Friday, January 29, 2010

February Black History Month YAC speaker: Eric Hamphries

What and When? Conversation with Eric Hamphries. Friday, February 19,2009 7:00-7:45 a.m.
Why? Art with Social Conscience, The Tulsa Riots Exhibit-Black History Month
Where? Service-Learning Office
RSVP if attending:
Mrs. Sue Scott-Art Department Chair
Mrs. Carmen Clay-Service-Learning Director

Mr. Humphries will be a YAC guest speaker to Dr. Hobbell and Mr. Kelly's History classes.

A wonderful opportunity to have a professional artist Eric Humphries speak on his latest series the Tulsa Race Riots during Feburay Black History Month. He will share about the process of finding his voice,his passion, how to create a series of work, and how to market your work. Plus you can't beat the price!!!! It is free!!

Oklahoma City based artist Eric Humphries has decided to take his mission of using art to remember the victims of true life historical atrocities to college and high school classrooms throughout Oklahoma. Humphries creates bright, stylized paintings that cast new light on past events with hopes of making these often very old stories relevant to today’s audiences. The hour long slide show presentation is totally free and covers topics ranging from developing a style from a variety of influences, the creative process, how to exhibit and price ones artwork, and the importance of creativity as a voice. To schedule Humphries to speak, you can contact him at . Or for more information concerning his artwork, visit his website References are available.

The paintings have been heavily researched and are all based on the real events surrounding the riot. Contact the artist/hiistorian via e-mail or call (405)912-0495 Eric’s direct phone number: 794-9300 #115 He works for Skulls Unlimited.

"Is the Whole World On Fire?" An Artistic Interpretation of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot by Eric Humphries Funded by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Puffin Foundation of New Jersey

 1. Preface

The Tulsa Race Riot was one of the worst riots in U.S. history. During some sixteen hours of rioting, over 800 people were injured, an estimated 10,000 people were left homeless, 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire, and $1.8 million (over $20 million in 2009 dollars) in property damage occurred. Officially, thirty-nine people were reported killed in the riot, of whom ten were white. The actual number of black citizens killed by white local militiamen and volunteers as a result of the riot is now estimated at around three hundred. In essence, Greenwood, the black side of Tulsa, was destroyed.

  2. Project Description

The project is comprised of a series of eight canvases depicting the events occurring May 31 through June 1, 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, commonly known as the Tulsa Race Riot. The paintings all measure 40"x 48" and are arranged in chronological order so that each tells a part of the story leading the viewer through the entire event, one canvas at a time. Each canvas is accompanied by a brief description and a print of the actual photograph that inspired it, creating a stark contrast between the small black and white photos from the era and my large, bright, stylized color rendition of each.

To research the event, I read books from authorities on the subject, utilized documents and photographs held at the Tulsa Historical Society, as well as, received guidance from the Greenwood Cultural Center and the University of Tulsa. Both of which have graciously offered their assistance in the creation of this exhibit. I have also taken two walking tours of the remaining riot activity sites, lead first by Marc Carlson, University of Tulsa, and second by Kaven Ross, former Oklahoma Eagle reporter and son of Don Ross, member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

  3. Project Goals

The goal, as with all of my art, is to educate the public about these somewhat poorly known historical events and the real life people affected by them. I imagine that most of those who view this exhibit, especially those outside of Tulsa, will have never heard of Greenwood or the horrific riot that took place there. My hopes are that when each person leaves the exhibit they will have a reasonably good sense of the chronology of the events and the number of people victimized, as well as, a long lasting visual remembrance of both the black and white photographs and the bright stylized canvases inspired by each.

I hope to show the exhibit in a different Oklahoma town/city each month of next year and then begin to show it outside of Oklahoma in 2011.

This exhibit will also tie in easily with the spoken word presentations I currently give to high schools and colleges concerning the importance of art with a purpose.

Lastly, I have given thought to producing a children’s book based on the riot using these paintings for illustrations.

4. Biographical Information

I was raised in rural Norman, Oklahoma. From an early age I was interested in drawing and painting and spent much of my free time doing so. With few artistic influences to call upon, I practiced copying comic books and cartoons. In later years, I found myself drawn to politically motivated artists such as Diego Rivera and Keith Haring, and inevitably, I decided that I would take my art in a socially conscious direction as well. My works reflect an individuality forged by years of experimentation and an emphasis on simplifying down the key elements. The paintings I make are allegorical, depicting true life historical events as seen through the eyes of an artist.

