Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Habitat House: Fundraising, framing, building a roof...

8517 Hurst Court, Hope Crossing (South on Kelly, from Kelly and Britton)

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Future Contruction dates and number of volunteers needed:

Saturday, Febuary 5 Decking (might need some young men to help lift heavy boards) 5:  Unable to attend do to weather

Saturday, Feb. 12, or 19? Exterior Painting 5-10: SPC weekend-most students gone to SPC.  Director will attend.  On the 19th, Director volunteering at Food Bank and facilitating meeting with Walk the World 2011 organizers.  Asking Mr. Pena to facilitate work for STUCO volunteers.

Saturday, Febuary 26 Sheet Rock 18-20

Saturday, March 5 Interior Paint 15-20

Saturday, April 2 Landscaping 20-25

? Dedication Everyone who can come

Friday, January 28, 2011

RAK Week Extreme Kindness Challenge: Our Ticket to a Kinder World.

For seven days during RAK Week, from February 14th - 20th, we invite you to take the Extreme Kindness Challenge. We will suggest a new Act of Kindness each day. Choose a time when it works for you to do the Act of Kindness, but be sure to do it at least once each day for seven days. (If you don't want to do our idea but do a challenge of your own, that counts too!)

Of course, doing good deeds now and then is good for the soul. Gratitude and generosity are part of positive living which can dramatically increase our overall wellness, helping us on our paths to optimal health.

While many people would dismiss this notion as quackery, touchy-feely girl stuff, or being overly spiritual – guess what – there’s scientific evidence that “being nice” is not only good for the soul, but it is HEALTHY for you, too!

A new study done at the University of California “challenges our long-held belief that humans are hard-wired to be selfish.” This isn’t necessarily true! Researchers involved in this study say that Darwin believed that “humans are successful as a species precisely because of our nurturing, altruistic and compassionate traits,” rather than the widely-accepted interpretation of Darwinism that is an “every man for himself” theory. The study states that hard science is showing that “the human capacity to care is mechanically wired into our brains and nervous systems.”

These scientists believe that the idea of selflessness could be the key to a longer life.

While this notion would make sense from a religious or spiritual standpoint, it might be surprising for many of you to learn that there is actual medical and scientific evidence to prove it on a more quantifiable level.

Selfless people - including volunteers and caregivers – appear to be “rewarded” with greater life longevity.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “Stephanie Brown, associate professor of preventive medicine at SUNY-Stony Brook, followed a group of older adults caring for family members with dementia and other illnesses. If they offered care more than 14 hours a week, they were less likely to die in a seven-year period than their peers.”

As I’ve mentioned in past entries, being grateful can also be healing. It creates positive thoughts which increase endorphins in the body – and these endorphins are medically-proven natural pain relievers! (They are also released during exercise!)

Recent academic studies that being grateful and selfless or generous go hand-in-hand, and also create a healthier mind-body connection….and if it won’t reduce your physical pain, it will at least help you cope with the emotional struggles that go along with chronic illness, in addition to reducing stress!

...We should practice selflessness at all times of year, and not just at Thanksgiving or the winter holidays. It can’t hurt, and will help others while helping ourselves, too! After all, if you “pay it forward,” you never know what will come back to you – and the prospect of a longer life? That sounds like a pretty good deal, too!

Many may then question, if this is all true, how a nice person could be stricken with illness if being kind is, in fact, healthy. Well just think: that person’s condition(s) may be much worse off if they WEREN’T a positive and/or selfless person! Food for thought ♥

Leave a comment and tell us how you’re “doing good” or “paying it forward!” We’d love to hear the effects that this positive experiences have had on you physically, mentally, or emotionally! After all, health is about ALL components of our being – mind, body, and spirit!

Let’s Move Together towards a happier and healthier life!
Visit the Foundation for a Better Life:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YAC training with LD Run to Remember, Kids' Marathon

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Under the leadership of Ms. Turner, 10 LD students, Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Johnson, D.J. and Reshwan started training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Kids' Marathon.  The group must walk or run 25 miles before May 1, 2011 when they will join the Kids' Run to Remember.

