Friday, October 19, 2012

YAC Meeting 10/19/2012

Agenda and minutes

1. Students Against Hunger-Casady Cans Do: Final details. 
Martin and Anne facilitated the meeting. 
-Martin related his volunteer experience at the Food Bank and requested students to consider volunteering next week, MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY @ the Food Bank.  Shifts are 8-12, and 1-4.  Mrs. Clay will be volunteering in the morning at Habitat for Humanity and in the afternoon at the Food Bank.
-Members signed up to volunteer next week.  UD and PD are full.  See below post
-Volunteers still needed for: PD Walk of Hope CANS and volunteers for MD and LD
-Members delivered collection boxes, flyers, and can costumes to divisions.
-UD volunteers and Martin stayed after school to finish set-up for UD
-Mrs. Clay reported that senior chairs not present are working on raffle prizes
-Speaker from Food Bank did a wonderful presentation at all chapels.  Thank you Martin for inspiring the Food Bank to send their education coordinator after your Wednesday volunteering.

2. Fall Fest, Friday10/22
a.What to sell? Blankets as fundraiser for both YAC and Positive Tomorrows. Martin: Player-4-Change, Mrs. Clay (Game/art activity with candy to sell)
b.Who will manpower booth? Anne (Blankets), Martin (Performance), Mrs. Clay (Game?)
We have a tent with three tables/2 chairs each and electricity.  We do not have any money to borrow for change, therefore we will take exact change only!

Update on PEACE ONE DAY EDUCATION.  Looking for a YAC leader for this initiative????

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