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January 1-3rd Meetings Agendas and Minutes

3rd January Meeting Agenda

Present: Jessica G., Taylor B. Sidney J. and Jack B.  Snacks by Okland Oil

1. Welcome by YAC Chair: Jessica G. welcomed. Asked for items

2. Agenda items from floor:  Jessica shared this inspirational video

3. Mrs. Clay's agenda items

a. MLK Day final details: Jack and Jessica reported on MLK Day status. Mrs. Clay stated that volunteers will enjoy Chinese food for lunch donated by Mr. Sheldon and Grand House.  Mrs. Tompkins will have lunch ready at Recreational Center. Mrs. Clay found a donation of 2 dozen doughnuts.   Mr. Bonfiglio will bring snacks. Mrs. Clay will bring breakfast and hot chocolate for the cold day.

Sidney will make the working teams: Purpose: to be with friends, but also to meet new people.  Taylor will facilitate for the Mercy Group.  YAC Senior Chairs will welcome volunteers.  Small groups are being facilitate by a youth and an adult for better checks and balances.

b. Youth LEAD report. Boston trainer on campus 4/18-22. Youth Training: 4/20-2 Sidney reported that youth LEAD will have a training on effective communication and facilitation.  Mrs. Clay invited students to attend.  It will be free and maybe on our campus. Sidney shared her enthusiasm for TIDE, youth lead Boston signature conference.  Mrs. Clay talked about maybe attending the National Conference or TIDE as a group.

c. January 19th sign-up for WP Litter Blitz.  Not covered during meeting. UPDATE:  Mrs. Clay attended, but no one showed up to work, not even the organizers.

d. Calendar for 2013- Game with prizes Not covered, but Mrs. Clay has a game ready.

c. Tabled items for next meeting
1. Service-Learning Website, forms online??? Designer helper
2. Colaboration Requests: Bogota, Colombia School, Prom Dresses, and others
3. Youth LEAD OKC 2013: Recruitment and dates for first training. YAC Connections
4. National Conferences: NYLC, Points of Light, Shinnyo-en Retreat and TIDE
5. May Senior Service Trip to Hurricane Sandy affected areas with Rebuilding Together 
6. Summer Global Service Learning: Peru: World Leadership School, Colombia and China: Orphanage work
7. Summer Planning for YAC 2013 June-December

2nd January Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Present: Sophomores: Jessika R., Jessica G., Taylor Burrow. Freshmen: Ann N., Megan T, and Kate E. Snacks provided by Service-Learning Program

1. Welcome and agenda Facilitated by sophmore YAC Chair Jessica G.  Facilitation technique to watch: Time!  Jessica did a great job managing time and covering most pressing agenda items.

2. Agenda Items from YAC Chairs/ YAC members/Community Guests Mrs. Michelle Ellis presented a project with the elderly similar to the YAC main project from 2001-2004: The CB Group: Caring Buddies for the elderly.  She has a service opportunity on Monday at 4:00 PM at Canterbury.  Mrs. Clay will NOT be able to attend as planned because Green Team @ Boys and Girls Club had to change meeting date from Tuesday to Monday.  Mrs. Clay will invite alumni to participate in 2:00 PM activities.  YAC freshmen chairs will be working on calendar and ideas (Fashion Show, Senior - Senior Prom, etc.) and present ideas at next meeting when we are expected to have similar schedule.  

3. Blog reading Q&A and prizes by Jessica G.  $5 gift card won by Ann N.  Game will continue next week with Trivia about the National Service Learning Calendar dates below.  Chairs need to be deciding if they want to undertake the responsibility of facilitating any of those days and bring ideas.  For example, National Volunteer Week: BALTO week like.  Facilitator: Jessica G.  She already is checking with Mr. Philipson and creating sub-committees which will include YAC chairs from every grade and help from STUCO.  STUCO is not doing service projects this year, but any fundraising still has to be approved by them and Mrs. Warden.  Ideas implemented by other schools were shared.  YAC needs to come up with a name for the week which this year will take place during National Volunteer Week in April.  Fundraising must be connected to direct contact service opportunities because that will be the only way to get it approved by administration.  Jessica provided a sample letter from a student organizing SWINE Week which showed great creativity in the way her school is fundraising this year. TO DO: READ THIS AND THE BELOW ENTRY TO HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN PRIZES AT NEXT MEETING!

