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Registration--Orientation--first days of school

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Friday, August 12, 2011

YAC Invitational: Saturday, August 20, 10-11:30, Woods Community Room

Plan the year
Make posters for Activity Fair-Assign responsibilities and duties
View the documentary, Peace one day (32 minutes)    FREE Peace One Day Education Resources.

The Day After Peace film for free at   .

Additionally, you can watch the Global Truce Introduce Film for free at .

It would be wonderful to hear how both teachers and students have responded to the Peace One Day Education Resources, as well as the films. It would also be great if you could update us with any plans you may have for Peace Day 2011, or perhaps let us know how you plan to begin your 365-day countdown to Peace Day 2012 – a Global Truce.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

YAC 2011-2012

2011-2012 Dates
Brainstormed planning 2011-2012. Contacted National Memorial Museum for Hope trunks. Respect Diversity, and UN Association of Greater Oklahoma on board for International Day of Peace at OCU.

July: Brainstormed main service-learning program global and inclusivity projects for September and June: Reconnected to Tierra de Ninos in Peru and World Leadership School for possible service-learning trip to Peru: Jungle: Tarapoto and Ollantaytambo (2nd and third week in June). Skyped with Youth LEAD for creation of Youth Service Interfaith Forum in collaboration with YMCA.

August: YAC Invitational: Peace one Day movie, Woods, Saturday, August 13 or 20, TBA by YAC leadership after checking schedules, 10-3 as tentative schedule with meal provided at local restaurant.  Chapel announcement to recruit members will invite students to Invitational.  Must stay the whole time. Planning first.  Movie second.

September: 7/1--7/11: Hope Trunks in Lower, Middle and Upper Division.  Peace Ambassador Exhibit

Sunday: 7/11: Remembrance: Collaboration with National Memorial Museum of Oklahoma: Hope Trunks, Ambassadors of Peace Exhibit, Youth LEAD training. Anti-Bullying Campaign. Respect Diversity Foundation, UN Association of Greater Oklahoma. Interfaith Forum, Global Citizens. Possible volunteer opportunity at Buddha Mind Fundraising Concert.  Skype at noon with Harvard graduate student, college of education.  Topic: Volunteering, Social Responsiblity and Change

September 13: Skype with Jeremy Gilley, Confirmed with Jeremy's assistant, Kayleigh, that we will be holding a Skype call on 13th Septemeber. The time will be
16.00 (4:00 p.m.)London time, 10 a.m. Central.

Saturdays, September 10 and 17th: Japan in a Suitcase for Casady

Wednesday 7/21: International Day of Peace at Casady and OCU in collaboration with Shinnyo-en Foundation Six Billion Paths to Peace (t-shirt sizes needed ASAP.) JASO, OCU Pinwheels for Peace, Respect Diversity Foundation, UN Association of Greater Oklahoma, Interfaith Forum.  We need to decide what we want to promote at Casady.  ONE IDEA: A minute of silence at chapel, human embrace with pinwheels around the lake.  Sing a song like

October: Casady Cans Do Food Drive?

November: Family Volunteering during Thanksgiving???

December: Interfaith Volunteering during December Holidays???

January: MLK Day: Monday January 16: Winter Sports construction project, volunteering at Food Bank, doing a green project???? speakers????

February: Random Acts of Kindness???, Guild of Saint George Collection, NAIS Conference in Seattle: Feb 29-March 2

March:Mrs. Clay will be spending Spring Break in Peru finalizing investigations for service trips to the jungle and ollantaytambo, Multicultural Week

April: NYLC National Service Learning Conference Minneapolis: April 11-14
National Volunteer Week: April 15-21: Presidential awards, Service Fair??, Chapel speeches?? Celebration Banquet,
Global Youth Service Day April 20-22 ???? Friday 20: Walk for Health, Saturday: 21 Volunteering at Food Bank, Sunday 22: Interfaith Forum at Casady??????

Earth Day: Sunday April 22: Street Clean-up ??? Interfaith Forum at Casady???

May: YAC Recognition and Celebration lunch with Community organizations??Senior "adios"

September: Service-Learning Program Project: Peace@ the Heart of Service

Casady Service-Learning will be participating in the 11 Days – 11 Ways Campaign! Motivate to act on issues of social justice, civic responsibility, and peace.

