Sunday, February 24, 2013

First March Meeting Agenda, March 1

Food-4-Thought sent by Youth LEAD OKC CEO Shannon P.
Happy Multicultural Week!  Celebrate Diversity! Enhance your Cultural Competency

Sophomores and juniors attended. Fruits, nuts and drinks requested for next meeting

1F-5 Fest Update: Jessica G reported that due to liability issues, the babysitting fundraising was not going to take place.  Then, she open the floor for suggestions of activities. Sidney J. gave the idea of a volunteer fair during National Volunteer Week.  There were ideas of dance and game competitions.  Positive responses, but no concrete plans or committees taking responsibilities.  Jessica also reported that the International Club will be celebrating Multicultural Week next week and they are fundraising for F-5 Fest cause.

2. Saturday, March 2: UCO Multicultural Institute: 11 Days of Unity, Mrs. Clay requested greater ownership of this project from YAC.  She asked interested students to view her presentation and talk to her about working on this during the summer to have a plan to present to the administration at the beginning of the school year 2013-2014

3. National Volunteer Week Plans Tabled
a. April 19:  Chapel Speaker:  Mr. Josh Bottonly update of H2ope project and connection of college admissions, service, and celebrating volunteerism
b. Delivery of Presidential Awards
c. Method
d. Celebration

4. National Service Conferences: Tabled
a. NYLC: March, Denver, Co. One student expressed interest, but no follow-up
b. Youth LEAD, TIDE, The Wave of Change: Boston, Mass. 2 students expressed interest
c. National Conference on Service and Volunteering, June: Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Third February Meeting, February 22

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Agenda and minutes

Crossroads Hospice speaker and volunteer coordinator joined the meeting.  Sophomore and juniors were present.  No seniors or freshmen.  Welcome new member, Josh W.

1. F-5 Fest Approved:  What is F-5? What is F-5 Fest @ Casady?  Why F-5 Fest?


F-5: A fighter plane,,
An incredible tornado classification,

F-5 Festival: A new festival exploring the intersection of art, design and entertainment. Organized by passionate people who truly understand the value of community and creativity, F5 Festival seeks to be a meeting place for the brightest minds in the world.  Founded on the belief that true insight and lasting inspiration come from unexpected places. F5 fosters creative collisions,: those moments of lasting insight and inspiration that occur when we discover something unexpected. The two-day festival gathers creative directors, motion designers, filmmakers, digital artists, photographers, producers, interactive designers, graphic artists, agency executives, visual effects experts, musicians and industry visionaries—to name only a few. F5 is more than just the pulse of creativity; it is its heart.


Casady F-5 Fest Background:  Jessica G., YAC sophomore chair, wanted to promote service in the culture of our school and more intentional service collaborations across the lake with a project similar to BALTO or SWINE week.  During those weeks, at public schools, students have a series of fundraising activities for a chosen cause.

Jessica showed the BALTO Week video and opened the floor for ideas. Connections to STUCO, Gales, Art Club (t-shirt) contest were brought up.  What about if every club embraced a day?  Jessica stated that this year, we might not have a full week, but whatever we do, should be done WELL to insure sustainability of the events in the culture of the school.  Mrs. Clay stated to be watchful with the quality of the events,  being discouraging of anything that will waste food for entertainment when we have 700,000 Oklahomans under the poverty level, many experiencing hunger.  She also stated concern with using people for a quick laugh to earn dollars.  She hopes the organizers will make sure always focus on respecting human dignity and the fact that there are so many younger students watching to UD students as their role models.

It was very exciting to hear the enthusiasm for the idea.  The Crossroads Hospice guests stated, "The kids made us realized how little we did while we were in high school...  They made us wish we could go back and take  advantage of what was being offered, be more involved."