Here are the times for our running club today (each time is for one mile run)-
Cate V.- 10:55, indoor training 1.5 miles
Madelyn L.- 8:55, indoor training 1.5 miles
Matthew G.- 13:51, indoor training 1.5 miles
Edward P.- 14:05, indoor training 1.5 miles
Kyle C.- 8:59, indoor training 1.5 miles
Dylan D.- 7:59, indoor training 1.5 miles
James V.- 9:03, indoor training 1.5 miles
Colby S- 8:44, indoor training 1.5 miles
Parker G.- 10:06, indoor training 1.5 miles
Ford W.- 10:13, indoor training 1.5 miles
Mrs. Clay- 12:00, indoor training 1.5 miles
Mrs. Johnson- Walked a mile, did not attend
D.J.- Walked a mile, did not attend
Reshwan-will walk a mile this week, did not attend
First Meeting with LD Kids Marathon runnersThanks again so much for joining us!! I am very thankful to have such a wonderful group of people to work with and I know this is going to be an incredibly successful club :O) Kelly Turner  2nd Grade Teacher, 405.749.3141,

Second Meeting with LD Kids Marathon runners: It was too cold to run outside. Miss Turner presented a You Tube trainer. The trainer taught us how to run and strecht properly. Then Miss Turner trained with us watching a DVD with the trainer of the Biggest Loser Miss Turner won on a radio contest, which she uses for her personal training. We had a wonderful workout.

From Matinee with a Purpose to "Pay it Forward" Collaborative art project

Devin, Mrs. Pargeter, and Mrs. Clay previewed the movie "Pay it Forwad" on MLK Day as part of the matinee with a purpose.  In the month of February, in the Pay it Forward fashion, to inspire random acts of kindness, friendship and issue the MLK 25 challenge (25 acts of service in 2011), YAC and the art club are sponsoring a collaborative art project.  Students can come at any time they are free to leave their artistic contribution through drawings, words, poetry, etc, on Devin's Giant Pinwheel or the two doves provided by the Respect Diversity Foundation.  Finished art work will be displayed at the Omniplex in March

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Peace Tree: Inspiration for Respect Diversity Annual Exhibit decorating project

From cultural collisions to cultural understanding to give peace someday a chance

Friday, January 21, 2011


On Monday, President Obama and the First Family honored Dr. Martin Luther King with a visit to Stuart Hobson Middle School, where they took part in a mentoring project organized by Greater DC Cares' Mentoring Matters Initiative. The President said a few quick words: "Dr. King obviously had a dream of justice and equality in our society, but he also had a dream of service, that you could be a drum major for service, that you could lead by giving back to our communities. And that's what this program is all about and that's what these participants are all about. Michelle and I the girls are extraordinarily proud that each year on Martin Luther King's birthday this is how we celebrate, is making sure that we're giving a little something back to the community. And I hope that all the projects that are taking place all across the country on this day are getting similar attention, because this is part of what America is all about. And after a painful week where so many of us were focused on tragedy, it's good for us to remind ourselves what this country is all about."

CNCS also released The King Legacy of Service 25th Anniversary video that tells the story of how the MLK federal holiday has evolved into a national day of service that brings Americans together to solve community problems. Featuring service leaders and civil rights luminaries such as Congressman John Lewis, Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery, and Ruby Bridges, this video reminds us of the importance of keeping Dr. King's legacy of service alive and challenges us to make service a part of our lives - every day of the year.

In order to encourage ongoing service throughout the year, CNCS launched the MLK 25 Challenge - a call to all Americans to honor Dr. King by pledging to take at least 25 actions during 2011 to make a difference for others and strengthen our communities. From something as simple as cleaning a neighborhood park to a more intensive commitment such as becoming a mentor, the key is to give of yourself in some way to help others. You may want to volunteer in a range of efforts, or make a sustained commitment to a single cause. There is no shortage of work to be done, or lack of ways to get involved. Follow your passion, and find something that's right for you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20, YAC Meeting Agenda-posponed due to weather

