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SEPTEMBER 17: Women: YAC 2nd. meeting minutes

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Advocate for gender equality (MDG #3)
End violence against women
Establish economic empowerment of women
Eliminate all forms of discrimiation against women
Full implementation of UNSCR 1325 for ensuring women's equal representation at all decision-making levels
Carry out other programs that support women
2nd YAC Meeting Minutes

9/21: International Day of Peace: Global Truce on Violence
a. Make Pinwheels before (7:00-7:45) and after school (3:15-4:00) Tuesday to Thursday.  Breakfast bars orange juice and snacks provided.

b. Celebrate the International Day of Peace, Global Truce on Violence. Sign the pledge to Ice violence with kindness and service @ Woods Community Room during B-blog.  Attend the OCU International Day of Peace Multicultural Festival and Biggest Piwheels for Peace Garden at the McDaniel Student Center, 5:15-8:00

c. Volunteer at World Neighbors World Fest 2012.  Contact Kathie Sanders <> for details.  Congratulations to Abby Utz and Sow LOVE Zambia receipients of the World Neighbors Dignity Award.

9/22: National Fall Prevention Day: Volunteer with Rebuilding Together:   9:00 a.m. until job is completed. Wear appropiate clothing and bring money for lunch.  6 volunteers needed to clean-up the interior of the house for fall prevention.  Six more volunteers needed to paint the exterior of the house.  Sign-up at Woods or at 

Jonathan and Maddie came to provide a RT volunteer opportunity for Cyclones.  We can help clean-up the interior of a home whose elderly owner gets around aided by a walker.  We also found out that Tony'13 just became a member of the RT Youth Board.

Saturday 9/23:  Bridges of Understanding: 1:00 - 5: 30  Enhance your understanding of other faiths.  Sign-up at Woods or at

1. Chairs items
- Senior Chairs:
a. Rebekah and Caitlin are leading the Teens Against Hunger, Casady Cans Do:  Homecoming Week, October 22-27.  YAC responsible for process, inspiration and volunteers for all divisions.  Food Bank will have chapel speakers.  Check 2011-2012 YAC/STUCO process

b. 9/21 International Day of Peace: Venus and Sophia will be volunteering at OCU's Pinwheels for Peace.  They will pick-up pinwheels from UD, LD, MD (Primary is keeping theirs) at 3:15.  They will plant them at OCU and manpower the Casady Service-Learning Table where they will be giving away 450 Six Billion Paths to Peace Shinnyo-en Foundation t-shirts to performers and participants.  Mrs. Clay

c. Mrs. Clay asked for volunteers to create the International Day of Peace UD activity for next Friday.  Judy'13 volunteered.  She will be talking to YAC students in non-competitive sports after chapel.  All chairs will be away 9/21.  At brainstorming stage:

Judy suggested treats like breakfast bars and juice for YAC to make pinwheels from 7:00 a.m to 7:45 a.m. or 3:15-4:00 from Tuesday to Thrusday

Following the example of PD YAC will request Father Blizzard to consider blessing the UD piwnwheels before we plant them.  Our pinwheels are in bouquets and easy to transport. Mrs. Clay and volunteer YAC students will plant UD piwheels from 7:00 to 7:45 around UD campus on 9/21.  As we plant them, we will send bubbles of "hope for a world with peaceful conflict resolution some day."  We join the global student coalition participating in Peace ONE DAY, Global truce on violence.

Mrs. Clay will request permission from Mr. Fresonke and Mr. Sheldon to plant the UD language pinwheels along sidewalks by Miller/Hightower/Cochran Library/Johnston. The pinwheels made during 11 Days of Unity around the Oklahoma City Community at Boys and Girls Club, the Food Bank, Rebuilding Together, Youth Lead OKC, the YWCA, and Mercy School will be planted around Woods and Vose.  If we have enough, we might also plant pinwheels by the administrative offices and the Student Center.  The YAC students who will be volunteering at OCU (Seniors: Martin, Venus and Sophia) will pick the pinwheels at 3:15.  They will also be learning the pinwheels flash mob to join the grand finale of the OCU Multicultural Festival which is part of another global experience of dancers for change.

On 9/21 @ 7:00 p.m., Abby Utz and the SOW LOVE Project will be receiving the World Neighbors, Dignity Award @ the a dinner and Journey Around the Wrold Gala opening World Neighbors WorldFest 2012  What a great way to celebrate these young entrepreneurs of social change.  Orphans in Zambia are empowered to a better life because of the school the Sow LOVE Zambia team built for them.