----------------------------------------- SWINE AND BALTO WEEKS --------------------------------------------

Jessica gave credit of the creative F-5 name to Jessika R.  Mrs. Clay stated that her first reaction to  F-5  was negative because of its connection to destruction, but after the above quick internet research, she sees it as massive inter-divisional positive effort to help a cause and develop relationships and positive leadership.  It is short, sweet, to the point and with many creative possibilities.   
As Jessica started her research for an organization to receive the funding from events with emphasis on relationship building, she first considered OATH,  After Mrs. Clay shared the below e-mail from Mrs. Carol Williams, Primary Division teacher, and remembering Bennett's mom moving chapel speech during STUCO's blood drive, Jessica decided to propose embracing helping Bennett H. and his family with F-5 Fest 2013 fundraising. 
Written Dec 28, 2012 10:07am: Carmen.  Below is some information about Bennett.  I hope this is what you need. Bennett Hanneman is 11 months old.  He is the son of Aimee and Ben Hanneman.  Mrs. Hanneman is the reading / learning specialist in the lower division here at Casady.   Adeline, Bennett's sister, is a pre-kindergarten student at Casady.  I have copied some information I received from Aimee after they received a diagnosis on Bennett.

Our hearts are breaking after learning the diagnosis for Bennett last week so this post has been most difficult to compose. The news is not good as the test results from Baylor indicate he is fighting an EXTREMELY RARE disease called Pearson(‘s) Syndrome. There appear to be less than 100 diagnosed cases worldwide! We are trying to wrap our minds around it and it’s extremely overwhelming. 
This is OUR explanation compiling some of the information his team of doctors provided for us. Pearson Syndrome is a rare multisystem disorder caused by mitochondrial deletions/mutations in cells throughout the body. (Mitochondria are small units responsible for energy production in the cells.) Mitochondrial disease causes cells to not be able to carry out their function and result in various symptoms. At present, for Bennett, it has been bone marrow failure and pancreatic malfunction. 
Most cases of Pearson Syndrome appear to be random occurrences instead of an inherited condition and Bennett’s is just that. Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for Pearson Syndrome other than to support the symptoms, which is what we have been doing and will continue to do. He will be dependent on red blood transfusions (which have been about every two weeks) to treat his anemia, We continue his daily dose of neupogen to stimulate white cell production. He’ll probably need more platelets at some point. He’ll continue taking his vitamins (A,D, E and K liquid). We’ve added enzymes to his daily routine in hopes that it will help him absorb more nutrients when he eats. 
 In Pearson Syndrome, disease problems tend to show up first in blood and the pancreas (like it has for Bennett), but the bad cells can already be in other organs and tissues in the body waiting for other difficulties to occur. His test results indicate only 20% of the cells in his body are normal leaving 80% that are compromised. So, it’s a “wait and see” situation to know what might happen next. 
As you might imagine there are and will continue to be enormous expenses involved in Bennett's ongoing care.  

The Hanneman's are a wonderful family that will truly be grateful for your help and support.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.  Carol Williams

The F-5 Fest received approval to fundraise from Mr. Philipson  three days ago with restrictions given by our business manager, "We're a go on having the babysitting event, but we run into a roadblock in making a fundraiser directly for the Hannemans--essentially, regardless of the tragic circumstances, if we're giving the money to a private individual, we're running a business and compensating somebody, and that has a number of implications regarding taxes, school policy, etc. " 
Bennett's family is going to designate the organization for F-5 Fest proceeds, but Mrs. France, MD Director told Mrs. Clay on 2/22/2013 that the Bob Stoops Champions Foundation will be matching what F-5 Fest events collect.  Mrs. France e-mailed "A benefit account to help defray Bennett's medical/care costs has been established at BancFirst locations.  Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so at any branch.  The account is listed under his name...Bennett Hanneman Benefit Account." 
For details and to share ideas about  Casady F-5 Fest 2013, contact F-5 Fest Chair @   UPDATE ON F-5 FEST 2013:  During lunch Jessica talked to Mrs. Seitter who said the Art Club would love to help. Jessica also talked to Sidney G. Sidney said she would love to draw something kinda like an emblem. Jessica will  give her the color scheme and other emblems from other schools. 
Jessica reported that the first possible event could be: babysitting fundraising on campus during the March 1, CPO Auction.   Jessica worked hard during the snow day making permissions, flyers and registration form to be ready.  The event was approved with reservations three days ago. A meeting with Mr. Sheldon, Division Heads, and Dean of Students about Jessica's Registration Form disclaimer is pending as well as responses from teachers who were asked to help supervise the event, a minimum of two required, besides Mrs. Clay.   
Mrs. Clay asked YAC for a round of applause for Jessica's effort and demonstration of thoughtful leadership.