1. YAC connected to MLK's Dream:

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2. CLASS MEETINGS: 9th and 10th: YAC, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Korenblit
-April 12 will work for me. I prefer to work with all 150 students at once. The title of this workshop is The art of HAIKU- - Throughout the Day. They will need pen and paper.  Warm regards, Joan
How about Monday, April 4, with the 9th graders for Dances of Universal Peace? Elizabeth Mueller> Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the Hunter.~African proverb
As unexpected as this is (and disappointing!!), these are not available dates for me due to teaching and travel. Thank you for the gracious invitation. Wishing you great success! Cheryl Steele
Only Mrs. Webb has not responded

Monday, January 31,
Tuesday, February 8,
Friday, February 18,
Monday, February 28
Tuesday, March 8
Friday, March 25

Monday, April 4: 9th graders for Dances of Universal Peace? Elizabeth Mueller> Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the Hunter.~African proverb

Tuesday, April 12---National Volunteer Week:  Mrs. Joan Korenblit-9th and 10th graders  April 12: Celebration of Service: YAC connected to YOU at Chapel; April 13: Presidential Service Awards-Ice Cream celebration at Woods Community Center; Ben and Jerry Ice cream provided by CPO, April 14: Chapel speaker: Mr. Gene Rainbolt, April 15: YAC, STUCO, String Quartet, Foreign Language Department, Middle Division, Upper Division, Lower Division, Primary Division, JASO, Shinnyo-en, Habitat, Food Bank, Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum, Habitat, Food Bank, Mr. John Kennedy, Mr. Chris Black, Dr. Sumeeta Nanda, Green School Committee: Les and Christina thank you lunch (B-block and lunch:  Check to make sure, it is on an F-Day.  Send save the date notices)

Wednesday, April 20
Monday, May 2
Tuesday, May 10
Wednesday, May 18
Thursday, May 26

3. YAC connected to STUCO: Habitat work days: Saturday Construction, YAC-STUCO fundraiser?
4. YAC connected to Relay for Life-Team with Mrs. Milligan as facilitator
5. YAC connected to Food Bank Saturday Service & Walk the World Fundraiser: Christine F.
6. YAC connected to National Volunteer Week:
-Global Youth Service Day-
-Grant for Walk the World-Christine F.
7. YAC connected to National Youth Leadership Conference
-Presentation with Shinnyo-en Foundation: Actualizing 6bptp daily
8. YAC connected to Multicultural Week-Caitlin
9. YAC connected to Earth Day-Rebecca
10. YAC reflection and evaluation of 2010-Mrs. Clay
11. YAC connected to Respect Diversity Foundation Exhibit at the Omniplex-Devin
12. YAC connected to Casady Annual Giving Thank-a-thon-12th grade in need of hours

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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WITNESS FORUM: BACKGROUND: On his way back from a funeral, Mr. Miano stopped at the MLK library and purchased "The Witness." He provided the film to Mrs. Clay who asked YAC if they would be interested in viewing it in collaboration with our Debate team and Multicultural Club. YAC sponsored a successful  "Matinee with a Purpose" in September and when Mrs. Clay received information about a new initiative sponsored by the Hands on Network, MLK Community Cinema Event, she connected the witness to an effort to provide a MLK educationally enriching experience through film.

Mrs. Clay asked Dr. Gerard if the debaters would like to sponsor a"point counter point experience" on MLK to build capacity for YAC and Multicultural Club. After pertinent administrative permissions were granted, participation on the Witnesss Forum was offered to MCC,YAC, and Debaters. YAC wished to offer it to the entire UD, but cost of pizza and students not competition with off campus made YAC narrow the scope of participation.

THE DOCUMENTARY: The Witness from the Balcony of Room 306 is a documentary on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The documentary is filmed from the point of view of the Reverend Samuel "Billy" Kyles, who witnessed Dr. King's assassination. Directed by Adam Pertofsky, The Witness From the Balcony of Room 306 was nominated in 2009 for an Oscar in the Best Documentary Short Subject category

WITNESS FORUM AT CASADY SCHOOL:  After viewing the documentary, Mr. Miano, Dr. Gerard, and Mr. Wiley shared their personal experiences of where they were, how old they were and how they reacted to the news. Mr. Wiley proceeded to share how MLK's dream is managed by foes and friends of MLK's vision. Debaters, led by Jake P. connected the dream to poverty, economics, power and war in a reflective "point-counter point" discussion.