In the past I have tackled such topics as AIDS awareness, evolution and war. I am currently working on a large ongoing series of paintings centering on true historical events known collectively as “The Atrocities”.

Past projects that pertain to my current proposal are Heaven, Hell and the Earth, a four canvas series about the September eleventh attacks on New York City, completed in 2007 and my most recent project Three Minutes in American History, depicting the events surrounding the Oklahoma City Bombing.


5. Budget

This project has been funded in full by Special Projects Grants form the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Puffin Foundation of New Jersey.

You can view the exhibit at these venues in 2010/2011.
January 2010 - AKA Gallery 3001 Paseo Drive, OKC,OK (Current)
February 2010 - Norman Public Library, Norman, Ok
March 2010 - North Oklahoma College, Tonkawa, OK
May 2010 - Metropolitan Library, Midwest City, OK
June 2010 - Tulsa Art Coalition Gallery, Tulsa, OK
July 2010 - Scribner's Gallery, Enid, OK
October 2010 - January 2011, The Tulsa Historical Society,
February 15 2011 - March 11 2011 - East Central University,


Thursday, January 28, 2010

January memories and YAC Breakfast meeting minutes

1. YAC students need to reflect 2009 projects and activities for transcript hours.
2. YAC Home Group site visits third week in February. YAC facilitators need to remind members of date and get the number of students attending the site visit. Facilitators also need to contact organizations to make sure the date assigned is a good date for the organization to have the group on site. Students should have a project in mind. This is an action site visit. Mrs. Clay suggested students to contact home group members via e-mail, chapel speech, and texting
3. Challenge 20/20 missing an infra red thermometer. Casady YAC missing $20. Safety deposit box will be purchased and office will be closed when Mrs. Clay is not in the office.
4. Quilt has 6 patches ready. When we reach 12 patches, the first quilt will be made. This quilt will be displayed at the Respect Diversity Foundation Exhibit.
5. Mrs. Clay and Challenge 20/20 attended site visit to Green School Pilot Program School, Deer Creek Middle School. Challenge 20/20 will continue to sell water bottles in the middle and lower division. Challenge 20/20 had permission to sell water bottles during the Casady/HH B-game, but decided not to do so because of the sale of water hope t-shirts.
6. YAC will continue to meet on E-Days, A-Block. Debate students need to read the minutes in the block to keep inform. Items will be covered during breakfast meetings also.
7. Next E-Day, A-Block, Home group meet facilitators

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Challenge 20/20: LEED Conversations

Mr. Jeff Wegener will be on campus on Wednesday, January 20th. Jeff Wegener, AIA, Principal, 5909 NW Expressway, Suite 600 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132, T 405 722 7270 F 405 722 8373 W

Architect Jeff Wegener is the Principal partner of LWPB Architecture. He is also the Chair of the Oklahoma Chapter of Green Schools Initiative. Mr Wegener has brought with him his firm’s Director of Sustainability, Mr. Jason Hukill.

Mr. Wegener and Mr Hukill’s firm is focused on kids and creating environments where teachers can teach and kids can learn. The firm has more than 1,200 educational projects. Mr. Wegener's firm uses 3D modeling services from Google to interact with their clients. School design is Mr. Wegener's firm passion.

Schedule for Mr. Wegener and Mr. Hukill's Challenge 20/20-LEED Conversation
12:00-12:30: Meeting with available Casady administrators at Mr. Sheldon’s office.
Tour of campus by Mrs. Clay and available students. Time with Mr. Bush in LD (TBC)

12:43-1:26 Pizza Lunch at Student Center for Conversation about LEED buildings. Bring your aluminum water bottle!

