Wednesday, August 15, 2012

YAC 2012-2013

What is YAC?

YAC turns ideas into action.  It is an intergenerational service club that aims to help students find their passion to help the community.  YAC also provides and supports collaborative services experiences. Students who join this club receive hours for participation, reflection and evaluation of experiential community based service-learning. The club will not start functioning until after Activities Fair which will take place August 23, 2012

Why YAC?
Youth voice and choice in decision making of community-based service projects from from brainstorming to action.  YAC's passion to make a difference in 2012-2013

How YAC in 2012-2013?
Reflect, Connect, Act...From Youth LEAD, Sharon

Project Planning Tool Kit 

Academic Service-Learning Project Planning Tool Kit

Tool Kit for Service-Learning Partners

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