Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SEPTEMBER 18: HUMAN RIGHTS September 19 Freedom, September 20: Disarmament. Final Decisions for UD 9/21

Abolish nuclear weapons and all WMDs
Promote diplomacy and nonviolent conflict resolution
Reduce military spending
Carry out other programs that support the goal of Disarmament

Hear the voice of the people
Make YOUR VOICE HEARD (UN 2011 Theme for Peace and Democracy)
Promote responsible governance (of, by and for the people)

Promote public financing of local and national elections

Fully fund and support independent media in the public interest

Protect freedom of expression in media, culture, and the arts

Carry out programs that support Freedom

Human Rights

End persecution in all forms
Promote judicial transparency
End torture in all forms
Promote civil rights and civil liberties
Carry out programs that support  YOUTH -4- Human Rights

Final decisions for UD International Day of Peace
a. We will make pinwheels before(7:00-7:45) and after school (3:15-4:00) Tuesday and Thursday. Breakfast and snacks provided.
b. 7:00 a.m. on 9/21 Father Blizzard will blessed the pinwheels as they are being planted. We will have some bubbles of hope for "A world with peaceful conflict resolution ONE DAY" as we plant them.
c. 12:25 At Woods Community room we will have a I SEE PEACE through KINDNESS AND SERVICE celebration during the YAC meeting. We will have the smileboxes in the background. All sports are away. We will give away 100 icees. All YAC chairs will be gone. d. After PD Chapel, we will pick-up pinwheels to take them to OCU e. 3 YAC students will volunteer at OCU: Venus, Martin and Sophia.

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