Expected attendance:Guests: Mr. Jeff Wagoner and Mr.Jason Hukill.
Challenge 20/20-YAC: Josh Ou, Sarah Cox, Eric Corn, Mrs. Clay, Caitlin Anderson
Environmental Club: Mrs. Zesiger, Rita Sengupta, Ankit Verma, Samaan Ghani, Andrew Roberts, Moeez Qureshi, Nathan Prabhu, Rebecca Roach; Aamina Shakir; Zainab Shakir; Jack Maxwell; Katie Costello; Ritt Costello

Weather Club: Mr. Ware
Multicultural Club: Mr. Miano, Mrs. Miano, Marcela Engles, Ashwin Prasad, Bonnie Tibbs, Lizzie Lockard

Casady Green Team: Mrs. Linn, Jessica Linn, Mr. Fresonke, Mrs. Johnson

LEED links: , Green Schools: , for Oklahoma LEED, visit: ,, Interested in professional LEED certification, visit: a general “green site”:

What is LEED? (From LEED Certification)

Tom Watson, Creator of LEED talks Green

What is LEED and Why should we care?

What is LEED? (Home Improvement)

Business case of sustainability?

The Business Case for Protecting the Climate

Can a Green Business be a profitable one?

Recommended sites for LEED information: For LEED information visit: , Green Schools: , for Oklahoma LEED, visit: ,, Interested in professional LEED certification, visit: a general “green site”:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Memories MLK Day Week

Friday, January 15 and Monday January 18 memories

Casady Memories-Monday-Thursday

Cecil's Investigational Site Visit to Habitat Site

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday, January 18: MLK Day Casady Service Opportunities

Everybody can be great because everybody can serve!
Contact numbers: Mrs. Clay: 520-1325, Coach Bonfiglio: 520-1350, Cecil Ray: 208-2181
Chandler Helms: 640-9600

FIND MLK DAY PROJECT OPPORTUNITIES IN OKLAHOMA AND THE USA AT, or join Casady opportunities DESCRIBED BELOW. Sign-up with coaches, YAC facilitator, at S-L B Board E-mail to,at YAC Facebook or in the comments section here.

In Memory of Mrs. Jeannine Rainbolt

Casady MLK DAY Opportunities in Oklahoma City

9:00-3:00 p.m. Habitat for Humanity House Framing at Hope Crossing
Must be 16 years old or older. Signed permission and releases of liability forms required. Get forms from coaches or Mrs. Clay. Join Cecil Ray and winter sport athletes and coaches framing a home. Bring gloves and water bottle. Buses leave from Gym parking lot at 8:45. Snacks, water, and lunch provided by Casady. Casady site supervisors: Winter sports coaches, Mr. Pena, Mr. Bonfiglio, Mr. Huestis. YAC facilitator: Cecil Ray

Memories from MLK Day Rebuilding Together 2009

11:00-3:00 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma 3355 S. Purdue / P.O. Box 270968 / Oklahoma City, OK 73137-0968 (405) 972-1111 / Fax (405) 688-6447 Any age welcome to volunteer. Get required parental permission and Food Bank MLK Day instructions from Byron or Mrs. Clay. Join Byron Holzberger and pack food for the Food-4-Kids Program, a program that feeds chronically hungry children in OKC. Snacks and drinks provide by Regional Food Bank. Bring money for lunch. Site Supervisor: Miss Bornhoft. YAC facilitator: Byron Holzberger. In memory of Dr. Robert Johnson

Memories of working with the elderly at Saint Ann's in 2009

3:00-4:00 Instrumental Music for the Elderly at Saint Ann's Nursing Home: 9400 Saint Ann’s Drive, Oklahoma City 73162
(On Britton Dr. between Rockwell and Council)
Join Vincent Peng and perform your favorite music at Saint Ann’s Nursing Home and Assisted Living. Site Supervisor: Saint Ann’s Activity Director. YAC Facilitator: Vincent Peng

Memories of Knitting for Soldiers 2009

10:00 –12:00 Knitting for Soldiers 2010: Join Chandler Helms and knit scarves for soldiers at Chandler’s home. 1608 Camden Way, Oklahoma City,73116. Bring your own needles 19 mm, found at Michaels. Scarves are sold at No Regrets. Proceeds buy needed supplies for soldiers. Site Supervisor: Mrs. Helms. No forms required YAC Facilitators: Chandler Helms, Elizabeth Nordin.

