Friday, August 31, 2012

11 Days of Unity: 9/11-9/21 International Day of Peace

Service-Learning Experiences for 11 Days of Unity

Fridays @ Boys and Girls Club: 11 Days of Unity.
Goal: Raise awareness of 11 Days of Global Unity through videos and art activities

9/11: UD Chapel: Speaker:  Professor Dan May, Wimberly School of Religion

UNITY: Remembrance: Voices: 14 minutes

Service: Pinwheels for Peace @ Boys and Girls Club.
Goal: Advocacy for non-violence in schools, homes, the playground. Youth Coalition to reducing violence around them. Commitment to a self-patrolled path to peace footprint through acts of intentional kindness.

Peace one day, global truce on violence-Student Coalition Peace One Day Education

Middle Division SEE Program visits Memorial site

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Re-inventing YAC, Invitational @ Starbucks and Clubs Fair

After a senior chairs meeting at our annual, YAC invitational, which in 2012 took place at Starbucks, the YAC leadership decided to re-invent YAC as "A Club that you make it be what you want it to be."  Attendees were senior chairs, Rebekah and Caitlin.  Martin, a new senior joined the invitational to explore YAC as a possible club.

In a reflective time to introduce Martin to YAC, Rebekah stated" You make YAC what it needs to be. The answer to what YAC stands for was provided by Salman'14: You-nite A Community" The Why? was stated by Chandler'12 and Zainab'12 in a poster they made for Clubs Fair 2011: "Find your Passion to Help.  The How for YAC 2011-2012 developed organically as stated at  Finally, Martin was told that reasons to join YAC varied from "making a difference to opportunity to meet people and get service hours."

Senior YAC Chairs, Rebekah, Caitlin, Tina, and Martin found the perfect treats to attract over 100 possible members to YAC at the Clubs Fair 2012.  They also decided to be more proactive at bringing YAC to the student body through chapel speeches they will be instrumental in making from time to time. 

Somewhat, YAC became the hub for PASS also at the Clubs Fair.  Homemade cookies and international candy donated by Super Cao Nguyen-Marti's idea-, attracted teens of all grade levels.  Special thanks to the YAC senior chairs for manpowering the booth and to Mrs. Clay for documenting the fair for reflective purposes.

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YAC now awaits the go ahead for the first meeting to take place in September.  Desired date is Thursdays during B-block.  The agenda for that meeting is a welcome and a survey of what, why and how YAC 2012 in post-t notes to have the pulse of what motivates the people who attend the first meeting. 

Mrs. Clay, the YAC sponsor and service-learning director is proposing to YAC the observance of the 11 days of unity - Days of remembrance and service starting with doing something to thank our firefighthers and police for keeping peace in our cities and then on the 21 of September, observing some kind of activity to show YAC's connection to the Global Truce on Violence as a concrete demonstration of YAC adherance to advocating intentionality in self-patroling apersonal  commitment to non-violence peace footprint.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

YAC 2012-2013

What is YAC?

YAC turns ideas into action.  It is an intergenerational service club that aims to help students find their passion to help the community.  YAC also provides and supports collaborative services experiences. Students who join this club receive hours for participation, reflection and evaluation of experiential community based service-learning. The club will not start functioning until after Activities Fair which will take place August 23, 2012

Why YAC?
Youth voice and choice in decision making of community-based service projects from from brainstorming to action.  YAC's passion to make a difference in 2012-2013

How YAC in 2012-2013?
Reflect, Connect, Act...From Youth LEAD, Sharon

Project Planning Tool Kit 

Academic Service-Learning Project Planning Tool Kit

Tool Kit for Service-Learning Partners


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