Dr. Gerard stated, "The forum provided an opportunity for the debate team to get outside of the unique and highly specialized world of policy debate and use their skills in a different way to promote the sharing of ideas and perspectives in the broader Casady community. I appreciate the efforts of all who took the time to participate and look forward to future opportunities to partner with these other campus groups to discuss ideas that are important to the advancement of our community and society."

Viewing of the documentary film provided by Mr. Miano, took place Wednesday, January 19, B-block and Lunch at Woods Community Center. YAC and Multicultural Club provided funding for the lunch. Drinks came from LD Bingo Night donation for MLK Day activities. 28 students and faculty participated: Adam A., Garner G., Jake P., Catherine W., Layne T., Khadija H,. Macy M, Zainab S, Aamina S, David R, Jerry L, Grace G, Defne A, Dr. Gerard, Mrs. Clay, Mr. Miano, Mrs. Miano, Reshwan L, Alizay P, Christine L, D. J. W, Mr. Wiley, Rebecca R, Caitlin A, Johnesha H, Tina R, Leah L., and Rebekah D.

Mr. Wiley and Mr. Kelly are reviewing the movies provided by the Hands on Network. YAC will consider future viewings in collaboration with Social Studies, Debate, and interested clubs in February, March, April and May as part of Black History Month, Random Acts of Kindness Week, National Volunteer Week, Earth Day, and Global Youth Service Day.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

8:00-8:15: Group gathered at Bennett. STUCO President, Liz B. welcomed everyone stating that this was the house we were fundraising for this year. Coach Moore transported everyone to 8517 Hurst Court at Hope Crossing Addition. South of Britton and Kelly.
Special thanks to coach Moore for driving the bus and YAC member Cecil Ray for facilitating this opportunity.
8:30-9:00: Mrs. Anne Felton CEO of Habitat welcomed the Casady group (25 students and faculty. Some like Mr. Huestis and Mr. Halpern joined the group on site) who were helped by 9 Americ Corp members and 7 Habitat staff which included the owner of the house and a friend.
9:00-12:00: Cyclones received instructions and framed the home in a bitter cold morning.
12:00-1:00 Pizza lunch provided by the Upper Division Director, Mr. Peter Huestis, was managed by YAC member Cecil Ray. Cecil and coach Hofer provided water in coolers for the volunteers. YAC provided animal cookies as snacks. Extra pizzas were shared with our grounds crew and Americ Corps.
1:00-3:00 Framing continued. Mr. Chris Hern, Habitat Volunteer Coordinator, stated that the Cyclones were doing a great job and he expected to be finished earlier than 3:00 p.m.
The Casady bus returned to Bennett at 2:30. Great job, Cyclones!
Casady Site Supervisors: Coaches, Mr. Pena, and Mr. Huestis, Habitat Contact Person: Chris Hearn; Cell: 409-5557. Facilitated by YAC member Cecil R. and YAC senior chair, Johnesha H. We will be framing the house STUCO is fundraising to build in 2011. Cost of a house: $75,000. 24 cyclones participated with 15 Americ Corps, and 7 Habitat volunteers: Students, coaches, and Habitat Crew

Casady’s Green

9:00-3:00: Challenge 20/20 Green Team YES @ Woods Community Center

8:30-9:00 Salman greeted facilitators and helped set-up

9:00-12:00 Mrs. Christina Stallings from Project Learning Tree and Oklahoma Green Schools Committee led a carbon footprint calculator exploration. Oklahoma Green Schools will recommend the calculators chosen by the Casady Green Team YES to interested students and teachers participating in the Oklahoma Green School Program

12:00-1:00 Mrs. Zesiger ordered the Pizza lunch for all volunteers at Casady School. Student volunteering at other venues on our campus came to eat lunch at Woods Community Center. 3 pizzas were delivered to Into the Woods rehearsal.

1:00 – 3:00 Energy Audit of Woods rooms was facilitated by Mr. Les Pace, also a member of the Green Schools Committee and CEO of Partnership in Environmental Education Foundation. Mr. Pace demonstrated how to use the Green Schools tools from the Tool Kit. He also provided assistance to 7th grader, Katie Z. with her science fair project. Mr. Pace attended brought materials for Katie's booth.