Jessica needs as many teen helpers as possible because we have to have a ratio of 2 children per teen to insure safety and individualized attention of the kids under our care from 5:30-11:00 PM for a fee of $30 per child. Jessica passed her prepared volunteers signed up sheet. 
Mrs. Clay sent e-mails to key teachers in LD, PD, and UD to help Jessica supervise children and teens, and create age-appropriate activities, although Jessica already had a process at brainstorming stage.  Mrs. Clay will be supervising the whole event, but a minimum of two other teachers and possibly a nurse are required. 

Mrs. Clay request for help from teachers and nurse was not successful.  The babysitting event on campus was cancelled due to concern for the safety of the participants and liability issues.  Mrs. France, LD Director, suggested for the group of teens who signed-up to consider volunteering individually at the homes of interested parents attending auction and provide their individual proceeds  or a percentage to F-5 Fest. 
2.  Volunteer opportunity: -Apple Tree: Volunteers needed for Saturday. Help elderly and cast to connect.  Get service hours and free ticket to production.  Mrs. Clay requested volunteers because she is unable to attend the Saturday performance, 27 elderly expected to attend.  The YAC collaboration with the Drama Department will allow performers and back stage crew to receive service-learning credit.

Jessie R. will chair this service opportunity.  After school, she recruited, Maia K. to help her welcome and usher our elderly guests from the Statesmen Club at the Vineyard to Fee Theater. Jessie and Maia received thank you tickets to the performance for their gracious service.

Jessie delivered 27 tickets to the Vineyard's Activities Director and introduced herself to some of our  elderly guests who were enjoying a 50's gathering at the Vineyard.  Jessie stated to the guests that she welcomes to opportunity to help make their Apple Tree experience enjoyable and be there to share during the intermission and at the end of the performance. 

On Wednesday, at 11:30, members of the cast were ask to consider performing a couple of songs from The Apple Tree at the Vineyard. This is possible because Wednesday is UD Parent-Teacher Conference Day.

ITEMS TABLED until next meeting

-Great new Youth Boards available at

-National service learning conferences in March (Colorado), May (Boston) and June (Washington D.C.). Check details at

President's Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is the premier volunteer awards program, encouraging United States citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States through presidential recognition to live a life of service.

Your recognition inspires others to take positive action to change the world.

Served  and certified hours in a personal calendar year

50+ hours, age 14 or under
100+ hours age 15 or older
YOU qualify for the President's Volunteer Service Award. 

See Mrs. Clay this week to create a file at the awards website. 
Awards are ordered in the month of March and deliver during National Volunteer Week, April 21-27.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” Saint Basil (329-379); bishop of Cesarea
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YAC being RAK
POSSIBLE Field trips during Mid-Winter Break

Friday February 15, 10:00-1:00 lunch included: Oklahoma City Memorial Museum.  Text Mrs. Clay for details: 405-520-1325,

Monday, February 18: 10:00-5:00 lunch and snack included Chickasaw Cultural Center: Text Mrs. Clay for details: 405-520-1325,



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Miss Teen Oklahoma United States Volunteers for RAK WEEK

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Casady sophomore, Caitlin Costello is Miss Teen Oklahoma United States!

Caitlin will travel to Washington D.C. this summer to compete for the Miss Teen United States title. The areas of competition include interview with 5 judges, platform, evening gown and fitness. The dates of competition are July 2nd thru July 7th, and she will be marching in the 4th of July parade on Capitol Hill.

Caitlin has been doing volunteer work with various charities and has chosen the Infant Crisis Services Center as her platform. She hopes to raise awareness regarding hunger in our state as well as our country and the world. The United States Pageant System's national platform is Relay for Life.

