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September 20 and Spetember 21:

  • Promote diplomacy and nonviolent conflict resolution
  • 9/20: The Day Before International Day of Peace
  • Electronic Signs:
    9/21 International Day of Peace: Kindness, Pass It On
    Upper Division: 
    7:00-7:45 and 3:00-4:00 Pinwheel making at Woods Community Room.  Snacks provided.  Mrs. Clay will be at Memorial Museum attending an anti-bullying training.
    12:00 UD Speaker: 11 Days of Unity: YWCA
    4:30: Pinwheel planting ceremony at Boys and Girls Club.  S-L and YAC provided materials and the kids made over 200 pinwheels.  Mrs. Clay will pick-up pinwheels and take them to OCU.  Other pinwheels made during the 11 Days of Unity: Rebuilding Together, Food Bank, Alzheimers Association and Respect Diversity Foundation.
    Lower Division:
    2:30 Planting Pinwheels on Peace Sign by PD on their way to chapel. Classes will be placing thumb prints on Imagine sign between 9/20 and 9/21

    9/21: International Day of Peace: Truce on Violence
    Middle Division:
    Wear a Peace T-shirt
    9:30: Pinwheels planted on way to chapel
    Chapel Service: Peace Video by International Club, Father Youmans speech
    10:10 and 12:25: International Club Bake Sale
    12:25: Picture taken for people who made peace pinwheels and signs on 9/12/9/13. donated pinwheels will be taken to OCU.  YAC member will pick-up pinwheel after lunch.

    Primary Division:
    Wear a Six Billion Paths to Peace T-shirt
    10:35 Chapel: Blessing of Pinwheels at Chapel. Songs: Good is Good and Kumbaya Upper Division: OCU's International Day of Peace Multicultural Festival (5:15-8:00).  Pinwheels in front of chapel made by partner service-learning organization, Vineyard, Assisted Living. Students will keep their pinwheels and take them home.

    Lower Division
    2:30 Chapel Service
    Pick up pinwheels on way back from chapel.  Donated Pinwheels will be taken to OCU.  YAC member will pick up donated pinwheels to take to OCU after lunch.

    Upper Division:
    7:00-7:45: Blessing of Pinwheels and Planting @ UD campus. Bubbles of hope for a world with peaceful conflict resolution
    Chapel Service: FCD Freedom from Chemichal Dependency
    12:20-12:45: B-Block: YAC Meeting and IDP Celebration:  I SEE PEACE Celebration at Woods Community Room. Leave path to peace get ICEE.
    3:15-3:45 Pick-up UD pinwheels to take to OCU's Multicultural Festival.
    4:00-5:00 Planting Casady pinwheels at OCU
    5:00-8:00: Casady Service-Learning  Booth:  Give away 400 Six Billion Paths to Peace T-shirts. Volunteers take turns eating dinner at OCU cafeteria.  Mrs. Clay will have to leave OCU at 6:30 for World Neighbors Banquet honoring SOW LOVE ZAMBIA.  Volunteers will be supervised by Mrs. Joan Korenblit and Mikel Ibarra festival organizers. Mrs. Clay will return to pick-up pinwheels and volunteers after gala dinner is over.  When parents pick-up students at OCU, or students leave OCU, the courtesy of a text to Mrs. Clay is appreciated: 520-1325.
    8:00-8:30 Pick-up Casady pinwheels to donate to Alzheimers Foundation and YWCA

    OCU's Festival Agenda
    Drumming Circle                          
    Drumming PEACE DOVE dance leads participants inside
    Welcome by MC’s: Michael Allen, Miss OCU, April Nelson                        
    Miss OCU, April Nelson performs
    Clips and Hips Dance Studio Salseros perform
    Japanese dance by Japan America Society, Mari Leslie 
    Dove Science Academy Folkloric & Turkish Dancers
    The students will dance to the song Guadalajara. This is a typical dance from Jalisco Mexico land of cowboys, rodeo, arena and mariachi.
    Linwood Honor Choir:  
    The linwood Honor Choir is made up of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students.  They will be singing "Power of the Dream" and "Follow Your Dream".  Both songs tell of the importance of planning for the future and making our dreams come true, whether about our individual goals, or even the world-wide goal of peace!
    Celtic Cadence Irish Dancers
    Founded in 1998, Hill Irish Dance School has been training award-winning Irish step dancers in the central Oklahoma area for the past fourteen years.  Certified under the Irish Dance Commission in Dublin, Ireland, director Jean Hill teaches Irish dancing to students of all ages in Oklahoma City, Norman and Stillwater.  Celtic Cadence is the top performing group from Hill Irish Dance School, featuring some of the best young Irish dancers in the state of Oklahoma.  This talented step dance group captures the rhythms of Ireland in a spirited Irish dance and music show that’s sure to delight audiences!
    Maya School of Dance will present a classical dance style from southern part of India called Bharatha Natyam. Today the performers are Harisha, Kirathi and Pallavi. The dance conveys the following meaning. Pray to the almighty to remove the obstacles and bless to lead a peaceful  life.
    Junior Miss Asia 2012, Angela Zhu Angela Zhu, the reigning Junior Miss Asia (also Asian Society’s Little Miss Asia for 2008), is an 8th grade student at Whittier Middle School in Norman. The dance she performs is a traditional Chinese ribbon dance, part of the Chinese traditional dance – performed in almost all the cultural festivals of China.
     Seeworth Academy - Major I.M.P.A.C.T.S Choir: 
    The Major I.M.P.A.C.T.S. of SeeWorth Academy will be performing "One Love"
    wrItten by SenIor, PrecIous HInes and "Be Yourself" written by an 8th grader, and song leader, Imari Wimms.
    Mikel Ibarra, President Pinwheels-4-Peace Committee 
    Albert Gray Eagle for his wonderful flute playing  Steve McLinn of Ojas Music producer   
           FLASH MOB (this will simply begin)
           PEACE DOVE dance -- Pinwheels Song 
     “Let’s all continue to imagine peace.  Thank you for joining us.  We’ll see you next year!”

    Weekend Volunteering

    a. 9/21 OCU International Day of Peace, Multicultural Festival:  Biggest pinwheel garden in OKC 3:15-8:30.  Must provide own transportation from OCU. Anne, and Conner will be transported in Mrs. Clay car.  Venus will drive Martin.  Molly will drive Elizabeth and Sophia.  All cars will carry piwnheels .  TEXT Mrs. Clay when leaving OCU after helping clean-up. 405-520-1325.
    b. 9/22 Fall Prevention Day:  Rebuilding Together Volunteering: Anne, her grandmother and Mrs. Clay scheduled to participate. Details will be sent via text: 405-520-1325.  Contact Mrs. Clay if interested.  9:00 a.m. until job completed.  Only interior clean-up. Wear appropriate clothing and closed toe-shoes.  Bring protective gloves.
    c. 9/22 World Neighbors World Fest: 9-6  Contact organization's volunteer coordinator if interested. Kathie Sanders @
    d.  9/23  12:30 - 5:30  Bridges of Understanding Interfaith Tour.  Contact Mrs. Clay if interested.  Attending: Sidney, Anne, Anne's grandmother, Mrs. Clay

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