Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Videos about the Food Bank
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunger Facts

From GenerationOn:
In the U.S., 49 million people live on the brink of hunger.
They do not know how they will get their next meal.
Today close to a billion people worldwide are hungry and 16,000 children die of hunger each day.

We are now part of Schools Fighting Hunger:  
1 in 4 kids in the U.S. don't know where their next meal is coming from. Child hunger knows no bounds and can be found throughout the country, in any state, in every community and even in our own school. ConAgra Foods® is partnering with Schools Fight Hunger—which brings together America's schools and their families to end hunger - and thousands of schools across the country in a nationwide effort to end child hunger once and for all. Casady can help make a difference.

Casady YAC 5th meeting: Monday, October 25, 12:25-Woods Community Room

Agenda: Meeting cancelled due to longer chapel. YAC chairs contacted to send agenda and start working on Casady Cans Do Food Drive.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Casady YAC's 5th Meeting: Monday October 18, B-block

NO meeting, Advisory during B-block

Youth Agenda
1. Senior Chairs agenda
2. Report from Salman: NAIS Green Team YES:  Recycling, Carbon Footprint, Energy Audit and NYLC conference
3. Report from Emily:  Relay for Life
4. Report from Chandler:  Knitting for Soldiers
5. Report from Jessica and Mrs. Clay: Wings

Mrs. Clay Agenda
1.  What is the new meaning of YAC:  YOU-nite a Community, -Intergenerational Service Council-

2. Casady Cans Do: See videos of Food Bank-Place posters around school of Service Saturdays at the Food Bank.  Report on Food Bank Saturdays: 3 students attended.  1 YAC member-Christine L.  Schols and Kids fighting hunger:, Huddle to Fight Hunger: N. suggested an extra priviledge day competition instead of the out of uniform incentive.  Liz N. suggested Food-4-Food incentive.  People who bring cans get a package of fruit snacks. 

Regarding gaining greater understanding of why to give, Mrs. Clay suggested the formation of a new committee, a chalked statistics committee.  This group will be responsible for writing statistics they pick about why to address hunger in our city, especially childhood hunger.  The discussion has been about one or several statistics per day.  From a marketing point of view, one per day is recommended by Mrs. Clay.

Mrs. Clay also suggested a partnership with new stores to see how they can help our efforts to increase donations to the food bank.  Liz will speak to people who have connections to those stores.  Every class could have a partner store, example:
Seniors: Whole Foods
Juniors: Famers Market
Sophomores: Crest
Freshmen: Wall Mart

3. Create Edmodo account.  Then use the code m5s70w to join the YAC group. become a member of this blog

4. YAC Facebook...Who will be responsible for updating it

5. YAC Training Saturdays in October-November-December at a non-profit with combined service projects:  Capacity Building with a service component to keep it relevant.  Who wants to help organize it

Other YAC Members Agenda Items

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

YAC 4th meeting: October 3, lunch Student Center

Next Steps: Decide what to do for Fall Fest by Wednesday.  Create an account at EDMODO using code:    for Mrs. Clay to easily communicate with all YAC members and for YAC members to communicate in a safe, protected, educational social network site for free.

1. Fall Fest: Friday, October 14, 4:00-8:00: What, who, where, when, how, and why
We did not make any decisions in this area.

2. Students Against Hunger: Casady Cans Do: There is a form from the Food Bank that need to be completed. The form was not completed. We made posters, decided to sponsor Food Bank Volunteering in October, before and once after the food drive.

Nov. 7-11: How to motivate to give? Why? who will take care of divisional cans? do we need to make more cans or do you have other ideas?  No more can costumes.  We have volunteers for most days from 7:00-7:50.  We still need volunteers who have an off to count cans during first hour at all divisions.  Mr. Fresonke and crew will pick-up donations on a daily basis after first period.

UD-Mrs. Clays facilitating YAC/STUCO Plans-What do you want to do? Do you need stickers? Do you need bags? What about chapels? Food Bank will provide speaker for all chapels one day? Do you need him/her? Would we collect money and cans? Are we having daily out of uniform or just for the winning class. Points for STUCO class competitions???   Zainab and Chandler will talk to Mr. Huestis and get back to us.

MD-Mrs. May-does not need stickers. They have house competitions. They do not collect money, they only collect cans.  They requested 200 plastic bags and no stickers.

LD-Mrs. France-No competition between grades, no can pyramids, wants stickers. 200 plastic bags and 250 stickers

PD-Mrs. Sharp-No competitions, but wants stickers

Ms. Angie Gaines: Coordinator from the Food Bank will provide boxes (2 LD, 4 for each other division, 2 per grade). She has Food Bank Stickers. She needs to know how many stickers and bags we need. Students responsible for divisions need to get this information ASAP

3. Dig Pink: How can we Salman’s new definition of YAC YOU-unite A Community! It goes great with the mission of YAC “Find your passion to help our community”  YAC students will buy t-shirts, attend game and buy bake sale products.

4. NAIS-Challenge 20/20 Green Team Project: Salman might want time to recruit volunteers. Salman only reported on Recycling, Tuesday, 11: Enhance program with partnership with the City of the Village Recycling Program
5. International Day of Peace: Khadija might want to update her Mural Project which I hope to take to the Respect Diversity foundation exhibit in March, but also to add to the work on May Peace Prevail on Earth Exhibit my 5th graders will do December. Khadija might want to report on her participation with the MD and at the OCU Festival. There is a letter from the Shinnyo-en Foundation Executive Director which she might want to share with you all.  Mrs. Clay spoke on behalf of Khadija as we watched part of the International Day of peace celebrations at Casady and OCU via smilebox.  Khadija's giant pinwheel took first place at OCU festival.


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