st-4th grade
Pinwheels picked-up by end of school day: UD: YAC members on duty

4:00-5:00 Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum-
620 N Harvey Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405-235-3313 VIP Tour by Mrs. Lynn Roller, Director of Education and Research

5:00-6:00 Come and Greet Gathering at Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum, Welcome by Dr. Clydia Forehand, Director, Oklahoma Institute for Teaching East Asia (OKITEA); Associate Director, University of Oklahoma Confucius Institute, The University of Oklahoma-Schusterman Campus (Tulsa). Audience: Community organizations and Casady available administrators and faculty. Possible Interview of Mr. Gen Rainbolt??

6:30 Dinner hosted for the team by Father Blizzard, Casady School Vicar, Sonny Varela, Assistant Vicar. Casady Six Billion Paths to Peace invited to attend. Team meets Father Blizzard at pre-determined restaurant, TBA. Minivan returns to school.

September 22nd : 9:58 a.m. Mariko leaves. Rest of team leaves in the morning also. Airport shuttle provided by hotel.

One World, One Dream, PEACE: Pinwheels for Peace Pizza lunch

Participants: 23 YAC students ate pizza, drunk regular and diet coke (regular was a favorite) and made pinwheels that will be displayed at UCO Plunkett Park. Sasha and Caitlin will help place pinwheels around the lake early in the morning on the 21st.

In Spanish

Make Pinwheels
Sign-up to sort and deliver Six Billion Paths to Peace T-shirts

Schedule for Shinnyo-en team at OKC and Casady

Sunday, September 12, 2010

July to September in Pictures

Anime Origami Peace Family Matinee

Over 30 participants ages 5-70 enjoyed the film, On a Paper Crane, Tomoko's adventure.  Leah, YAC Asian Connections facilitator, Mrs. Mari Leslie, Vice-President of the Oklahoma City Japan America Society, and Mrs. Clay, Asian Connections Project sponsor, welcomed participants and introduced the main organizer of the event, Dr. Gigi Hu.  Dr. Hu introduced the fim and invited participants to make paper cranes and eat the wonderful vegetable sushi donated by Super Cao Nguyen, mochi, and other sweet delicacies donated by friends of the Asian Connections Project. 

After the film, participants made over 100 cranes. Everyone had a good time learning about the story of Sadako and the legend of making 1,000 cranes for a wish to come true.  Our wish is for a world at peace one day.

Anime Origami Peace Family Matinee

YAC September 11 at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Participants: Christine, Yasmine, Nicole, Lexi

Casady YAC contacted Casady students, Mercy School, Heritage Hall High School, Crossing Church and the Jewish Federation Youth Group to volunteer together as ONE HEART, ONE BEAT, ONE MISSION...SERVE.  September 11 was named National Volunteer Day by President Obama and YAC knew that Casady students due to sports commitments and ACT would not be able to volunteer in great numbers. Still YAC wanted to bring as many people as possible to the Regional Food Bank since they had given that day to us as priority.

When the YAC group arrived to the Food Bank, we were surprised to see how many people from the Oklahoma City community were volunteering.  Christine L. Jasmine, and Mrs. Clay spent the morning at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma volunteering with 40 youth and adults from Crossings Church and 2 members of Mercy School.  The rest of the members of  Mercy School could not get to the Food Bank in the morning because there was a couple of hours cars lineup around the Food Bank.  It was the last day of a food give away grant. 

Kenza from Mercy School told Mrs. Clay that Mercy volunteers would be returning in the afternoon after 2:00 p.m.  YAC invited Kenza and her son, Ali to join YAC at Septemberfest for lunch and to support the Japan America Society volunteering at Septemberfest.  Kenza declined but was glad Casady YAC was returning after 2:00 p.m. to volunteer with the rest of the group from Mercy School.

The Jewish Federation youth group did not volunteer on September 11th because of their observance of the Sabath, but were planning to volunteer on Sunday at another venue. YAC heard that there were Heritage Hall students among the Crossings group. YAC also volunteered with groups from UCO and other volunteers from the Oklahoma City Community. Jasmine stated, "It is so cool how many people are here today...Volunteering today was so much fun...People missed out on a great opportunity to give, have fun, and build relationships."

