Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 25th meeting agenda

New Business
Items from YAC Chairs
Seniors: Judy, Caitlin, Rebekah, Martin
Juniors: Katie
Sophomores: Jessica, Sidney, Taylor, Jessika, Carleigh
Sidney: Oklahoma Conference of Churches is creating an Interfaith Youth tour and they wanted youth input and help in the organization of the tour.  Sidney represented CasadyYAC?Youth LEAD OKC.
Jessica:  MLK Day was good.  Balto like week on the works for Casady, intergenerational fashion show to have the direct contact the administration wants.  Minute to minute games. Mr. cyclon Jesicca needs ideas and a team to work on the week which most likely will be the week before National Volunteer Week.
Freshmen: Ann,Katie

Items from the Floor: Crossroads Hospice tabled

Old Business
Mrs. Clay's items Your hand has the principles of service learning, how much ownership did youth have of the MLK Day Project?  Initial response, a lot, but not in the details.  For future activities:  Committees for everything.

a. Reflective S-L circle of MLK Day Service Project  went Well  We will go back in the future
What? -What were your expectations?  What did you do? How were you involved in the planning? Why? 
So What? -What did you learn? (What was the impact-the point-)  You, Community
Now What? -  How could the experience be improved? What is next? Why?

b. February Requests
1. Positive Tomorrows V-Day Cards, goodie bags (Art Club wants to do the decorating.  We will be responsible for getting dental hygiene items and other items in the bags)  We discussed making fleece blankets also.  Carleigh, Cathy, and Hunter will lead the effort  Dental and personal higiene supplies

Items below tabled

2. Guild of Saint George Collection of Toiletries; An e-mail from Mr. Bright " Ann Zuk and I are planning the Food Drive for the Guild of St. George to go along with the Fat Tuesday Pancake Breakfast again this year.   The collection dates will be Thursday through Monday Feb. 7th to the 11th, and the pancake breakfast will be Tuesday Feb. 12th.  We have designated the Upper Division to collect toiletries again this year.  I am planning to send a push page to upper division students about the collection, and I will set up a collection box in the student center,  In the past we have not had much participation in this from UD students.  We thought perhaps through service learning or student council, some activity or incentive could be given to increase this.  We'd appreciate any support you can give this."

c. 2013 Calendar Game and YAC Chairs initiatives

d. Tabled Items from other meetings
Quilt for Mother's Auction
Colombian Service Connections (School, orphanage)
National Service-Learning Conferences-TIDE

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