TRAINERS: GREEN SCHOOL COMMITTE MEMBERS: Carbon Footprint Calculator, Christina Stallings, Project Learning Tree Coordinator, 405-522-6158, work cell # 405-227-8858, Energy Audits: Mr. Les Peace, CEO of Partnership in Environmental Education Foundation, Casady Site Supervisor : Mr. Mark Delgrosso. 3 high school students, 3 middle school students, 2 Upper Division Faculty and 2 trainers participated


Adult Participants:
Adult 1:
I learned calculations of carbon footprint and about websites with carbon footprint calculators. I learned how to use different tools used by Green Schools. I learned what is good lighting in a room and what are good values for CO2, temperature and relative humidity. It was important because calculating carbon footprint can help determine ways to reduce it and measure change to evaluate. Values given can help evaluate present use and suggested use. The data presented was very good and we have very knowledgeable resource speakers. To improve, there is a need of more practical measurements so students can actually learn how to use the tools. Divide students in groups to measure values and compare.

Adult 2
Salman Hamid and Shiva Bhupatiraju both attended the Green Team workshop on MLK Day. During this day-long event they were shown various websites for energy auditing and asked to audit them in terms of ease of use, etc. They were given information on simple measures for easing our environmental impact here on campus (e.g., beginning a composting program).
The latter part of the workshop was an introduction to some simple ways of improving both the efficiency, quality, and ultimately the costs of just the lighting here on campus. With this information in hand it was discussed that proposals be made to both administration and maintenance that some of these improvements be made and/or programs initiated.

MD students:
Student 1: This morning we learned about our carbon footprint and how we can improve our carbon footprint. We found our carbon footprint by taking quizzes online. I can improve a lot like have a compost bin, have a garden, and recycle more. This afternoon, we learned about the lighting system in our school. Also we learned how to get a better lighting system. We took notes and used tools to find out what we need to do differently. I really liked how we could interact with the lessons we got. I really got it when I found out that I could do a lot of really small things to help, but they would make a big impact on the world.

Student 2: I did a quiz to find out my carbon footprint and gave a presentation over the website I took the quiz over. I learned that most of the rooms we take tests in don't have good lights. So we cannot read the test and we could mistake a 5 for a 6. That could affect our grade. I also learned that I could improve my recycling. My aha moment was when I was taking the quiz in the morning and I knew I should start a composting station which will be easy to do.

Student 3: I learned how to use machines and that every little thing counts. It is important because it is our life. Everything was presented very well. We can improve by going to the website that we went to during the workshop. I learned about machines and why it is important to do the green team. In my aha moment I realize that every little thing counts and if we do more things every day, we can change the world.

High School students

Student 1: I learned different ways to save energy and improve the classroom environment. One thing I think was an important subject was the effect in finance and performance that little changes could, a those changes, if we put them into an active status, we could really benefit all together in all circumstances. That is what really counts for you and everyone around you.

Student 2: Today, we worked on understanding energy usage. I learned how much energy and money we use from something as simple as light. The explanation on working with creative alternative ways could have been better. The most amazing moment was when I learned that classrooms have too much C02, which basically bugs people and affects people's concentration.

A teacher and a student did not reflect.  The facilitators did not give feed back yet.
10:00 a.m-12:00 p.m. Snacks for Boys and Girls Clubs @Student Center. 
9:30-10:00 Christine helped Mrs. Bell set-up
To our surprise 12 LD kids with their moms attended the making of healthy Trail Mix Bags for Boys and Girls Club. Thank you to the LD Bingo Night for a great donation of cookies and drinks, enjoyed by all volunteers attending MLK Day at Casady School and the MLK Witness Forum
Supplies provided by the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. What was programmed to take a couple of hours with Christine K. and a couple of high school volunteers, took 30 minutes. Snacks will be delivered to Boys and Girls Club Tuesday after school by Casady Dance Club members who have volunteered at the club for 4 years. Casady Dance Club members were volunteering at Habitat and the MLK Day Parade.
Collaboration with Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Kids Cafe. Facilitator(s) of the opportunity and supplies: Debbie Bell, 972-1111, Ext 102, Kids Cafe, Director and Freshman YAC Chair, Christine L. 12 LD students, 3 high school students, and a trainer participated