MLK DAY AT CASADY GAYLORD STUDENT CENTER: 9500 North Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120,; 520-1325

11:30- 2:00 : Roots of Service Quilt. Any age welcome to volunteer. Join Mrs. Clay making patches of the Roots of Service Quilt with elderly residents from local assisted living facilities and members of the Japan America Society. Donations to defray the cost of pizza lunch welcome. Japanese drinks provided by Casady Service-Learning. YAC facilitators: Braeden Jenkins and Sarah Cox.

2:30-4:00 Challenge 20/20: Green Schools: Any age welcome to volunteer. Join Sarah Cox and learn about LEED buildings, energy, and water conservation and reduction of carbon footprint. Help gather energy data with tools provided by Challenge 20/20 students purchased with proceeds from aluminum water bottle sales. Learn how to SKYPE! Site Supervisor: Mrs. Clay. YAC facilitators: Josh Ou and Sarah Cox.

City Wide MLK Day Activities

7:00 – 9:00 a.m. 13th Annual Prayer Breakfast: Cost $5.00, reservations required. Reed Conference Center near Rose State College Send checks to MLK Jr. Breakfast Committee, P. O. Box 50610 Midwest City, OK 73140. Make checks payable to: MWC MLK Prayer Breakfast Committee.

9:45 The Silent March: A traditional silent march, in the style of the early civil rights movement marches. Starts at Ralph Ellison Library on NE 23rd, ends at Oklahoma History Center on N. Laird.

11:00 a.m. The Bell Ringing: Governor Brad Henry rings Oklahoma's replica of the Liberty Bell in front of the Oklahoma History Center.

12:00-2:00 The MLK Jr. Holiday Coalition Program: Features the "I Have a Dream" speech by NAACP Youth Branch President Charles Shelton and keynote speaker Victor N. Woods, author and motivational speaker., at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral on NW 7th

2:00-5:00 MLK Parade Participate in the Parade. See map of the parade route provided at Downtown Parade can be joined anytime during the day and is expected to last until 5:00 p.m.

MLK Chapel Time

Casady Memories-Monday January 11-15 WELCOME SLIDE SHOW

MLK Day 2009 VideoIntroduction by Sasha

Habitat for Humanity- Investigational Site Visit

MLK Day Project Opportunities by Braeden

9:00-3:00 p.m. Habitat for Humanity House Framing at Hope Crossing: YAC facilitators Cecil Ray and winter sport coaches. Must be 16 years old. Bring gloves, required forms, and water bottles. Sign-up with winter sport coaches. Bus leaves at 8:45 from Gym
11:00-3:00 p.m. Pack Food at the Regional Food Bank: YAC facilitator, Byron Holzberger and Miss Bornhoft. Forms required. Bring money for lunch.
3:00-4:00 Play Instrumental Music for the Elderly at Saint Ann’s Nursing Home: YAC Facilitator: Vincent Peng and Saint Ann’s Activities Director. Bring your instrument.
10:00 –12:00 Knitt for Soldiers at Chandler’s House: YAC facilitators, Chandler Helms, Elizabeth Nordin and Mrs. Helms. Bring 19 mm needles, found at Michaels. No knitting experience needed!

11:30- 2:00 : MAKE A PATCH OF THE “ROOTS OF SERVICE QUILT” YAC facilitators: Braeden Jenkins, Sarah Cox, and Mrs. Clay. Bring money for pizza.



Merci JUSTIN FOR THE SEQUENCE!!! and Father Blizzard and Mr. Varela for the chapel time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MLK Day- Student Center Activities

Roots of Service QuiltA global view of humanity and service

Service as a path to peace

MLK I have a dream speech

How big is your carbon foot print?


Oklahoma Green School:

Challenge 20/20: Schools Living Green: Challenge 20/20
The Pacific Garbage Patch

The Garbage Patch:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

MLK WEEK 2010 - Chapel Speakers Library and Student Center Activities

Pause to honor the life, memory, impact and service of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Rebuilding Together MLK Day 2009


MLK WEEK 2010 Casady Chapel Activities
Monday, January 11
YAC PRESENTS: OCU Law School Professor Phyllis Bernard: TOPIC:LET MARTIN GROW UP
Cochran Library Quilt Exhibit goes up

Thursday, January 14
YAC PRESENTS: Respect Diversity Foundation speaker: Boston Snowden: TOPIC THE NON-VIOLENCE MOVEMENT: PAST AND PRESENT
Student Center Roots of Service Quilt making begins

