Thursday, October 4, 2012

Agenda for Friday's Meeting

October 22-27, 2012 
Casady Cans Do - Students Against Hunger Breakfast Meeting
Breakfast for 10 people: orange juice and breakfast food from Sam's.
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1. Set-up a process and teams with responsibilities for Canned Food Drive.  Chairs for every division, flyers, posters, can costume repairing, research, advocacy for healthy eating choices at all levels.  Competitions to motivate or other incentives

a. Upper Division: Responsible Faculty:  Mrs. Clay: TBD by YAC Letter/pushpage to parents possible.  Can building competition with cans brought? Matching donations with grocery stores possible? Food-4-Food ruffle discussed. PSA FOR CHAPEL AT FOOD BANK-Video or in person. Speaker coming to chapel???? Announcer for speaker. Check video below. 3rd grade inspirational team?? YAC Tidbits every day via 1 minute video or in person???? Who will do what????

b. Middle Divsion: Responsible Faculty:  Mrs. May  House Competition with pizza for winning house.  Needs helpers  counting cans on a daily basis 7: 00-7:45 first shift, 7:45-8:30 second shift.  No stickers needed for this division.  They helped with a can costume one year.

c. Lower Division: Responsible Faculty:  Mrs. France  They do not have a competition except they like to announce total number of cans brought daily as an incentive to beat their record for the next day.  Mrs. France has some stickers, but will love to have stickers for every day.  They loved Tripp, the dancing can.  Donations increased after every performance.  Teachers send Food Bank bags

d. Primary Division:  Responsigle Faculty:  Mrs. Sharp:  They love to know the number of cans brought.  We might have a healthy plate poster to teach nutrition and healthy choices.  They love the can costumes.  They also need helpers in can costumes to take their donations in wagons on Thursday at 10:00 weather provided.

A. Morning:  Habitat for Humanity with the Tompkins
B.  1-4: Afternoon at the Food Bank
C. Homecoming Dance

3. October 28:  SADD: Carving out Destructive Decisions

a. October Volunteering: Food Bank, Dig Pink
b. September Volunteering: 11 Days of Unity: Food Bank, YWCA, Rebuilding Together, Bridges of Understanding Interfaith Tour, OCU and Casady's International Day of Peace, Pinwheels for Peace Festival
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October 22-26, 2012

Kids Cafe of Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

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