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SEPTEMBER 14: Economic Justice: 2nd YAC Meeting of the year

End poverty (MDG #1)
• Fulfill all basic human needs
• Expand socially conscious business and investment
• Conduct global financial reform
• Promote Fair Trade and other fair labor practices
•Participate in the movement to reduce economic inequality and end economic injustice
•Carry out other programs to achieve Economic Justice goals

YAC Meeting Agenda

1. Chairs items
- Senior Chairs:
a. Tina will head the Animals Projects.  She has selected Oklahoma Humane Society.  She has also volunteered to read service announcements in chapel on Tuesdays.  She is leading the Video and Environmental Clubs.

b. Rebekah and Caitlin are leading the Teens Against Hunger, Casady Cans Do:  Homecoming Week, October 22-27.  YAC responsible for process, inspiration and volunteers at all divisions.  Food Bank will have chapel speakers.  Check 2011-2012 YAC/STUCO process

c. Venus and Sophia will be volunteering at OCU's Pinwheels for Peace.  They will pick-up pinwheels from UD, LD, MD (Primary is keeping theirs) at 3:15.  They will plant them at OCU and manpower the Casady Service-Learning Table where they will be giving away 450 Six Billion Paths to Peace Shinnyo-en Foundation t-shirts to performers and participants.

d. Martin has been volunteering at Boys and Girls Club making pinwheels for peace

-Junior Chairs:
a. No juniors attended the first meeting.  We do not know who might want to be chairs

-Sophomore Chairs:
a. On 9/11 sophomore chairs delivered icees and iced cookies to Village Firefighters and police with Mrs Clay whose slogan was "Thank you for icing violence with kindness and service."
b. Sophomore chairs are investigating days of service to lead service weeks at Casady

-Freshman Chairs:
a. Ann will be telling freshmen the location of the meetings.  No freshmen attended the first meeting

2. Mrs. Clay items
a. 11 Days of Global Unity Volunteering: 9/11: Unity, 9/12: Interdependance, 9/13: Environment, 9/14: Social Justice, 9/15: Health, 9/16: Children and Youth

Friday: 14 Boys and Girls Club: Pinwheel making or mentoring a child or a group 4-6:00
Saturday 15:  Morning: Walk to End Alzheimers 10-12, Afternoon: Food Bank: Pack Food for Food-4-Kids, 1-4, End Hunger in Oklahoma pinwheel making during Break
Sunday 16: Children's Workshop with OK author Sheryl Steel at Norick Library: 1:00
Saturday 22: Rebuilding Together Voluntering
Sunday 9/23: Bridges of Understanding: 10 people paid for.  1-6 Visit 3 places of worship.  8 spaces available.  Anyone can come.  $12 and required.  Must make reservations by Monday, 9/17.

b. International Day of Peace OCU Biggest Garden of Pinwheels in OKC: Help making pinwheels for social change: Global truce on violence, end poverty, use less staff, unity in the golden rule, respect differences.  Check last years at:

c.  9/21 celebrations: Helpers to co-organize and co-facilitate
1. UD:  Ideas: Pinwheel planting, Icees and mounds during b-block, players for change during b-block, pinwheel flash mob during b-block, bubbles of hope during b-block, peace songs during b-block, orchestra and choir during b-block????  Peace t-shirts during the day:  Make your own on reverse side of an old t-shirt.  Make your personal peace statement.  Wear a Casady t-shirt or a six billion path to peace t-shirt or a t-shirt of a place where you volunteer.  Whatever we do has to be approved by Mr. Philipson and Mrs. Warden. 
Brainstorming ideas for inspirational give aways:
Father Youmans will speak at all chapels.  There will be a speaker from the YWCA on the 20th.  The YWCA is an organization that works on prevention of domestic violence and respect for differences,
2. MD: International Club: Pinwheels and out of unifor with 6bptp t-shirts  Making big peace sign with thumbs, pinwheels and signs with quotes for their celebration, a peace word a day at chapel.  First International Day multicultural lunch on 9/21.  If you want to volunteer contact Mrs. Robertson
3. LD: Pinwheels.  Song at chapel. Maybe an out of unifor with Casady t-shirts:  Blue Hope for Peace  mounds????  Stop violence with MOUNDS of kindness and service. Their team is:  NO to Violence- antibullying campaign.  Need YAC to co-facilite celebration and distribute icees after their chapel about 3:00 p.m. Contact Mrs. France and/or Mrs. Alexander
4. PD: Pinwheels and 6bptp out of uniform.  Need volunteers. Contact Mrs. Czerwinski.

OCU Pinwheels Fash Mob Needs Volunteers The dance Walkthrough

The steps

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