Friday, January 15
YAC PRESENTS MLK Day 2009- VIDEO minutes
Casady MLK Day 2009 Picassa albums at:

Challenge 20/20: LEED Conversation

Mr. Jeff Wegener will be on campus on Wednesday, January 20th. Jeff Wegener, AIA, Principal, 5909 NW Expressway, Suite 600 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132, T 405 722 7270 F 405 722 8373 W
His tentative schedule is as follows:


Meeting with available Casady administrators at Mr. Sheldon’s office

Tour of campus by Mrs. Clay and available students

Time with Mr. Bush in LD (TBC)

12:43-1:26 Pizza Lunch at Student Center for Conversation about LEED buildings
If planning to attend please RSVP-ASAP. I will contact Mr. Pena to excuse students and for table coverage. Pizzas will be ordered Tuesday morning. If you have dietary restrictions, let me know ASAP. Water will be available. Bring your aluminum water bottle!

LEED links: , Green Schools: , for Oklahoma LEED, visit: ,, Interested in professional LEED certification, visit: a general “green site”:

Challenge 20/20: Josh, Sarah, Eric, Carmen
Faculty: Mrs. Linn (Biology), Mr. Ware(Math), Mr. and Mrs. Miano (Math and Physics) and Mrs. Zesiger (Chemistry)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January YAC Home Group Meeting


What do YAC home groups want to do. National Day of service, all YAC and Home Groups encouraged to volunteer...all day...Free pass to Disneyland

Chapel Speakers and Activities before MLK DAY:
Pause to honor the life, memory, impact and service of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speaker introductions by YAC member: Sasha Bully
Monday, January 11: YAC PRESENTS: OCU Law School Professor Phyllis Bernard: TOPIC: MLK GROWS UP

Thursday, January 14: YAC PRESENTS: Respect Diversity Foundation speaker: Mr. Boston Snowden: TOPIC : THE NON-VIOLENCE MOVEMENT: PAST AND PRESENT

Friday, January 15: YAC PRESENTS: Memories of MLK Day 2009: VIDEO:, Casady MLK Day memories and MLK Day 2010 Casady service opportunities.

Ongoing throughout the week: YAC PRESENTS: Cochran Library: Quilt Exhibit at the Cochran Library: Talk to Mrs. Johnson if you have a quilt to exhibit

Student Center and S-L Office: Service Quilt: Transfer or re-create your Roots of Service tree into a patch of a real quilt , Quillow: Help make a quilt that turns into a pillow

a. MEETINGS ON E-DAYS discontinued due to conflicts with Debate Club
b. January Home Group Meeting: _________________
c. February Site Visits
The next site visit is the Week of February 16-18. We are on break the 14 and the 19, Service-Learning will be volunteering at the book fair. Saturday the 20th, Mrs. Clay will have Parent Conferences with advisees in the afternoon. Morning she is leaving as possible site visit for the elderly group.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15 Josh needs to decide.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 Sasha was notified
Special Care:
Special Care: 12201 N. Western Ave.Oklahoma City, OK 73114 Ph: 405-752-5112, Fax: 405-752-8963

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17 Johnesha was notified
Boys and Girls Club OKC:
Boys and Girls Memorial Park Club: 3535 N. Western Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 521-9292, A. Jaye Johnson - Unit Director

THURSDAY 18 Gabby was notified
PETS HOME GROUP: YAC Facilitator: Gabby Marion
Oklahoma Humane
Oklahoma Humane Society Adoption Center: 7500 N. Western Ave.Oklahoma City, OK 73116

MUSICIANS INC HOME GROUP, YAC facilitators: Vincent Peng and Ronnie Garcia Supervised by Miss Bornhoft 4:00 – 5:00 Students provide own transportation
Andrew Johnson Elementary , 1810 Sheffield Rd.Oklahoma City, OK 73120,phone: (405) 843-6216, fax: (405) 841-3114, Principal - Karen V. Simpkins


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20- Students meet with activities directors 9:00 –12:00
Statesman Club, Retirement Community: Vineyard:, 775-9009,10401 Vineyard Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73120
The Fountains at Canterbury:
751-3600, 1404 NW 122nd Street,Oklahoma City, OK, 73114


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