Caitlin has never competed in a pageant before, but her sister who is 10 years older has competed for 7 years, so Caitlin has seen the process. Her sister Anna Marie has competed in many systems and won or placed on the state and national level. Anna Marie also applied for the Miss title and won.  Anna Marie and Caitlin will be making appearances and going to Washington D.C. together. Congratulations and best wishes to Caitlin and Anna Marie! 


At the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, we believe people should practice kindness every day, but during RAK Week, we hope you will go above and beyond to make others feel special. If you're going out to eat, pay for someone else's meal or give the server a big tip! If you are light on money, think about volunteering your time at a local charity (and during RAK Week, make a commitment to volunteer more than once). If you don't live near family or close friends, make an extra effort to reach out to them with a phone call or hand-written letter instead of a text or email. If you live near an animal shelter you can donate food, blankets, towels or old (clean) t-shirts. Whatever you do this week, let us know about it! When we share, it inspires others to go out and act! Send us a message at, tweet your story at #rakweek or post on our Facebook wall.
Monday, Feb 11—Smile at 10 strangers.
Tuesday, Feb 12—Buy something for the person in the line behind you.
Wednesday, Feb 13—Reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while.
Thursday, Feb 14—Bring a treat to a neighbor or your co-workers.
Friday, Feb 15—Donate your time or money to a local charity.
Saturday, Feb 16—Cook a healthy meal.
Sunday, Feb 17—Let someone go in front of you in line.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Second February Meeting Agenda

New Business

1. February projects;  Senior and Junior Chairs
-Guild of Saint George:  Tina made the announcement in chapel, but little response from student body, What can we do to help???  Mrs. Clay encouraged everyone to bring donations Monday.  There will be a great FAT Tuesday breakfast @ 7:00 a.m. at Calvert to thank Guild donors.

-Random Acts of Kindness Week: $0 budget  -- School wide---Sweet Weeks STUCO, who has news about this effort?  Is RAK Week in conflict or supporting their efforts?  Rebekah addressed the question and said that we were not in conflict.  She asked students to make posters for RAK WEEK before making the bags for Positive Tomorrows.  She said that Valentina and others not present will make the free hugs signs.  She did not mention if she cleared the activity with pertinent administrators.

The sophomore YAC participants tried to start making posters, but were called to place items in the bags for PT and time escaped.  No signs were made.  Mrs. Clay asked sophomore and senior chairs to communicate with members to have some made.  Jessica(did not attend meeting) wanted to do a RAK for firefighters.  Junior Chair, Katie said that she would follow-up on a RAK for firefighters.  Katie was not at the meeting, but saw Mrs. Clay during Spanish class when Mrs. Clay substituted for Mrs. Torres.  Mrs. Clay will place a "cuttie" in each teacher's mail box and will try to have signs made at Boys and Girls Club and during volunteering at the Food Bank on Satuday. 

Mrs. Clay called Mrs. Johnson, but no reply was received.  Since no one sign-up to help in the afternoon, the Rebuilding Together follow-up was cancelled.

-Valentines for Positive Tomorrows: Sophomore Team:  Budget left: $150.  Donations from dentist, a bag of pretzels and socks purchased by service-learning at Sam were placed in personalized bags.  Art Club will have cards finished Monday at the end of the day.   Mrs. Clay will go to Sam's Sunday to get socks for 4-6 grade and cutties.  Carleigh went home sick but plans to go shopping with Mrs. Clay before the Youth LEAD OKC meeting if she is well.  Hunter and Cathy did not help because they had a conflict with advisory lunch.

2. F-5 Festival or another name:  Sophomore Chairs Administration approval???
- Auction Baby sitting  No word about this from administration yet.
- Volunteer Shifts (1-3 hours):  Activities:  Recruited adults (2 more needed, Mrs. Clay will be one)
-Cheer Clinic

3. Projects with the elderly: Freshman Chairs No freshmen attended

Old Business
Tabled items from previous meetings
-Quilt for mothers auction in March
_ Bingo/Jeopardy game on calendar of Service by Points of Light Foundation
- Mrs. Clay read Sodexo/YSA grant proposals
****Soup in a YARD
****What do you bring to the table? Raise awareness of childhood hunger Generation on grant
**** Dinner in a Sack for hungry children