10:30-12:00 Reading for the Visually Impaired @ the Cochran Library
Caitlin and Mrs. Clay had electronic difficulties which were solved with the help of Christine and Zainab. A middle division teacher helped train students and parents on how to use the recording device on loan from the Library from the Visually Impaired and Handicapped Library
10:30-12:00: 12 LD students, 1 MD teacher, and 4 UD students and one student from Edmond North attended this session. Volunteers of all ages came to the Cochran Library were Service-Learning Books awaited for them to choose them. While an adult was recording the first book, due to the unexpected number of volunteers and the young age of the children, Mrs. Clay provided a Prizi presentation of NEW View Oklahoma (organization where tapes will be delivered) and the Library for the Visually Impaired. Then, Caitlin read her favorite book to the children and Mrs. Clay took the ones not recording to the Student Center for drinks, cookies and a lesson in Spanish. Caitlin helped students wanting to record a book back to the library. Caitlin ended the activity recording a tape with her family.
Facilitated by Casady Service-Learning Director, Carmen Clay and YAC senior chair, Caitlin A. 4 high school students, 12 LD students, 2 trainers participated

10:00-2:00 Musical Rehearsal with Mrs. Crossno, Fee.
Musical will provide free admission to elderly residents of the Vineyard and Boys and Girls Club. Students rehearsed from 10:00-2:00 in Fee with Mrs. Crossno, Mr. Riley, and Mrs. Taylor. Rehearsals until 4:00 p.m. at another location due to Matinee with the Purpose project happening at Fee. We are all looking forward to the musical. YAC donated 3 lunch pizzas to the rehearsals.
Facilitator: Mrs. Crossno. Speaking roles.  Contact Mrs. Crossno.  20 students and three facilitators participated

2:30 -4:30 Matinee with a purpose @ Fee and Student Center
Devin J. and Mrs.Clay set-up for the art experience at the Student Center after the film “Pay it Forward” which was shown in Fee. Only Miss Pargeter attended the viewing of the film and the art activity was postponed until Thursday when Casady YAC will view parts of Pay it Forward and start decorating the Doves and the Giant Pinwheel. The cookies provided by the Casady Chef, Mrs. Thomas were shared with the grounds staff. Some were kept to take to Boys and Girls Club and/or YAC meetings. 1 high school student, and 2 teachers participated



A story of town coming back to harmony and prosperity

MLK Parade: D.j. volunteered there. Many other Cyclones volunteered at other personal venues. Thank you Cyclones for participating on MLK Day YAC organized opportunities or creating your own random act of kindness and service on MLK Day, National Day of Service.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amy Petty will be a guest speaker at Casady

Caitlin, Reshawn, and Becca wanted Amy to speak at chapel. Below is one of Caitlin's favorite inspirational videos. Thank you survivors for your messages of hope brought to your hearts and ours from the kindness and humanity in the actions of the rescuers and volunteers. Thank you Caitlin for bringing us a message of hope for a world at peace someday with this video.

Garth Brooks video: The Change from Tim Miller on Vimeo.

YAC meeting, January 11: Woods CR, B-block

Participants: Johnesha H. It was an out to lunch day and nobody else remembered.
Tomorrow: Dr. Steele: Reshwan, Zainab....Johnesha is waiting to get her voice back. Mrs. Clay will e-mail speeches to Reshwan and Zainab. Johnesha will talk to Reshawn.

Tonight: B-Game Fundraiser: If Johnesha's name is drawn, she will give her best to make the basket and donate the money on behalf of YAC to Stuco and Habitat.

Thursday: Caitlin and maybe Rebecca will introduce Amy Petty

Friday: Caitlin, Aamina and Johnesha(if voice ok, otherwise we will try Alisay to make sure all seniors had an opportunity to speak) will introduce President Robert Henry. Copies of presentation were delivered to Johnesha and Aamina. Mrs. Clay will send a copy to Caitlin via e-mail.

Advertisement of MLK Day opportunities in Chapel:
Johnesha will talk to Caitlin and work a schedule to advertise opportunities personally.

How many YAC members are volunteering at MLK Day? After chapel meeting tomorrow. Johnesha will lead the 1 minute meeting.


