Friday, February 1, 2013

Second February Meeting Agenda

New Business

1. February projects;  Senior and Junior Chairs
-Guild of Saint George:  Tina made the announcement in chapel, but little response from student body, What can we do to help???  Mrs. Clay encouraged everyone to bring donations Monday.  There will be a great FAT Tuesday breakfast @ 7:00 a.m. at Calvert to thank Guild donors.

-Random Acts of Kindness Week: $0 budget  -- School wide---Sweet Weeks STUCO, who has news about this effort?  Is RAK Week in conflict or supporting their efforts?  Rebekah addressed the question and said that we were not in conflict.  She asked students to make posters for RAK WEEK before making the bags for Positive Tomorrows.  She said that Valentina and others not present will make the free hugs signs.  She did not mention if she cleared the activity with pertinent administrators.

The sophomore YAC participants tried to start making posters, but were called to place items in the bags for PT and time escaped.  No signs were made.  Mrs. Clay asked sophomore and senior chairs to communicate with members to have some made.  Jessica(did not attend meeting) wanted to do a RAK for firefighters.  Junior Chair, Katie said that she would follow-up on a RAK for firefighters.  Katie was not at the meeting, but saw Mrs. Clay during Spanish class when Mrs. Clay substituted for Mrs. Torres.  Mrs. Clay will place a "cuttie" in each teacher's mail box and will try to have signs made at Boys and Girls Club and during volunteering at the Food Bank on Satuday. 

Mrs. Clay called Mrs. Johnson, but no reply was received.  Since no one sign-up to help in the afternoon, the Rebuilding Together follow-up was cancelled.

-Valentines for Positive Tomorrows: Sophomore Team:  Budget left: $150.  Donations from dentist, a bag of pretzels and socks purchased by service-learning at Sam were placed in personalized bags.  Art Club will have cards finished Monday at the end of the day.   Mrs. Clay will go to Sam's Sunday to get socks for 4-6 grade and cutties.  Carleigh went home sick but plans to go shopping with Mrs. Clay before the Youth LEAD OKC meeting if she is well.  Hunter and Cathy did not help because they had a conflict with advisory lunch.

2. F-5 Festival or another name:  Sophomore Chairs Administration approval???
- Auction Baby sitting  No word about this from administration yet.
- Volunteer Shifts (1-3 hours):  Activities:  Recruited adults (2 more needed, Mrs. Clay will be one)
-Cheer Clinic

3. Projects with the elderly: Freshman Chairs No freshmen attended

Old Business
Tabled items from previous meetings
-Quilt for mothers auction in March
_ Bingo/Jeopardy game on calendar of Service by Points of Light Foundation
- Mrs. Clay read Sodexo/YSA grant proposals
****Soup in a YARD
****What do you bring to the table? Raise awareness of childhood hunger Generation on grant
**** Dinner in a Sack for hungry children

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