If you have any programs, events or actions, please post them on the Global Unity Calendar at  The WE Campaign & The United Religions Initiative:,

Focus Area(s)
Theme 1 – Unity,
Theme 3 – Environment,
Theme 8 – Human Rights,
Theme 11 – The International Day of Peace, Values, Ethics and Spirit
Peace, the heart of service

YAC Peace begins with me: September 11-September 21 (At Brainstorming stage)
1. Encourage Random Acts of Kindness daily
2. Provide quotes for a Better Life at daily announcements
3. Share JASO Anime Peace Movie: September 10 On a Paper Crane
4. Share JASO Anime Peace Movie: September 17: Paper Crane making
5. International Day of Peace : Pinwheels for peace making in Primary and Lower divisions, International Club MD, language and art classes Upper division
6. Plant a tree following ENO School guidelines 100 million trees by 2017
7. Interfaith, intergenerational volunteering at a non-profit on September 11.
8. International Day of Peace chapel speakers (Jeremy, Brannan, etc)
9. Volunteering with STUCO and YAC wherever they select
10. Volunteering at Boys and Girls Club and Britton Elementary
11. Volunteering at Vineyard and Canterbury

Skype with Jeremy Gilley, September 13th, 10:00 a.m. Central Time

Free educational resources:  (Udd....)

YOUTH LEAD OKC Brainstorming
Dear Friends: I am amazed about the work Youth LEAD is doing. Please see the two videos and read the attached information. I look forward to your feedback. Carmen Clay.  and  and read the below information.

1. An introduction to Youth LEAD: Inspiring and mobilizing youth leaders to reflect upon their values and beliefs, connect with others across differences, and act together to address local and global challenges.

2. A summary of trainings:  Training Goals and Objectives: Youth LEAD provides eight day-long skill sessions:

1. Communication (two modules)
2. Facilitation (three modules)
3. Project Management (one module)
4. Mentorship (one module)

Communication Module
Goal: To strengthen respectful communication among youth.
· Actively listen to the life experiences of others
· Respectfully communicate issues relating to their own identity
· Recognize common stereotypes, as well as their own personal stereotypes
· Identify challenges to pluralism in your own community

Managing Difficult Conversations Module
Goal: To learn new ways to respectfully engage in difficult conversations.
· Learn how to craft questions and other communication tools that invite people to communicate something new, rather than the “same old argument”
· Practice using these tools with “real life” examples
· Understand the definition of dialogue
-  Know when it’s helpful to use it
- Learn how it works
- Understand how the goals of dialogue differ from debate or just talking

Facilitation Module
Goal: To learn to facilitate modules and presentations.
· Speak comfortably in front of a group while facilitating activities in a professional manner
· Give and receive feedback in a self-affirming way
· Develop workshop templates and establish goals
· Lead small group discussions
· Use your personal story to connect with your audience

Advanced Facilitation Module
Goal: To learn advanced skills to lead modules.
· Facilitate modules and dialogues with relative ease
· Recognize and handle road blocks or difficult participants
· Give helpful feedback to others and utilize self-reflection

Dialogue Facilitation Module
Goal: To learn facilitation skills to lead structured dialogue.
· Understand facilitator role
· Review dialogue principles and qualities of well-crafted questions
· Practice setting up, running, and de-briefing a dialogue
· Monitor group process

Project Management Module
Goal: To develop skills essential to creating and implementing programs that cultivate pluralism.
· Generate a complete vision
· Create a detailed plan and execute that plan from start to finish
· Monitor progress and generate alternate plans when needed
· De-brief project successes and failures

Mentor Module
Goal: To provide adult mentors with tools to support teens.
· Prepare work plans and other strategic planning tools
· Turn difficult situations or “failures” into growth moments
· Strengthen active listening skills and recognize assets in all youth leaders
· Support the process without controlling the outcome

3. Links to the TIDE conference video  In May,130 people gathered at TIDE 2011, including one teen active in the Orange County Interfaith Youth Forum. He presented a brilliant workshop on Sikhism. Our vision is that teens from all over the country will present workshops, either on their faith tradition, service projects, or other identity related involvement.

I have additional information about program outcomes, including projects created by teens following pilots we conducted on Staten Island, NY and the Islamic Center of New England, but didn't want to overwhelm you with too much information. Let me know if you'd to know what other youth have created after taking part in the trainings.

I look forward to speaking with you again, hopefully with Joan and some youth after you've had a chance to talk together.

Janet Penn, Executive Director, Youth LEAD ~ Youth Leaders Engaging Across Differences,, +1 781-784-0651,
"Reflect, Connect, Act"

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