Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26th Meeting: Celebrating People in Action-National Volunteer Week/Global Youth Service Days

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Agenda and minutes
Party.  Happy National Volunteer Week (Thank you Goodie Bags for sports YAC) /Global Youth Service Days:  Celebrating YAC members with requested snacks.

Online reflection if you want 5 hours of credit for 10 meetings in 2013 at

1. F-5 Fest update:  Member of the F-5 Fest Team.  Sidney stated that the logo is being made.  No updates on Holi Fest or T-shirts

2. Global Youth Service Days: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.  SIGN UP

Friday: Boys and Girls Club with Mrs. Clay, Arts Festival with alumna Paige Brown, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Volunteer Booth @ Cox Center.  No participants expected to attend either opportunity

Saturday: Arts Festival: Face Painting Kendal and  Children's Art Field with Sarah Many Cyclones participating.  Lists of names and hours will be provided by day chairs to Mrs. Clay

Sunday: OKC Marathon Cheer/Water Stop 7-10 AM with Jack B. and Carleigh B; Children's Fair with Abby.  Very a few volunteers participating, but signs for the OKC Memorial Marathon, water stop by Casady on Britton road are ready and they are amazing.  Thank you Mr. Bonfiglio, Mrs. Seitter, Mrs. Czerwinski, and Mrs. Lynn for your help inspiring your students to support the marathon with their thoughts and drawings.

3. JOIN HANDS DAYS: Father Youmans, Rachel Christie, F-5 Fest

May 2: Johnnie's Night.  Movie sold out.  Working on closer venue for ice cream social. Decided to cancel the ice cream reflection due to bad weather.  Expected at least 20 students from Casady Middle Division and their families.  Thank you Father Youmans for all your efforts and Rachel Christie for the inspiration

May 9: Johnnie's Night.  The movie screening did not make it  President Volunteer Award and Service-Learning 2nd Place from the Center of Spiritual and Ethical Education Award delivered at Chapel MD by YAC senior chairs Rebekah and Caitlin.  Ice cream social reception for awards winners. teachers (teacher appreciation week) and YAC members at Woods Community Room. 

May 23: Johnnie's Night, and HOLI, Casady Youth LEAD leaving for Boston morning of 24th.  Holi, t-shirts delivered on the 22nd.  Holi took place with about 15 participants which included 2 MD teachers and 2 new freshmen.

MD Holi Fest was moved to May 22 at 4:00 PM.  International Club is buying powder for their fun fest. MD Holi did not take place in 2013.


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