In the morning, the diverse Casady group packed 240 cases of food which will feed 3,969 kids with the Food-4-Kids Program.  In the afternoon, with the helped of  Mercy School volunteers, YAC member Nicole, and Casady student, Lexi, as well as the Oklahoma City Mosque members, and Oklahoma City community volunteers, Casady YAC helped pack a triple number of meals.   YAC learned about Muslim prayers and Christine stated, "We seemed to be much more efficient in the afternoon."  Mrs. Clay stated, "It was rewarding to hear that this was Mercy's first time at the Food Bank.  Our simple e-mail welcoming them to volunteer with us helped promote this service opportunity in their commmunity."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chapel Speech: Six Billion Paths to Peace

Five years ago, I spent my birthday with a few of my YAC students and Mrs. Johnson at the National Service Learning Conference in Minneapolis. My students brought me to tears when they gave me a pair of bunny slippers FOR INNER PEACE and a card that had a seed to grow a world at peace someday.

I wore my precious slippers to a service awards affair that evening. At the gala, Dr. Harumitsu Inouye, Executive Director of the Shinnyo-en Foundation asked about "my shoes." After hearing my explanation, he requested, What else do you need? I was so happy, I did not need anything else. Then he asked, What can we do to help you? Haru sent 4 trainers from different parts of the USA to our first YAC Invitational that summer. A few of you participated in their introduction of the Shinnyo-en Foundation and their world initiative Six Billion Paths to Peace. But, What is the Shinnyo-en Foundation? What is the Six Billion Paths to Peace, soon to be 7 billion? YOU TUBE will answer those questions.

UPPER DIVISION VIDEO:  Shinnyo-en Foundation's World Viewed Shown at National Conference of Volunteering and Service (5:28 minutes)


On September 21, Haru himself is flying from San Francisco to celebrate the International Day of Peace with you, the Generation he has named "Generation Peace." But, What is the International Day of Peace? (One minute video)

This weekend Casady Service-Learning has two opportunities to serve; to make peace an action word.   YAC's paths to peace this weekend are:

Our first Saturday of Service at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma starts at 9:00 and ends at 4:00. The Casady Yukon will leave from the parking lot in front of the Student Center at 8:30 sharp. We will serve with people of different faiths focusing on what we have in common; ONE HEART, ONE BEAT, ONE MISSION: SERVE. You can join this service opportunity at any time during the day.

On Sunday, the YAC Asian Connections project is sharing their path to peace at the Manga Origami Peace Matinee. Hope to see you at Fee Theatre at 3:00.

YAC and Gales have started to make pinwheels for peace at the Community Center. This childhood symbol will connect our peace whispers to the voices of millions seeking inner peace and a world at peace some day. Hope you will make a pinwheel with your path to peace. Pinwheels will be displayed at the UCO campus on September 19 and at our campus on September 21.

To end, I want to share a couple of thoughts and questions pondering in my head:

1 Thought

"...And right action is freedom
From past and future also.
For most of us this is the aim
Never here to be realized;
Who are only undefeated
Because we have gone on trying..."
-T.S. Eliot, The Dry Salvages

2 Thought:. You are not obligated to finish the task; neither are you free to neglected.
-Pirkei Avot (Teaching of the Sages), Chapter 2,21

1. What is the task that you have been trying to contemplate in the world? Why? Another way to place the same question is What will be the one wish you have for our world?

2. How would the world be different if you succeeded? What motivates you to keep on trying when it would be easier to give up? OR, If you were to be granted the wish and the only way the wish will come true is your involvement, what will you be willing to do? What will be your first steps?   THANK YOU

Not in the speech, but for further information:  More detailed inforamtion about the International Day of Peace- The Story

FYI International Day of Peace: Greater Background: ( Video: 3:44 minutes)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Second YAC Meeting- Tuesday September 9th, Webinar with Sweatmonkey-Hours management online resource

12:00 References to Chapel Speech:
September 11: First service day at Food Bank
September 12: Manga Origami Peace Matinee, Fee Theatre and Student Center
YAC begins Pinwheels for Peace/Six Billion Paths to Project:
YAC members making them.  Language and art classes will be making them.  Recycled paper from Mrs. Seitter and Mrs. P's room
YAC members attending September 19th: Sasha, D.J., Johnesha, Mrs. Clay
YAC members needed to help with set-up for September 21, International Day of Peace.  Place pinwheels around the lake.  Art Club and language clubs placing them around the lake like their seed of peace for a world at peace someday has to begin with me.

12:10 - 12:40 Sweat Monkey Webinar at the Computer Center


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