4. MLK Day Report and update: 33 volunteers as of January 11.  We still do not have our house assignment, but Mr. Bonfiglio has offered to cook or help to provide lunch for volunteers should RT not cover volunteers lunch

5. Social Reponsibility Weekend Activities
a. Saturday:  Special Olympics  8-4   YAC member attending Jack B. 
b. Sunday: Youth LEAD OKC 6-7:30  500 Broadway, YMCA Corporate Headquarters, Basement Jack, Hunter and Sidney are the YAC members attending

Next Week:  National Volunteer Weekend
17th: Mrs. Clay Speaks at Chapel on MLK Legacy of Service
18th: YAC speaker at chapel at 1:05. We need YAC chairs to host and introduce speaker at chapel and welcome her to Casady ???????????????  YAC chair will have to reseach background, create introduction and speak at chapel.

19th:  Family Volunteering on MLK Day of service.
10:00 AM Mrs. Clay and her husband will volunteer at Ronald McDonald House
2:00 PM Opportunity for YAC to volunteer at Wiley Post Park, Litter Blitz Clean-up

21th: MLK Day:  33 volunteers as of 1/12/2013
7:30-8:00  Welcome and Breakfast by YAC sophomore chairs (Carleigh B., Jessica G.)
Breakfast for volunteers: Breakfast bars, fruit, orange juice, coffee, hot chocolate
YAC chairs take attendance, provide name tags, pick-up release forms
YAC sophomore chairs bring needed cleaning supplies (from home or ask Mr. Fresonke for a donation) and YAC music equipment to site. YAC sophomore chairs bring snacks and drinks for volunteers.  We still need to decide what snacks and drinks.  Cost must be minimal with high quality and nutrition in mind.  We need a donation of water bottles.  A YAC chair will bring the YAC cooler with ice and drinks.

8:15  Buses Depart from Chapel Parking Lot and return after job is completed. 
Tony A. Rebuild Together Youth Board and members of RT Work Day team awill ssign groups and tasks

12:00 Lunch
If RT does not provide lunch and snacks,  Adults (Mrs. Clay, Mr. Bonfiglio and Mr. Philipson will take care of this item.   

First January Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Attendance: 18 members reflected. Snacks provide by Service-Learning Program. YAC members who did not attend the meeting must see Mrs. Clay to reflect hours for transcript and report card on their own time. 

-Goal:  2012 Reflection-done and 2013 Calendar Setting-not done

1. Welcome: Claire H. Asked if any members had agenda items. Stated that the meeting was about MLK Day, reflection and calendar. Claire also stated that if any members wanted to be YAC Chairs or stop being YAC Chairs/members, they should contact Mrs. Clay. Claire defined being a YAC Chair as: taking responsibility of leading a project. Running meetings in the absence of senior YAC chairs.

No members had agenda items, therefore, Mrs. Clay took over the meeting because she had a long agenda to cover.

a. Re-introduction of MLK Day Rebuilding Together Work Day: Tony Analla spoke. We had 24 volunteers and a collaboration with Mercy School, Youth Director and the CEO of Youth LEAD OKC.

2. YAC Members Reflect 9 meetings, service Saturdays and Sundays.
Main Projects were visually recalled on Bulletin Board and attendance to meetings was documented with dots placed on back of hands.18 members reflected. YAC attendance in 2013 will be documented in the Woods Community Room bulletin board and on this blog because there was tampering of  list on lobby bulletin board.

3. Calendar 2013: Suggestions: National Service Days. YAC facilitators and teams needed.   We did not have time to cover this, but decided to give an incentive to read the blog by having games with prizes.  Sophomore Chair: Jessica G will prepare the first one. Be ready to win! READ THE BLOG.

4. This Weekend Service Opportunities: Bulletin Board: Boys and Girls Club and Food Bank will be default social responsibility locations for Friday and Saturdays' YAC projects unless students or community organizations have special requests like this week Special Olympics.  Update SPECIAL OLYMPICS BOWLING @ Windsor Lanes was awesone.  Jack B. and Abby E. participated. 

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