February 1, 2013 Meeting Agenda and minutes


New Business
Items from YAC Chairs
Seniors: Judy, Caitlin, Rebekah, Martin Judy and Rebekah were present.  Rebekah brought Kindness Week to the attention of the board.  Free Hugs on Valentine's Day was the idea most welcomed, but we were all encouraged to be extra nice that day.  Ideas must be cleared with administration.  Rebekah will connect to STUCO, we heard that there are plans for a SWEETS WEEK, but not sure what that is all about.
Juniors: Katie  and other juniors present liked the Free Hugs idea and will help make posters.  Katie also suggested taking doughnuts to firefigthers that day.  A YAC member suggested having breakfast items for the teachers.  Random Acts of Kindness Week is the Week of February 10-16 and the Senior and Junior Chairs will lead the effort.
Sophomores: Jessica, Sidney, Taylor, Jessika, Carleigh, Hunter (late): F-5 Fest or another name at approval stage, but encouraged by acceptance of babysitting for $20 on Auction Day.  Mr. Philipson has to check with other divisions and administrators before approval is grant.  Ideas:  March 1st possible activity, dodgeball tournament, cheer clinic, fashion show.  Students did not seem to understand the meaning of F-5.  Jessica explained and asked for other suggestions ...We will ask for a lunch meeting to finalize details and create committees at divisional levels...Cannot do anything until approval is granted
Freshmen: Ann, Katie No freshman chairs attended.  Mrs. Clay stated that they are working on a project with the elderly.  Looking forward to updates

Old Business
Mrs. Clay's items
1. Service opportunities at Casady Places to Serve Blog. Check the opportunities.  Mrs. Clay left a message at Mrs. Johnson, 427-3068.  Mrs. Johnson continues working with de-clatering.  Abby J.  might call Mrs. Clay to visit the Food Bank this Saturday.

2. Guild of Saint George Collection needs youth leadership.  Mrs. Clay's Study Hall placed flyers around campus.   Mrs. Clay asked for facilitators, but no one volunteered. Jack B. was going to try to get John Z. to take the leadership of this project and make a chapel announcement next week.  Or Tina will make chapel announcement on Tuesday.   An e-mail from Mr. Bright " Ann Zuk and I are planning the Food Drive for the Guild of St. George to go along with the Fat Tuesday Pancake Breakfast again this year.   The collection dates will be Thursday through Monday Feb. 7th to the 11th, and the pancake breakfast will be Tuesday Feb. 12th.  We have designated the Upper Division to collect toiletries again this year.  I am planning to send a push page to upper division students about the collection, and I will set up a collection box in the student center,  In the past we have not had much participation in this from UD students.  We thought perhaps through service learning or student council, some activity or incentive could be given to increase this.  We'd appreciate any support you can give this." 

3. Positive Tomorrows V-Day Cards, goodie bags (Art Club wants to do the decorating.  We will be responsible for getting dental hygiene items and other items in the bags)  We discussed making fleece blankets also.  Carleigh, Cathy, and Hunter will lead the effort  Dental and personal hygiene supplies are ready to be picked-up from Dr. Henderson's office. Ask for Dawn: 947-04-86.  Contact at Positive Tomorrows: Rachel 556-5082.  We need to make the gift bags with personal hygiene supplies and a pair of warm fuzzy socks for every student.  Sizes 5-10  3 pairs for $9.99 at Sams.  Only Cathy followed-up and made a budget of $200 for supplies in bags.  Carleigh stated after the meeting that we have time and personalizing the bags might be a nice touch.  Art Club already started making the cards.  Rachel sent the list of students and shoe sizes.  The delivery of cards and goodie bags with sacks and dental hygiene supplies will be Tuesday, February 12th at 3:00 pm.  YAC chairs with last period off will be able to deliver the cards and goodie bags.  Rachel asked for NO CANDY...they get too many donations of chocolate at this time of the year.

4. 2013 Calendar Game and YAC Chairs initiatives  Bingo game postponed until next week

d. Tabled Items from other meetings
Quilt for Mother's Auction
Colombian Service Connections (School, orphanage)
National Service-Learning Conferences-TIDE


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