Cecil needs to order pizza with help from Mrs. Milligan. We need to remind Mr. Huestis to bring water! Garbage bag to collect plastic water bottles. We need to have a YAC person signing in everyone who wants credit (Johnesha will take care of this). Mrs. Clay will provide sign-in for credit clip boards for every bus. There should be a YAC member taking pictures with personal camera. Mr. Curt Foster said that he would video tape and take pictures. Some YAC member has to remind him.
On Wednesday or Thursday F day after MLK Day during B-block and lunch at the Woods Community Center, Pizza provided by YAC for YAC and debaters, and MCC will provide pizza for 15: 15 debaters were asked to have a forum on the video The Witness. YAC and Multicultural Club will be asked to be the audience. 10 YAC(30), Multicultural Club (10) 55 max. Expected 30, less if on Wednesday

One more speaker-Thursday, a former classmate of Mrs. Clay graduate of Class of 73-74, Joe Williams????

From now to Friday: Mrs. Clay needs to talk to other MLK Day YAC facilitators

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Casady's Habitat House 2011 and memories from Pre MLK day week and MLK day 2010

Casady Student Council kicked-off fundraising for the Habitat House Casady will build in 2011 with a Coffee House before the Christmas Break.  The event promoted a good time listening to amazing musicians, singers, and comediants.  STUCO leadership chose Haiku poetry to introduce the performers.  At the end of the evening, STUCO fundraised close to 10% of the cost of the house which is $75,000.  The next fundraiser will take place at the annual high light of the basketball season, the Heritage versus Casady basketball game.  Why Habitat?  STUCO President, Liz B. presented the following video at chapel this week in collaboration with YAC chair, Caitlin A. and Framing of the Casady Habitat House YAC facilitator, Cecil R.


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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

YAC promotes Sweatmonkey as new way to plan, report, reflect, and certify hours

Senior YAC Chair, Caitlin A. welcomed all grades, during class meeting time, January 4, 2011, at Fee Theater for a webinar introduction of SweatMonkey. Pia Simeoni, Marketing Sweatmonkey manager, from her desk in Chicago, provided the training.  SweatMonkey is a website created by a high school student to manage service hours, certify them and create a 24/7 service resume/portfolio.  Freshman YAC member, Christine L. was introduced as the Casady Sweatmonkey intern and "to go YAC member" with questions about Sweatmonkey. 

Mrs. Clay interacted with students during Pia's webinar adding examples of forms available at Sweatmoney now, like the Habitat for Humanity Releases, and Habitat Service Saturday construction dates;  why to document (even via photography), and the importance of reflection for personal growth, job search and college applictations.  Mrs. Clay briefly mentioned the role Casady YAC will have as SweatMonkey Ambassadors promoting SweatMonkey to Oklahoma High Schools, Community Organizations and colleges and universities once we get the collaboration well established at Casady.

Sweatmonkey is provided free of charge to everyone until the month of July when new features will be made available. After July 2011, Casady Service-Learning will pay a fee of $200 per year to operate the system.  The site will continue to be free of charge for community organizations and students. 

Find the 30 minute webinar provided by Sweatmonkey here.  For a shorter version go to the Casady Website. 
DON'T WAIT FOR AN INVITATION TO REGISTER, DO IT NOW!  WHY Sweatmonkey:  Planning service, reporting hours, certifying hours made easier and paperless.  Online 24/7 service record/portfolio/file/resume


Monday, January 3, 2011

YAC meeting 1/3/11

Welcome back, students!
Check casady website for a tutorial on how to set up your SM account. (academics -> Service Learning -> Scroll down to a youtube video)
attendance: adam h, salman, christine l, zainab, aamina, johnesha, caitlin a.
FedEx 12/30/10 review
-looking for introductions
Mon: DJ
Tues: Johnesha
Wed: Zainab
Thurs: Caitlin A.
Fri: Aamina
thank you!
Review Planning for Monday
Movie MLK day: check with Devin and Ms. Pargeter
Reading for the visually impaired:
-Posted by your friendly neighborhood YAC yaks-

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year of the Rabbit

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We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.–Edith Lovejoy Pierce, poet (1904-1983)

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. –Oprah Winfrey, American television host, actress, producer, and philanthropist (b. 1954)


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