YAC's regularly scheduled meeting during B-block will promote some sort of give away like, icees and/or chocolate like mounds or dove to join the Peace ONE DAY Student Coalition of a Global Truce on Violence:  The poster might say something like "Ice violence with mounds/doves of kindness and service."  As the students get their treat, YAC will ask them to leave their thumb print and/or their signature on the poster. The MD is doing a huge peace sign with thumb prints from all the grade levels!  The are also promoting a different peace sign for the 11 Days of Unity at their chapel.  You can see the full PP at the Casady YAC Edmodo.

Judy will try to include the sports teams in the celebration.  We had a low tournout at the YAC meeting Friday and they face the challenge that the majority of the YAC chairs are athletes and will be away on 9/21.  There is a sports initiative led by Puma and addidas.  We are trying to figure out YAC connection to it for this year's celebrations.

Mrs. Clay also requested the music teachers to consider  having "Playing for change performance" by the quad on 9/21 during b-block.  We await their reply to clear it with pertinent UD administrators.

d. Sidney'16 spoke about Youth Lead OKC and invited YAC to participate at Saturday 9/23: Bridges of Understanding: 1:00 - 5: 30

Tabled until next meeting
e. Tina will head the Animals Projects. She has selected Oklahoma Humane Society. She has also volunteered to read service announcements in chapel on Tuesdays. She is leading the Video and Environmental Clubs.

f. Martin has been volunteering at Boys and Girls Club making pinwheels for peace.  Martin had to attend another meeting, but went with Sophia13, Molly'13, Elizabeth'15 Anne'16 to Boys and Girls Club.  Anne is in the video club and is documenting YAC activities.  Sophia, Molly and Elizabeth signed up to mentor children at Boys and Girls Club and went to play and select mentees.  Anne and Martin work with pinwheels for Peace.  Mrs. Clay left materials for Boys and Girls Club to make their piwnwheels as well as a poster inviting a delegation to attend the OCU Festival.  On 9/21, Mrs. Clay, Venus and Sophia will come to help plant pinwheels at 4:00 on their way to OCU.

-Junior Chairs:
a. No juniors attended the first or second meeting. 

-Sophomore Chairs:
a. On 9/11 sophomore chairs delivered icees and iced cookies to Village Firefighters and police with Mrs Clay whose slogan was "Thank you for icing violence with kindness and service."
b. Sophomore chairs are investigating days of service to lead service weeks at Casady

-Freshman Chairs:
a. Ann told freshmen the location of the meetings.
b. Anne will be filming YAC activities in the community.  She has chosen to participate in YAC and Video Club this year.

2. Mrs. Clay items
a. 11 Days of Global Unity Volunteering: 9/11: Unity, 9/12: Interdependance, 9/13: Environment, 9/14: Social Justice, 9/15: Health, 9/16: Children and Youth

b. International Day of Peace OCU Biggest Garden of Pinwheels in OKC: Help making pinwheels for social change: Global truce on violence, end poverty, use less staff, unity in the golden rule, respect differences.  Check last years at:

c.  9/21 celebrations: Helpers to co-organize and co-facilitate
1. UD 12:20:  Ideas: Pinwheel planting, Icees and mounds during b-block, players for change during b-block, pinwheel flash mob during b-block, bubbles of hope during b-block, peace songs during b-block, orchestra and choir during b-block????  Peace t-shirts during the day:  Make your own on reverse side of an old t-shirt.  Make your personal peace statement.  Wear a Casady t-shirt or a six billion path to peace t-shirt or a t-shirt of a place where you volunteer.  Whatever we do has to be approved by Mr. Philipson and Mrs. Warden. 
Brainstorming ideas for inspirational give aways:
Father Youmans will speak at all chapels.  There will be a speaker from the YWCA on the 20th.  The YWCA is an organization that works on prevention of domestic violence and respect for differences,
2. MD: 9:30: International Club: Pinwheels and out of unifor with 6bptp t-shirts  Making big peace sign with thumbs, pinwheels and signs with quotes for their celebration, a peace word a day at chapel.  First International Day multicultural bake sale on 9/21.  If you want to volunteer contact Mrs. Robertson
3. LD: 2:30 Pinwheels.  Song at chapel. Maybe an out of unifor with Casady t-shirts:  Blue Hope for Peace   Their team is:  NO to Violence- antibullying campaign.  Need YAC to co-facilite celebration and distribute icees after their chapel about 3:00 p.m. Contact Mrs. France and/or Mrs. Alexander
4. PD: Pinwheels and 6bptp out of uniform.  Pinwheel blessing at chapel.  Songs at chapel.  Children take their pinwheels home. Contact Mrs. Czerwinski.

OCU Pinwheels Fash Mob Needs Volunteers The dance Walkthrough

The steps

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